How To Get Google Seller Ratings On Google Ads 2021

Google Seller Ratings

Need to learn how to add seller ratings to Google Ads? We will be talking about Free vs. Paid seller ratings, how to get them, and show examples. Google gathers seller ratings from the 30 approved 3rd party aggregators, Google Customer Reviews, Google Consumer Surveys, and Google-led shopping research. All ratings are syndicated into your Google Ads account and render on your CPC text ads and Google Shopping (if you run an ecommerce site).

What Are Google Seller Ratings? [with examples]

Google Seller Ratings are the star ratings that show on Google CPC text ads and on Google Shopping. Service-based businesses, ecommerce sites, and local retail businesses can all gather seller ratings. Below are four images illustrating what Google Seller Ratings look like. Seller ratings show as an aggregated 1-5 star rating along with the number of ratings. Sometimes you may see a qualifier like "Average Delivery Time" or "Order Accuracy", etc.  For ecommerce sites, Google Shopping listings show the ratings and a percentage. 

Seller Ratings on Google CPC Text Ads

Seller Ratings for Auto Insurance Companies

Seller Ratings vs. Product Ratings (for ecommerce)

seller ratings and product ratings

Seller Ratings on Google Shopping (for ecommerce)

seller ratings on google shopping for search query dark roast coffee

Quick Tip

If you're using Google Ads, then Google Seller Ratings can definitely help increase sales. If you have no intention of using Google Ads, then you probably don't need Google Seller Ratings. If your company has no intention of advertising on Google, but need local reviews, then you should look into something like Local Reviews.

Types of Companies That Should or Shouldn't Use Seller Ratings




Examples of Service-Based Businesses
CPAs & Accountants
Catering Companies
Real Estate Agents & Lenders
Insurance Brokers (Personal, Commercial, Medical)
Health & Wellness (Personal Trainers, Yoga, Chiropractors, Massage)

Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, PretaShop, WooCommerce (WordPress), Volusion, IBM WebSphere, MIVA, Shopware,
DreamCommerce, JTL Shop, Gambio, OXID eSales, 3dCart, Bigcommerce, Delegator, Deamandware, LivePerson, LogicBlock, Squarespace, Opencart, Weebly, SmartFocus, Tealium,

Restaurants (both sit-down & fast food)
Auto Repair

Benefits of Google Seller Ratings

  • Increases your CTR (click-through-rate)
  • Increases your Quality Score and Ad Rank
  • Increases your Number of Conversions
  • Decreases Your Cost-per-Click because your CTR is higher. Google uses CTR as a signal that people find your ad useful.
  • Decreases your Cost-per-Conversions

You may be wondering why should you pay extra money every month to get the stars? Well, the real answer is you may be making more money and your average CPC (cost-per-click) should drop. This would be likely if you are in an industry where none of the competition is doing this. In addition, you should "Add Note" within Google Ads on the day you have started getting the stars on your CPC text ads or Google Shopping and check to see if conversion rates have increased starting that day. Also, you can embed your Seller Reviews onto your website and build trustworthiness.

Free vs. Paid Google Seller Ratings

WARNING - Google Customer Reviews program is "Free", but you'll need team of experienced & trusted programmers for the technical integration and then to maintain it. Here are some pricing tables of the top Google Seller Rating companies.

Many of the thirty 3rd-party seller ratings companies are not in English (eg. Japanese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, etc). Of the 30 Google Approved aggregators, we narrowed the selection to 7 English speaking companies . Make sure they fit your budget and what you're looking for. Don't get upsold into features you'll never use.  In addition to Seller Ratings, there 21 companies approved by Google to display "Product Ratings" on Google Shopping PLA ads (we'll talk about this later). Seller Ratings should not be confused with Google Reviews for Google Maps. 


Google Customer Reviews

You'll end up spending $10,000+ USD because you'll need a team of programmers





  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Product Ratings
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • For Ecommerce Companies Only
  • Not for Service-Based Companies

Our #1 Pick!

