5 Email Marketing Automation Tools that will Increase Sales for your eCommerce Business

Are you looking to supercharge your eCommerce sales? You’re in the right place! Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, and the right automation tools can make all the difference.

In this guide, we’ll explore how eCommerce businesses leverage email marketing and why it remains one of the most effective strategies.

How eCommerce Businesses Use Email Marketing

Promoting Products

eCommerce businesses like Amazon and eBay use email marketing to promote new and existing products. These emails highlight sales, new arrivals, and special offers.


Businesses track visitor behavior and send targeted emails to encourage purchases. If a visitor shows interest in a product but doesn’t buy, a remarketing email can prompt them to complete the purchase.

Cart Recovery

Abandoned carts are common in eCommerce. Sending reminder emails helps recover these potential sales.

Building Customer Relationships

Emails help foster relationships with customers, keeping your brand top of mind when they’re ready to buy again.

Why Email Marketing Works

Huge Audience

With over 3.9 billion email users worldwide, the potential customer base is vast. Email marketing remains highly effective.

High ROI

Email marketing boasts a high return on investment (ROI). You can expect returns of up to 4400%, meaning a $1 investment can yield $44 in return.

Growing Popularity

Contrary to what some might think, email marketing is not fading. In fact, it’s growing, with many businesses increasing their email marketing budgets.

Why You Need Automation?

Key Features of an Email Marketing Automation Tool

  • Personalization: Personalized emails have higher engagement rates.
  • Reporting: Detailed analytics help track the success of your campaigns.
  • Integration: Ensure the tool integrates with your eCommerce platform for seamless operation.

Automation streamlines the email marketing process, allowing for timely, targeted emails that generate more leads and conversions. It’s essential for businesses with a large customer base.

Top 5 Email Marketing Automation Tools

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a well-known email marketing automation tool with a variety of templates and features.


  • Automation
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Content studio
  • Real-time analytics
  • Transactional emails


Free plan available. The Essentials plan starts at $9 per month.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial to test its capabilities.


  • Action-based automated emails
  • Perfect timing delivery
  • Shoppable emails
  • Autoresponders
  • Newsletters


The Basic plan starts at $12.30 per month.

3. Mailjet

Mailjet is used by big names like American Express and Microsoft.


  • Responsive email builder
  • Email templates
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Automated workflows
  • Integration with various apps


Free plan available. The Basic plan starts at $9.65 per month.

4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is ideal for creating visually appealing emails and offers robust integration options.


  • Automated emails
  • Transactional emails
  • List management
  • Personalized emails
  • Workflow editor
  • Integration with major eCommerce platforms


Starts at $25 per month. Free plan available with up to 300 emails per day.

5. Omnisend

Omnisend is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses looking to increase sales with minimal effort.


  • Automated emails
  • SMS marketing
  • Shoppable emails
  • Cart recovery emails
  • Pre-built eCommerce workflows
  • Automation splits
  • Advanced reporting


Free plan available with 15,000 emails per month. The Standard plan starts at $16 per month.

Discover More at Planet Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for eCommerce businesses, and automation can significantly enhance its effectiveness. By using the right email marketing automation tools, you can reach your customers at the perfect moment, recover abandoned carts, and boost your sales.

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level? Discover more at Planet Marketing.

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