WP Rocket Review. Why We Use Them. Before/After Pics

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Disclaimer: We are a WP Rocket affiliate. However, as you can see in the before and after screenshots below, we use the plugin on our own website! It has done wonders for us and we have no problem recommending it to our readers!

Do you need a screaming fast WordPress site? This blog post will show the difference between having the WP Rocket WordPress plugin enabled vs. when it’s disabled. Your setting will be different than mine since I’m using Kinsta web hosting. If you need help setting up WP Rocket, you can easily reach out to them. Most likely you can configure this yourself.

WP-Rocket Before and After

The screenshots below are a Planet Marketing side-by-side comparison showing this website’s performance while WP Rocket is enabled vs. while it is disabled. Look at that PageSpeed Grade! I have some scripts enabled and a bunch of plugins. Again, your settings are going to be different depending on your site. But you can see for yourself the amazing results that you can expect from WP Rocket!

This is the Planet Marketing website with and without WP Rocket enabled.

A little bit about WP-Rocket

So, what is WP Rocket and why should you even consider having it on your website? Well, if you are like the typical website owner, you are probably very concerned about your website’s speed. You see, a website’s performance has a direct correlation with its SEO score.

The faster a website, the more likely that it will perform well on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)! There are, of course, a number of tools that you can use to help speed up your WordPress website, and WP Rocket is one of them.

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a premier caching tool for WordPress. Again, the whole aim is to speed up things on WordPress website. And as you can see in the before and after screenshots that I put at the top, WP Rocket clearly works!

How does caching speed up a Website?

Caching ensures that browsers do not have to work that hard when retrieving data

Caching is one of the ways through which you can speed up any website, but how and why does it work? Well, here is a simplified explanation of the caching process;

Each time your a browser makes a request for a web page, the server at your web host has to carry out a number of complex calculations and operations. This process can be time consuming, depending on how big the web page is.

Caching simplifies the process, by preloading the web page to ensure that only the most minimal of processes are carried out when browsers make requests for web pages. This is quite logical, considering that, once published, web pages do not change that much!

What happens when the content on a website changes?

If you are worried about this, then you need not be. WP Rocket, and most of the other caching plugins that are out there, have you covered in this regard.

Should you update a web page, then WP Rocket automatically ensures that the old, cached content is replaced with the updated material. This way, your readers will always get content that is fresh and up to date.

How does WP Rocket speed up your website?

WP-Rocket gives us an amazing PageSpeed Score on gtmerix.com

The fact that WP Rocket speeds up a website is not in dispute! Just check out the GTMetrix results that I get when using the plugin. Okay, so I have talked about caching in general, but how does WP Rocket help speed up your website. How is it that our PageSpeed grade improved from 63 to 86%? Well, WP Rocket works in the following ways;

  • The plugin caches your content, ensuring that your server does not have to work as hard when retrieving static content, such as your sidebars, and content that people have previously viewed on their computers.
  • WP Rocket improves indexing for your website by Search Engines, thus improving your SEO.
  • Another amazing feature is that WP Rocket minifies your website’s HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Smaller files five you faster load times.
  • A major boost comes from the fact that images for your website only get loaded on request. How this works is; you may have images throughout your article. Normally, these images get loaded whenever someone opens a site. This is absolutely not necessary, considering that most people do not scroll down to the bottom of an article. WP Rocket speeds up your content by ensuring that images only get loaded when needed.

Get into orbit today

WP Rocket is, without doubt, the most popular caching plugin for WordPress. As you can see, we use this plugin at Planet Marketing. And, it has helped boost our website by giving us amazing load speeds! You too can try it by clicking on the link below.

Editors Note: So, what are you waiting for? Get WP Rocket today to help speed up your website’s performance!

Disclaimer: We are WP Rocket Affiliates and stand to benefit should you sign up using our link. However, the before and after images in this article speak for themselves! WP Rocket does and amazing job, so don’t hesitate to sign up!

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