Our #2 Pick!

Verified Reviews

You only get UP TO 400 review "requests" per month. That doesn't mean you will get 400 reviews.

30-Day FREE Trial
10% Discount
No Credit Card Needed

Pricing is based off # of orders.
If you cancel, your reviews will still show on Verified Reviews.




  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • For Small/Enterprise Businesses
  • For Service-Based Companies
  • For Ecommerce Companies

Pricing mainly based on monthly orders.




  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • For Ecommerce Companies
  • Not for Service-Based Companies

$599/mo starting for Product Reviews

Subscription must be paid annually.

Pricing based off "# of Email Invitations" sent, not on actual reviews collected.




  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • For Service-Based Companies
  • For Ecommerce Companies

Based in UK
You're paying for SEO, CRO, Insights, Reviews, etc.




  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • For Small/Medium Businesses
  • For Service-Based Companies
  • For Ecommerce Companies

Fully Managed service. They will send, reply, dispute feedback so you can focus on your business.





  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • For Service-Based Companies
  • For Ecommerce Companies

How To Get A High Seller Rating Average

This is a question we get all the time via live chat and even from our own clients! I have some clients that have poor ratings because they don't ask for reviews. Well guess what? The only people who will leave a review are pissed off customers. So here's a quick list of how to get a high seller ratings, fast!

Send Your Review Link Only To Your Past Happy Customers

Make sure that the company you choose has the capability to generate a URL to survey your past customers. Send it in a blast email if you can. Use this method especially if you have poor ratings.

Reach Our To Unhappy Customers

Sometimes it's as easy as reaching out to a customer who had left a bad review and ask them if they can change it if you can correct the problem. 

Ask for a Positive 5-Star Rating

Normally any of these software companies will automate the sending of the emails. What you can do is, in the email template, say something like, "Please leave us a positive 5-star rating along with a comment in the review! We would greatly appreciate it. "If" for some reason you cannot leave us a positive 5-star rating, reply to this email and I'll see what we can do on our end. THANKS!"

Criteria, Problems, Solutions, Tracking

Google Seller Rating Criteria

To qualify for Seller Ratings, you need 100 unique reviews with comments within the last 12 months via 3rd-Party Aggregators, Google Customer Reviews, Google Consumer Surveys, or Google-led shopping research. Each country you advertise in gets its own Seller Ratings. For instance, if you have 1000 ratings in USA, but only 150 in UK, the 1000 will show in while the 150 will show in Also, each rating must have it's own comment from within the country you’re searching in. In addition, the reviews must have a rating of at least 3.5 stars or higher.

[SIDE NOTE: 100 reviews is a lot for a mom & pop company, so if you need help, hit me up on live chat. OR you can send a special URL to all your past customers to get a jump start to reach the 100 mark].

Google says these ratings are free, but in my experience, you pretty much have to pay one of the Google approved 3rd-party review sites or hire a programmer $10,000+ to handle the Google Customer Reviews integration. In my book, yes it is free to have the stars appear on your Google Ads, but it’s not free overall because you will be paying a monthly subscription. However, you need to beat your competitors anyway!

Also, you're not allowed to offer gift cards or financial incentives to seller ratings. 

Learn more about the seller rating criteria here.


Sometimes you won't see your seller ratings on Google. Google doesn't guarantee that seller ratings will show 100% for every ad impression. Want to see how many reviews Google has indexed for you? Change in the URL to your site. Do not put https or www in front of your domain. There's a country selector at the top which shows the number of Seller Reviews in a given country. Pick "United States" to see the difference. Use this to see if Google is indexing your seller ratings.

Google seller ratings are part of Google Ads Automated Extensions. This extension is automatically enabled, but if for some strange reason you need to opt-out, you can. Go to Google Ads > Extensions > More (Advanced Options) > Turn off specific automated extensions > Select "Seller ratings". Here's a snapshot.


