Are these guys for real?

Let me be frank; when someone first told me about, I was skeptical. Go to the internet today and you will discover thousands of companies that claim to have found the formula for making money and finding happiness! Now, I like being rich as much as the next person, but I am perfectly aware that money doesn’t grow on trees; even in the digital world. So I normally steer clear of anybody that purports to be able to tell other people how to reach the promised land. Thankfully, I took the time to check out Income School, and it’s a decisions that I haven’t regretted. Their truly revolutionary ideas have enabled me to take my company to a level that I never thought possible. But what is Income School and what is it that they do? Should you bother implementing their strategies to boost your income? If you are asking yourself these questions, then you need to read this review.

What is Income School?

First off, Income School is not some get rich quick pyramid scheme! Income School is a business that is owned by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer. It was launched in 2003 and operates from Idaho. Its primary focus is on teaching people how to grow their blog, websites and YouTube channels. If you own any of these, then you should continue reading this review.

How to get started: Project 24

If you are interested in learning more from Jim and Ricky, then you should consider signing up for their Project 24. This course is specifically designed to help bloggers increase their traffic volumes and, by extension, their revenue. I have already mentioned that I was initially skeptical about Income School. However, the tips that I got after signing up for their course have been of immense help for my business.

As is the case with every other venture of its nature, my digital marketing business depends a lot on blogging. A lot of my revenue comes from affiliate marketing. I also have a YouTube channel that I have been trying to grow over the past few years. However, after implementing most of the strategies that can be found across the internet, I had come to believe that I had reached the end as far as the ability to achieve growth was concerned. Fortunately, Income School’s Project 24 has helped rejuvenate my business, with the result that there has been a noticeable increase in traffic to my site over the past few months. So, what do you get when you decide to sign up for Project 24?

How much does Income School’s Project 24 cost?

One of the reasons why most people are skeptical about online courses that claim to teach you how to make money is that they mostly seem designed to make money ONLY for the owners! I have already mentioned that I needed convincing when it comes to Income School. As a blogger, I can confess, however, that offers great value for money. The great thing is that you get access to tons of materials at an affordable price. So, how much does Project 24 cost?

Income School charges $449/year for all the learning materials that can be found in Project 24. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Those that opt to renew their subscriptions will only pay $199/year in subsequent years.

The course is constantly being updated

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Now, is this an affordable price to pay for the materials that you get? Does Project 24 offer value for money? My answer is; yes it does. The great thing about Project 24 is that you are always getting new materials throughout the year. The course gets new material almost every week! Most people know that the blogging world is ever changing. Every now and then, something happens that threatens to upset our understanding of the landscape. Google makes periodic changes to its algorithms. A recent example is the BERT update, which made changes to the way that the search engine understands queries from users. Income School takes cognizant of the fact that the environment is ever changing. So, once you have signed up, you will always be getting new materials designed to keep you abreast with developments in the digital marketing world.

Are these guys for real?

Some of you probably landed on this post after searching for; “Is for real?”This review has not been written simply because I am trying to sell something on Ricky and Jim’s behalf. On the contrary! This is a course that I have purchased myself and I can attest to its usefulness as a tool to teach bloggers how to make the most out of today’s cutthroat operating environment. So, if you are asking yourself whether or not Income School is for real, the answer is yes! I have had a noticeable increase in traffic to my site after implementing their strategies!

What do you get when you sign up?

If you are wondering what kind of material you are going to get when you sign up for Income School’s Project 24, then let me tell you. When you sign up, you get; Guidelines on how to create a profitable niche site, lessons on the newest SEO, marketing and monetization techniques via podcast, access to a community that can help you resolve SEO and technical problems. In other words, you get a library filled with courses on how to grow your blog. All this is contained in the following;

  • 94 videos
  • 123 lessons

Examples of available teaching materials

Income School teaches you how to get the most out of your team

The following are examples of some of the teaching materials that you will get should you decide to sign up with Income School. Some of these courses have been very helpful to me personally. Though they were things that I already knew or had heard about, Jim and Ricky’s approach is unique enough that I was able to scale my business;

  • Costs
    of writing an article,
  • How
    to scale with freelance writers,
  • How
    to scale up your blogging operation
  • Monetizing
    with ads
  • SEO

As an example, I use freelance writers on my website, Income School has taught me how to really make use of the ability to hire people across the globe to get top class content for my site at an affordable price.

