Advanced Web Ranking: One of the Best Keyword Tracking Companies You Can Find

A Review of Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

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The importance of Keyword Tracking to Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing can never be overemphasized. Having carried out comprehensive keyword research before producing and publishing content on your website, you then need to get a clear understanding of how well you are performing in terms of Search Engine rankings, both at a local and at a global scale.

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the companies that offer a wide range of comprehensive keyword tracking tools. The company, which was founded in 2002 with an initial focus on Mac, is based in Romania, but now has clients in more than 171 countries.


To those who are interested in signing up for their services, AWR offers the following features:

  • Rank Tracking
  • Localization
  • Whitelabel reports
  • User Management
  • Analytics data
  • Developer API
  • SEO audit
  • Social media


Rank Tracking

If you want to find out how well you are ranking for your keywords on various Search Engines, AWR is probably one of the best choices for you. The one thing that makes Advanced Web Ranking stand out from among the competition is its ability to deliver localized rankings that have pinpoint accuracy. The company’s system is backed by geolocation proxies from Trusted Proxies, which allows it to achieve better accuracy than the average Keyword Tracking Company.

  • Another of the company’s selling points is that it promises to provide you with worry free reporting, by taking over the workload, allowing you to spend most of your time, not on tracking, but on optimizing.
  • Its rank tracking tool comes with easy setup and an intuitive interface. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t have any trouble getting set up, which can be an advantage.
  • The one drawback for most of the Keyword Tracking companies that we have reviewed lies in the fact that there are so many matrices in one place that it becomes difficult for one to navigate one’s way around their interfaces. Fortunately, AWR does not have this challenge.
  • The Search Engines that are supported by AWR include Google, Bing, Bing Germany, Google Brighton, Google London, Yahoo Mobile Germany and Yahoo Images UK.

Competitor Rank Tracking

Most of the best-known Keyword Tracking firms out there, including Rank Ranger and SE Ranking, offer competitor rank tracking. Advanced Web Ranking is no exception in this regard. Should you choose to sign up for the company’s services, you will get reliable competitor rank tracking tools. Knowing what both your local and global competitors are doing is definitely important.

  • It allows you to come up with your own strategies on how to stay competitive for the business keywords that you are targeting.
  • A key feature for AWR is that it gives you historical data on how your competitors have been faring over time. Having this knowledge allows you to fine tune your own strategies.

Flexible Reporting

Another key and unique AWR feature is the ability to customize when you want your clients to receive their reports. Other companies offer reporting only at set times. AWR Cloud, on the other hand, can be set up for both on demand and scheduled data updates.

SEO Audit

This is another crucial feature that is offered by most Keyword Tracking companies, including SE Ranking. Having done a lot of work on building your website, the next thing that you need to be able to do is find out how well you have succeeded based, with regards to Search Engine Optimization, on a number of performance matrices.

  • AWR provides a comprehensive SEO health check that is designed to track the most important SEO aspects. The audit allows you to see how visible you are to search engines. It also gauges the effectiveness, or otherwise, of both your internal and external links.
  • Best of all, it checks out the quality of your content and meta tags, both of which are key SEO indexes.
  • You can also use AWR’s Technical SEO audit to get information about HTTP status codes, duplicate content and pages, broken links and images, and errors and warnings. As far as we can tell, this is one of the few companies that offers this kind of in-depth analyses.

Social Media

With the ever-rising importance of Social Media to Digital Marketing, most brands now have a presence on various social media platforms. Having clearly spelled out intelligence reports on how well your social media activities are bearing fruit can, therefore, be crucial. AWR performs well in this regard, gathering information about shares from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The information that you get is designed to give you an understanding of the impact that your social media activity is having on your business. With AWR, you can:

  • Track how your social media shares have been evolving.
  • Get comprehensive reports on professional charts.
  • Get your social media data refreshed every day.

Desktop vs. Cloud-based rank tracking solutions

AWR offers both Cloud and Desktop based rank tracking solutions. What, you may ask, is the difference between the two? The following table highlights some of the differences that exist between cloud and desktop-based rank tracking.

AWR CloudAWR Desktop
Daily Keyword RankingsStarting from 286 keywords tracked daily (using the default settings of 1 search engine unit and a page depth of 5)Starting from 250 keywords tracked daily (using the default settings of 1 search engine unit and a page depth of 5, without proxy servers)
Weekly Keyword RankingsStarting from 2000 keywords tracked weekly (using the default settings of 1 search engine unit and a page depth of 5)Starting from 1750 keywords tracked weekly (using the default settings of 1 search engine unit and a page depth of 5, without proxy servers)
Extra Keyword RankingsYes, available by upgrading to a higher subscription planYes, available by using third party proxy servers (not provided)
Tracked Websites NumberUnlimitedUnlimited
Search Engine LimitNoNo
Competitors50 per WebsiteUnlimited
Ranking alertsYesYes

The Con: Pricing

AWR might offer a comprehensive catalog of Keyword Tracking features, but it is rather a pricey option when compared to its competitors. With the least priced option starting at $49 per month, that is way ahead of, as an example, SE Ranking, whose tracking starts at $7 per month. It has to be pointed out, however, that AWR’s offering is the better option, in that it comes with unlimited websites and unlimited reports. In fact, it is more comparable to SE Ranking’s Plus Plan, which costs $89/month. Still, having a low-priced option would, in our view, have been great.

The Verdict: We Highly Recommend AWR

Despite the issue with pricing, we have to say that we highly recommend AWR to those who are looking for a keyword tracking services provider. The solutions that the company provides come jam-packed with a number of quite unique features, such as pinpoint accuracy on localized keyword tracking and comprehensive social media shares tracking.

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