If you don't see your seller ratings on your Google Ads, contact your 3rd-party aggregator. Sometimes Google will update their requirements, but the seller rating company hasn't gotten around to updating their own platform. All of the 30 companies that Google has a partnership with MUST submit an XML feed in order to get seller ratings into Google. Sometimes the XML feed may break. So don't forgot to contact your 3rd-party aggregator. Also, remember that Google will not always show your ratings for every search query.

Tracking performance of seller ratings

Above, we mentioned that you use this URL to check the number of ratings:

However, if you go to Google Ads > Extensions > Automated Extensions, then you can get to a report similar to the image below. This shows that the actual activity whenever seller ratings appear along with the ad. LOOK AT THAT CLICK-THROUGH RATE! Seller ratings really do make a difference

Google Ads Automated Extensions for Seller ratings

Choosing a Review Company

Let’s face it, there are many review sites out there. Maybe you even use one of them, but those reviews will not show as star ratings in Google Ads nor Google Shopping if it’s not approved by Google. As mentioned before, there are 30 companies that are approved by Google. These companies are in different countries and the languages range from English to Japanese. You can also see a list of them here.

When you start talking to these companies, they are always going to say that their product is better than the competition. It all comes down to you getting the stars on your Google Ads. Some will allow you to reach out to your past customers and ask them for reviews. Others will charge for that feature. For my clients, it was imperative that we asked past customers for reviews by sending a link to the review survey. It gave my clients a jump start on the review campaigns.

Some companies charge based on how many monthly orders you get or by how many email invites are sent (TrustPilot). Others only charge based on the number of reviews you get (I like this one most). And still, other companies (...Yotpo...) mash every feature together into the pricing, making it hard to tell what you're really paying for.

Over the years, I have done research on many of the 30 Google approved third-party review sites and found that some of them do contracts for 1 year. I would recommend going with one that is a monthly subscription with no contract.

BEWARE - Read 1st before buying!

1) Do NOT pay for features you’ll never use. For instance, if you don't need the "Loyalty & Referrals" program from Yotpo, don't pay for it.
2) Always remember this: Google is the one who runs the Seller Ratings program on Google Ads. All the 3rd party review companies need to submit reviews in a pre-formatted Google Seller Ratings XML feed into Google Ads. Your goal is simple: GET STARS ON GOOGLE ADS. Don’t get distracted with all the upsells these companies will use to make themselves look different & get more of your hard-earned money. They are nice features to have if you can afford it. All the companies have to use the same formatted XML feed as required by Google.

If you need help picking a company, contact us on live chat. I have worked with all these companies.

List of Best Google Approved Seller Ratings Companies

#1- Shopper Approved - Best Pick Overall

Shopper Approved Pros

Get Seller Ratings and/or Product Ratings! Shopper Approved has the lowest cost-per-review. Built-in Planet Marketing Partner Pricing. Starts around $199/mo

30 Day FREE Trial. Lowest cost Google Approved 3rd Party Aggregator. 1-year risk free!

You can expect 27%-33% of your customers to leave you a review. In other words, for every 100 emails asking for a review, you can expect 27-33 reviews. The best part is “if” your business GROWS LIKE CRAZY, the pricing is locked as long as you’re a paying subscriber.

Shopper Approved Cons

Shopper Approved gets the job done if all you need are stars in your Google Ads. However, they don't have any type of advanced analytics, but most likely this isn't a deal breaker.

Shopper Approved Conclusion

Shopper Approved is based out of Utah and seem like very humble people. Shopper Approved offers an unlimited number of reviews for a locked in rate. Usually, these are for accounts that pay annually. They also have a “Pay As You Grow” plan, which charges for the number of reviews collected over the lifetime of the account, but it's being phased out soon.

