Recommended Tools

I (the owner of Planet Marketing) have spent thousands of hours using and testing the best software on the market. These tools are battle-tested and are recommended without any hesitation.

Keep in mind that these tools are not the highest-priced tools. My goal on this page is to recommend tools that are priced well, get the job done, and have withstood the test of time. These tools are the ones Planet Marketing uses on, and on our clients sites.

Top Recommended Tools

Facebook Ads Marketing Course


We use Facebook Ads everyday. These are the sponsored posts you see on your Newsfeed. We charge $1000/mo for this service, but we know many companies do not have a marketing budget set aside to hire a Facebook marketing agency like ours. That's why we created our own Facebook Ads Marketing Course. You won't pay anywhere near $1000. Watch my screen as I share real examples and teach you step-by-step on how to have Facebook on your side.

Gathering Business Reviews


The fastest way to increase sales is to get reviews for your company. Think about your own purchase behavior. Would you buy a product on Amazon or Ebay if it had zero reviews? Would you hire a plumber who has zero reviews? I wouldn't! If you want to automate and jumpstart the process of getting business reviews for your company, look into two companies. For companies that advertise on Google Ads, you need to sign up with "Shopper Approved". For companies that do not use Google Ads, but want local reviews, go with a company called "Local Reviews".

Best Web Hosting Companies


I have been building websites since 2008 and worked on 175+ websites. I recommend web hosting based off your situation.

If you are just starting your website, use Bluehost. was hosted on Bluehost for 5 years and had no problems! We still have an account there for our dev sites.

If you already have a site and are anticipating growth, move to Kinsta. is hosted on Kinsta. 

I made videos on both companies.

SE Ranking Review

Keyword Rank Tracking


If some of your sales come from Google organic, then you'll want to keep track of your "money-maker" keywords. Most companies that have a drop in leads or sales don't know why. When you track your keywords, you will not only see where you rank, but you'll also see what other keywords can bring in money. I personally use SERanking. I looked into 10 other keyword tools and found that the absolute biggest bank for my buck is SERanking.