Rank Watch: Are they the best in the business?

Rank Tracking: A Review of Rank Watch

Keyword Rank Tracking is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every business that has an online presence, either through a blog, a website or social media activity, needs to know, not only how well it is placed in terms of Search Engine rankings, but also its position with regards to the competition. Having such knowledge at the fingertips allows for the laying out of effective strategies that are designed to maximize the returns on SEO investments.

Rank Watch

Having carried out a number of reviews of Rank Monitoring companies, we approached this latest task with a little bit of trepidation. Most of the tools out there offer pretty much the same basic services. So where, we asked ourselves, would we find the one thing that sets this one apart from the rest?

Rank Watch offers more than the basic keyword tracking services.

Rank Watch, however, proved to be one of those firms that go over and above the basic services to offer a more rounded suite of SEO options. In fact, we were so impressed during the process of gathering information for this review that we, at Planet Marketing, highly recommend Rank Watch to our readers! So, what does Rank Watch have to offer?


Rank Watch promises a simplification of life to those who are looking for an SEO management platform that offers a bird’s eye view on all their digital marketing campaigns. As you, no doubt, understand, Search Engine Optimization is all about staying ahead of the pack, and Rank Watch gives you the tools that you need to do just that. The company offers the following features:

·         Competitor Watch


·         Backlink Watch

·         SERP Archive

·         Keyword Suggestions

·         Hidden Opportunity

·         100% White Label

·         Rank Analysis

·         Automated Triggers


·         Reporting

·         Analytics

·         Website Analyzer Tool

·         Mobile Friendly Checker

·         Google Timeline

·         Learn

  1. Keyword Archive

While most of the Keyword Tracking companies out there offer some access to historical data, Rank Watch, through its Keyword Archive service, gives you access to much more comprehensive information, by allowing you to go back to a past date and check out what a Google Page looked like. How does the tool achieve this?

  • The Keyword Archive tool retains screenshots of the Google Search Engine Results Page for future references. This gives you the ability to recheck your ranking on any given day in the past, and identify who your main competitors were on that date.
  • Having this kind of knowledge is of the greatest importance. The world of Search Engine Optimization is unexpectedly fluid. There are many factors that have the potential to either lift or lower a web page’s Search Engine rankings, which makes it important to you to retain a measure of the progression in either direction.

  1. CEO Dashboard

One of the things that we have noticed during our reviews is that many of the Keyword Tracking tools out there come with a high degree of clutter. Let’s face, it while the large number of metrics that are constantly being measured are welcome, they can become overwhelming, particularly if you are trying to come to a quick decision.

  • This is particularly the case for decision makers, who, more often than not, have to make split-second decisions. While gathering a wide array of useful data is, no doubt, crucial, of equal importance is the ability to present the information in an easy to understand way.
  • RankWatch solves this problem through its CEO Dashboard, which gives a consolidated view of the most important indexes, thus allowing decision makers to make quick and well informed judgments. The dashboard gives them the ability to better understand the main parameters that have the potential to drive profitability and offers check points against which the firm’s performance can be measured.

  1. Advanced Reporting

RankWatch offers a comprehensive reporting structure, through which you can export reports from every page. The information can be exported in a number of formats, including Excel, CSV and PDF. The reports are customizable and can be scheduled for delivery at certain dates or times. You can have the reports delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This kind of flexibility is important to those who have to deliver reports to their customers at set times.

  1. City-Based Rank Tracking

Digital Marketers across the globe understand the importance of having accurate, timely and precise data that arms them with the ability to make well-informed decisions. RankWatch makes this possible through its City Based Rank Tracking. If you wish to find out how well you are ranked in a particular locality, all that you need to do in order to view the keyword specific results as your clients see them in various places is select the search engine, along with the specific city that you wish to monitor.

  • The importance of this kind of reporting can never be overemphasized. One of the major characteristics of Search Engines that most people are not cognizant of is the fact that they present their results based on location. If you make a query for real estate agencies from London, you are likely to get different results to those that you would have gotten had you made your query from New York.
  • Location specific keyword monitoring allows you to keep track of your performance across a wide variety of localities.

  1. Email Alerts

The one thing that truly sets RankWatch apart from the rest of the Keyword Tracking tools that are out there is the ability to send out email notifications that inform you of any changes in your ranking. All that you need to do is set the specific conditions that will act as a trigger for the notifications. Anything that sets off the programmed parameters will result in the sending out of the email notifications. What’s more, you can add an unlimited number of email addresses to the system. You can, as an example, get notifications whenever your keyword either enters or leaves the top 100 rank.

6. Competitor Tracking

One of the most important solutions that are provided by Rank Tracking websites is the ability to keep track of one’s competitors. This is important because your success or failure largely depends on your ability to keep up with what your competitors are doing.

  • RankWatch gives you the ability to keep a close eye on the competition, in terms of both organic and paid search results, for the keywords that you target.
  • The tool helps you identify who your competitors are, along with the kinds of ads that they are running.
  • Above all, you get a comprehensive insight into their online trends, along with suggestions that are designed to give you an edge over them.

7. Integrate with Google Analytics

RankWatch is one of the few rank tracking tools that offer full integration with Google Analytics. This has been done with the aim of enabling access to inbound marketing data that simplifies the decision making process. This integration gives you access to the following;

  • Page Views
  • Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate
  • New Visitors
  • Returning Visitors
  • Pages Per Visit
  • Traffic Details
  1. Web Analyzer

Website analysis should, in our view, be part of the basics of every good Rank Tracking tool. RankWatch excels in this regard, by offering the tools that you need to analyze how well your site is placed for Search Engine Visibility. It measures various parameters, including Technology, Social Media and Mobiles. This last part is important, considering that Search Engines penalize web pages that are not Mobile friendly, by assigning them low ranks on inquiries that are made from mobile devices.  With nearly 60% of all searches now being made through mobile devices, this approach is only understandable.

  1. Backlinks

Related to the above, RankWatch also looks at the links that point back to your website as part of the analysis into how well your website is placed in terms of Search Engine Optimization. The results are displayed in terms of the following parameters:

  • Deep Link Ration
  • Site Wide vs. Non Site Wide
  • Do Follow vs. No Follow
  • Image vs. Text
  • TLD Distribution
  • Strongest Page
  1. Keyword Suggestions

RankWatch not only offers suggestions but also allows you to track a large number of keywords. This allows you to track their performance over time, and to use them to improve your ranking when the time is ripe.  The tool gives you access to Long Tailed Keywords, Similar Phrases and City-Specific Results.

  1. Free Tools

Another thing that separates RankWatch from most of the competition is that it comes with a number of free tools, including the Website Analyzer, Mobile Friendly Test and Google Algorithm Updates.

  1. Pricing

RankWatch, though not the cheapest, is still competitively placed in terms of pricing when compared to its competitors.

Rank Watch is competitively placed in terms of pricing.

The least priced of RankWatch’s offerings starts at $29 per month for 250 keywords, and comes with Daily Rank Refresh, Local/City Rank Tracking, Automated Alerts, White Label Reporting, Multiple Logins and Competitor Analysis.

We Recommend RankWatch

We, at Planet Marketing, highly recommend RankWatch to those that are looking for a solid Keyword Tracking service. The company offers a suite of all the tools that you would need to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your Search Engine performance, in terms of your chosen keywords. You also get the ability to identify and analyze the performance of your biggest competitors. Not only that, but it also offers you a localized view of your performance, which allows you to take a look at your performance in any town or city across the globe.

Start tracking your keywords at a discount today with Rank Watch!

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