Try Shopper Approved completely risk-free for one (1) full year, and if they haven't completely over-delivered on their promise to get you more reviews, more traffic, and more sales, they will gladly pay you in full for each promise they don't deliver on, up to TRIPLE what you paid them - NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Why on Earth would Shopper Approved do this? Because Shopper Approved gets REAL results that you can see, guaranteed.

Shopper Approved Perks

  • Save at Least $2,800 - Limited Time Offer
  • Trust Guard Website Security Free for 90-Days
  • Free VIP Onboarding and Setup
  • Free Planet Marketing Google Ads Audit
  • Free Planet Marketing Google Shopping Audit
  • Free Planet Marketing Amazon Audit
  • Free Planet Marketing Site Speed Audit

#2 - Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews Pros

Seller Ratings and/or Product Ratings. Also, no credit card needed to get started.

You won't get a random sales person to help you out. You'll get Maud.

This company has been around for several years and won't be leaving the scene anytime soon. 

Verified Reviews Cons

They need to show more screenshots or a video demo on their website to 'show' how their software collects reviews.

Verified Reviews Conclusion

Verified-Reviews – 15-day free trial + no credit card needed! It’s normally $99/mo with a 15-day free trial, but once you sign up for the free trial, CALL Maud and ask her about the 20% discount and the extended trial and tell her that Francisco said to "Extend Your Trial". This is a month-to-month (no contract) subscription. Most people don’t wait for the 15-day free trial to end because it’s a great option. Talk to Maud if you need a demo and tell her you heard about the 20% discount on Planet Marketing. They have various platforms where the reviews can be published. Clients include Michelin, The Belron Group, Diamonds International, Lacoste, Swatch, Kenneth Cole, Airfrance, and more. The discount is not advertised on site! Again, no credit card needed.

Maud from Verified Reviews

Ekomi - Fully Managed Reviews

Ekomi Pros

Ekomi has a ‘managed solution’ so nobody in your office has to deal with the duty of receiving, replying, and disputing reviews. 

Great company to use if you're in Europe and have a large company that gets a lot of reviews. 

Ekomi is backed by Goldman Sachs Private Capital Group. Goldman Sachs is a key investor.

Ekomi Cons

"...we cannot get any adequate support because we have to wait for someone in Germany to respond via E-mail, completely different time zone."
See Evasive Motorsport's YouTube comment here.

Ekomi Conclusion

Ekomi is for large enterprise level companies, like insurance companies, big real estate companies with a massive list of realtors, big law firms or accounting companies, etc. It’s also for large eCommerce websites. It’s a good option for companies that are already large.


Trustpilot Pros

Great for large ecommerce companies that do high-volume of sales.

They have been around for a long time. You won't have to worry about this company (or anyone on this list) losing its Google 3rd-party aggregator status.

Easily integrates with ecommerce sites like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, etc.

Trustpilot Cons

Not affordable for a company that's just starting off. 

Trustpilot Conclusion

TrustPilot is AWESOME if you have a high volume ecommerce website doing 10,000+ transactions per month. It's built for medium to large sized business. Many of their clients are in USA and in UK. If you want to try out TrustPilot for free and simply get ratings on your Google Ads, start by getting a one-on-one demo using our TrustPilot partner link.


Yotpo Pros

Even though their main office is in Israel, there there are 2 locations in USA and 1 in UK. Customer support is a phone call away.

Integrates with Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and more!

They have the best customer insights (analytics) out of all the companies licensed by Google.

Yotpo Cons

EXPENSIVE! They are the highest price so it kind of forces out the small websites. However, if you have an ecommerce site doing 10,000+ transactions per month, the pricing is negligible.

Yotpo Conclusion

Yotpo (weird name 😛 ) is awesome and has a lot of features. These guys are here to stay. Take a careful look at their features and talk to the company before subscribing. The owner’s name is John-David Klausner and he’s a cool guy. Yotpo’s pricing starts at around $400. Guess what? Pricing is based off the features you want.


What we liked

Feefo goes beyond Google Seller Ratings and Product Ratings. They have Connect, Convert, Optimise programs.

Upfront Pricing! Other companies hide their pricing.

Their pricing is okay.

What we didn't like

No presence in USA. I couldn't find any USA location. If you need customer support, you'll probably run into a time zone issue (same problem as Ekomi). It's 1:00 pm PST now and nobody is on their live chat. It says, "Back Tomorrow".

Feefo Conclusion

We put Feefo on the list because they would hit all our requirements if we were an ecommerce site (just like the others). They have a LOT of other features (like SEO Audits, Social Sharing, SMS Feedback Requests, etc) which they bundle into the pricing. Feefo doesn’t have a structured price so make sure you’re not getting paying for stuff you don’t need (like SEO Audits).

Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews Conclusion

While this option is 'free', you'll need a programmer to handle the technical integration. Depending on the software your site is running on, this can cost $10,000+. 

Google Customer Reviews Pros

Google Customer Reviews has been around for many years.

It's free

Google has the most solid brand compared to the rest of the Seller Rating companies.

Google Customer Reviews Cons

If Google changes something on how they accept reviews, your programmer will need to be on top of it. This can turn out to be the most expensive solution in the end because you need to hire a programmer to build and maintain the integration.

You don't get a dashboard to dispute any negative reviews.

Free "Get Google Ratings" Guide.

We will email your free guide on 'How to Get Google Ratings' sent straight to your inbox.


Most people who are reading this blog post only need stars to show on their Google Ads. For small companies with a limited budget, I recommend that you get two demos; one with Shopper Approved and the other with Verified Reviews. Pricing is going to be based off your needs, but their starting prices are between $100-$200/mo. If you have a nice budget and can afford the bells and whistles, get a demo with Yotpo and one with TrustPilot.

I recommended Google Customer Reviews in last place because you'll be spending way more money by hiring an experienced programmer vs. signing up with any of the 7 companies I recommended.

Quick Tip

In addition to Seller Ratings, all 7 companies offer Product Ratings.We would recommend the above 7 companies in this order:

  1. 1
    Shopper Approved
  2. 2
    Verified Reviews
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
    Google Customer Reviews

Here is the breakdown of all the Google-approved 3rd party aggregators.
I did the research for you so you don't have to. You'll notice a lot of them aren't in English. (The site is in German and the company is located in Hamburg, Germany. Use this if your target audience speaks German.)
Bazaarvoice (This is a shopper network. If you don't sell through retail channels, don't bother). Watch my Bazaarvoice Review video.
Bizrate Insights Bizrate Insights was acquired by Time Inc. in 2016, which was acquired by Meredith Corporation in 2018.  Connexity is the former parent and licenses the use of Bizrate Insights' reviews (just like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).  The B2B site is and the B2C site is Contact Lindsay Martinez at Bizrate Insights for more info.
eKomi (Awesome company based out of UK and Los Angeles, California. If you want a demo, go here. Ask for a demo from Michael (the owner) and tell him Francisco from Planet Marketing sent you). Watch my Ekomi Review Video.
E-Komerco (Site is in French. Use only if you're targeting French speakers. Located in Lille, France.)
Feedaty - (Based in Milan, Italy. Italian site.)
Feedback Company - (While the site is site is in English, it's a Dutch company based out of Netherlands)
Feefo (Based in Boston, Massachusetts. We wrote a blog post here: (This is in Netherlands. There's an English site, but it looks like a comparison shopping engine specializing in computer hardware. Don't bother with this site if you're marketing your own business) (Based in Liberec, Czech Republic)
KiyOh (NL, UK, Germany, Belgium. Consider them if your target audience is based in Western Europe.)
Klantenvertellen (Site is in Dutch. Consider if you are targeting buyers in Netherlands) (Japanese site. Skip this site. It looks scary!) (Located in Tokyo, Japan)
Poulpeo (Site is in French. Use only if your target audience are strictly French speakers.)
PowerReviews (Based in Chicago, IL, USA. We wrote a blog post about these guys here: (Based out of Sydney, Australia. Consider them if you target AUS or New Zealand) - The newest member to the group! They are too new to this list to recommend.
ResellerRatings (I don't recommend these guys at all. They were the 1st on the scene years ago, but bad customer service and variable pricing. You don't know your bill the next month) (Good company based in UK. Call Callum, the owner, or Kehan Vale who lives in Irvine, California.)
Reevoo (Based in London, UK. These guys are new to the scene)
Shopper Approved (Based in USA! They have a location in Utah and Florida. Planet Marketing uses Shopper Approved. (German language)
ShopAuskunft (Based in Germany. Use if your target market are German speakers)
Sitejabber - These guys are new to this list too. Contact Brien Maloney at Sitejabber.
Trusted Shops (Based in Europe. They started in Spain and now in UK). Watch my Trusted Shops Review Video.
TrustPilot (Trustpilot is one of the recommended companies. Check out their info above). Watch my TrustPilot Review Video.
Verified Reviews (Get a demo by a lady named Maud. She's awesome. French company, but has offices in Florida, Massachusetts, Spain, France, Germany, and Brazil. Maud is in France and you'll quickly notice her French accent.) Watch my Verified Reviews review here. (German site. Looks like a comparison shopping engine or market place)
(Great company. Starts at $400+ per month. See the info above. We recommend this company! Heavily capitalized though through private funding. Israeli company with offices in London and USA. They are credible and expensive.) Watch my Yotpo review video here.

If you found this blog post useful, PLEASE share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so Google looks at this article as useful information.

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  1. Hello! Which companies provide service listings in the US? When I register at Verified Reviews for example, all their countries are non us and it will not let me complete the registration process. Just wondering if you have any insight here. Thanks!

    1. Maybe their XML feed is broken. I have never known anyone who has used that company. I’ll get someone to contact you ASAP to help out. Why pay for that service if your ratings don’t get syndicated into Google Ads?

  2. Hey Francisco,

    It great to be reading your post again. It’s always the best efforts you have put into your content, that’s why it will help many out there looking to learn.

    By the way, Thanks for the great read Francisco.

    ~ Donna

  3. I try to keep up to date on pricing as much as I can. Some of the companies don’t reveal pricing. Others start with a “Lite” package and then reveal their real price.
    For 2018, Shopper Approved still ranks #1. I have no problem referring them since I use them myself. Trust Pilot is great if you’re getting like 3000+ transactions per month on your ecommerce site. If you have a service based business, you’ll want to get local reviews via Shopper Approved on Yelp, Google, BBB, etc.

  4. An informative article. The issue of star ratings can be a bit complicated, particularly beginners. Now, to a question: Which company would you recommend for the year 2018! Are the prices still the same as when you wrote this article;

  5. Thanks for the useful info. I had no idea what to look for. We’re just a small company and paying TP $500/mo was way too much. I wish it was all free though.

    1. LOL! Yeah, they did that to me and to my clients. You need to tell them to take you off their list. They will respect that. I don’t know about Bizrate.
      Do you have a service based website or an ecommerce website? Bizrate is only for Seller Reviews. If you have an ecommerce site, then Bizrate will not work for you.

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  8. I find it hard to believe that you need that many reviews in such a short period of time to show up in the searches. It appears that my competitors are showing up and I seriously doubt they have that many reviews.

    1. Yeah, Google changed it from 30 per year to 150 per year. I think some industries will have a tough time hitting 150. If you can hit the 150 reviews (it’s 12.5 average per month), then you might want to consider LOCAL reviews like Shopper Approved Local where the review is submitted to places like Facebook, Google +,, etc. Here’s the link: is also another one for LOCAL reviews. HOWEVER, Birdeye will not syndicate the local reviews in to Adwords. SA will.

  9. interesting article on a topic that seems to be lacking in information online. My question is from the other side of things. Our site, is focused on reviews for real estate agents and loan originators. We have a client that wants to use the reviews she has collected for her 100+ agents in Google PPC ads and asked us if we are “licensed” by Google. I think she is asking me if Google recognizes our site as an “independent source” of reviews.

    Do you know how we become such a site?

    1. Great question. But there are only around 30-40 companies that are licensed by Google to feed reviews into their Adwords system. I know a couple companies that have tried, but they said it’s a super long wait. If you want, I can put you client in touch with the owners of the review companies.

  10. Here’s a question – Can you point to me to where Google outlines in which countries seller ratings could appear in ads? Am struggling to find the official source on that! Thanks 🙂

    1. Most of our clients are based in USA. eKomi has a strong presence in Europe. I know it’s a HUGE company, but we don’t have experience with them.

  11. Thanks Francisco!
    Really nice job with review companies list. Just need a review service for our client and this post save me lots of time, Shopper approved seems worth trying!

    1. Yeah, go ahead and try them out. They are a good company. I work with a lot of companies, but Shopper Approved is a good fit for many small and mid-sized companies.

  12. I don’t think it’s easier since Google just changed the requirement from 30 reviews to 150 reviews within the last 12 months to qualify for showing the star rating in AdWords ads. That is a massive change for small companies. And Google had already aggregated reviews from certain 3rd party review sites for their ratings – I don’t see how that has changed.

    1. Hi HikingMike,
      yes there are a lot of small companies affected by this change. Even us at have been affected, but now we ask everybody to leave us a review. Most people we help though live chat are glad to leave a review even though they aren’t a customer. To me a genuine review is a genuine review, whether you helped someone for free or whether they paid.

  13. I use Verified Reviews I find them way more cost effective and compare to shopper approved they are cheaper on a yearly basis with no contract. I recommend those guys for small to medium businesses. Pretty straight forward solution.

    1. Thanks Andres,
      I see now has a license from Google. Their price point is $99/mo compared to Shopper Approved’s $39/mo. Most people who read this blog post only want stars to show on their Adwords ads and the ability to embed reviews onto their sites.

      If people are looking for product reviews (not seller reviews which this post is about), then Verified Reviews’ price is around what Shopper Approved charges. But BOTH are cheaper than Trust Pilot and Yotpo.

  14. We’ve been using Shopper Approved for the past year and have collected over 600 reviews. We just implemented Google Trusted Store with the anticipation of using it in place of Shopper Approved, but I don’t want to lose the reviews from Shopper Approved. If we use Google Trusted Store, do we have to start all over with reviews? Does anyone have experience making this switch?

    1. Those are two completely different platforms. I don’t think you can import your SA reviews into Google Trusted Stores.

  15. Really useful article. Does anyone have a view of Feefo? They seem to be a significant player in this space and have a small business deal that looks pretty competitive. From a UK perspective, Feefo and Trustpilot are the 2 brands that I’d recognise and trust.

    1. I don’t know if Feefo will get stars on Adwords Ads or on Bing Ads. I have heard of Feefo several times. It looks more like a customer feedback system, not too much of a review system that puts seller ratings stars on Google Adwords. Maybe I’m wrong.

      1. Hi Francisco,

        Great article and lots of useful tips here.

        I’m the Product Specialist at Feefo, so thought I could jump in on Richards query and confirm that we can indeed get stars on Adwords and Bing Ads.

        In essence, we are a review platform that functions much in the same way as the companies you have mentioned. Our main difference (from many review providers) is that we are an invite-only platform, so every review is tied to a direct purchase in order to prevent fake reviews. In the UK space, I would consider companies like Bazaarvoice, TP, Yotpo and TrustedShops to be a few of our main competitors. There are quite a few companies in this space now but we are certainly a major player in the UK market.

        If you want an update on where we are or an overview of Feefo then I’d happily provide you some info for future reference.

        1. Hi William,
          thanks for the input. I really like that it’s invite only. From what I remember about Trust Pilot is that anyone, including a competitor, can leave a review.
          I see Feefo doesn’t give pricing upfront like many other companies. Where does pricing start?

          If anyone wants to check out Feefo, go to their site.

          1. Your surmise is correct regarding TP. It’s a shame that fake reviews are rife across the online landscape but that’s the nature of the internets freedom. There is, however, a strong culture change with companies like Amazon and government departments in the UK like the Competitive Markets Authority, who are taking big steps in cracking down on this very issue.

            I will leave a couple of links below in this regard FYI.

            The pricing structure depends on your companies business model first and foremost.

            For Shopify users we have a freemium solution if they want to try before they buy (forgive the shameless plug).
            We base our pricing on the number of feedback emails that we send out on behalf of a customer, per month. We are however exploring other pricing models, so this is purely how we operate currently and not necessarily how it will be in Q4 or 2017.

            This is mainly because we recognise the value in having an easy to view pricing structure but because of our bespoke methodology and increasing feature repository, it’s progressively harder to give flat numbers for pricing.

            Thank you for sharing our URL and if yourself or anyone on this thread would like to discuss anything further then I will do my best to answer.


  16. I just signed up with Trust Pilot today. I’m based in Australia. I thought that if I could use their free version for the 14 day trial period and get 30 reviews in that time. The only problem is that I’m going to have to pay eventually so that I can keep adding more reviews.

    Thanks for the point about negotiating the price with them – how low do you think they will go? The annual pricing is ridiculous.

  17. How is payment done with Shoppers approved, trust pilot and Reseller ratings? Do they have a secure site? We are interested to get a third party service.

    1. All three have a secure site. You pay via SA, TP, or RR, not through us. Get the 3rd party review software and increase your Adwords/Bing Ads CTR. You can also embed your reviews onto your own site.

    1. Go for it! You need to convince your prospects that you have taken care of your clients. Check out all the softwares. If you’re a small company like us, most likely Shopper Approved or Yotpo will work.

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  20. Great stuff here, I’ve been spending hours searching for a service to do this after realizing Yotpo charges $500 per month. What service do you recommend for product reviews on Google Shopping ads…same ones?

    1. Hey Jason, Francisco here. I wrote the post. $500/mo!? Tell the to get lost. It’s only stars. 🙂
      Go with Shopper Approved. They have the individual product review feature too. Go ahead and sign up to the 60-day free trial. If you need help, let me know. Go to my partner link and you’ll only pay the $29.95. They may have raised their price though.

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  22. Thanks Francisco. Do Google+ reviews show on Google AdWords and if they do, are the rules the same as for the other platforms like Truspilot etc? Or do they just show in local searches?

    1. No, I don’t think G+ review show up in Adwords. They do show up in Google Shopping though. The stars from Shopper Approved and Trust Pilot are only for PAID search, not the Google Maps area. That’s considered non-paid

  23. Very informative article. TrustPilot has been very persistent in getting us to sign on with them. Your article provides valuable insight that I hadn’t found elsewhere online. I will likely contact Shopper Approved. I agree with your “negotiate” assessment.

    1. Jim, the guys at Shopper Approved are awesome at costumer service. I don’t think you can negotitate with Shopper Approved, but with expensive TrustPilot, you probably still can. You know what the TrustPilot rep told me when I said we were looking at Shopper Approved? He said, “You get what you pay for.” Poor guy. I don’t care about Trustpilot’s community. I care about my clients’ star ratings.

      Good luck Jim.

  24. We are an online store for the Mexican market. Do you have any idea which of the sites you mentioned might work for We have had difficulty getting our stars on for this market. Thanks!!! And thanks for your great article as well.

    1. I don’t think Mexico is part of this. You may need to contact the 3rd party companies. Try contacting them through Twitter. It’ll probably be way faster.
      You can also try to get organic star ratings by implementing ratings. Let me know if you need more help.

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