Who is the Project 24 course designed for?

Project 24 is designed for the following people;

  • Advanced Internet Marketers: Think there is nothing new that you can learn about the world of blogging? Wrong! My own company, Planet Marketing, which specializes in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Remarketing, has been around for over a decade. There are literally hundreds of blog posts on my website. And I have posted tens of videos to YouTube. In fact, my site has been around longer than Ricky and Jim have been in business. They were probably still in school when I was getting started. Yet, I chose to sign up for’s Project 24! Why? Because I understand that though I am an advanced internet marketer, there are A LOT of things that I still do not know. Indeed, I recognize my own failings. The fact that I have been around for so long means I have stopped acquiring new ideas. This development was reflected in the fact that traffic on both my YouTube channel and on my website had stagnated. That all changed when I signed up with Income School. Today, I am still implementing the lessons that I learnt from Project 24. And guess what? My site has started to grow once again. So, this is something that I recommend to those that are looking to acquire the latest marketing techniques. Jim and Ricky have managed to grow a lot of businesses in the time that they have been operating. Camper Report’s income, as an example, rose from $2000 per month to $8000 per month after they had implemented the tips that they got through Project 24! So, we are not just talking about a course that will teach you things that cannot be implemented. With Project 24, you get tangible, monetary rewards!
  • Those that are about to give up: Project 24 is also for those that have tried but have failed. One of the things that you need to understand is that over 90% of the internet based start-ups that are out there fail within one year of being launched! A major reason for this is that people do not really know how to manage their expectations. Most people expect that when they launch their site today, tomorrow they will be rich! Well, take it from someone who has been around for over 10 years, that will never happen. So, if you have previously taken courses from some of the so called internet marketing gurus that are out there, but has failed to achieve your goals, then Project 24 is for you. What makes it great is that Jim and Ricky have simplified their teaching approach. They take a modular approach, and you can take it one step at a time. Success for your site depends on so many seemingly small details. Yet if you skip them, you will most likely fail. The really interesting thing about Project 24 is that Ricky or Jim really hold your hand as you walk along the path to success. Of course, if there are some points that you already know, then you can skip to the next stage. As said, I have been around for some time, and I already know a lot of the things that are in the course. So, when I arrive at such points, I simply skip to the next step.
  • For Beginners: If you are a beginner, who is feeling overwhelmed about the idea of striking out on your own, then Project 24 is for you. One of the things that you will realize is that that the new idea that you thought was going to bring you millions is not so original, after all. Once you have entered the marketplace, you will discover that there are already thousands of others out there who are ALREADY doing what you are doing. So, you have your work cut out. If you are launching a new blog, as an example, you will probably have no idea what you are doing? How often, as an example, should you blog? Should you allow guest posting? Do you know about Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?’s Project 24 offers you a step by step guide to building a successful blog.

Is Project 24 a Guarantee for Success?

If you ever come across anyone that tells you that their approach is guaranteed to bring you success, then you should immediately flee! This article is not designed to give you an Income School review that tells you that you will achieve success when you implement their teachings. Far from it! Success in the world of digital marketing is notoriously fickle. Go onto the internet today, and you will hear about people that have gotten to be millionaires after implementing one (crazy) idea or the other. Jim and Ricky are clear about one thing; they will not promise you guaranteed success.

In fact, they tell you upfront that their course is designed to show you the way! Success is dependent on a great deal of factors! If you implement their plans, you will give yourself a chance at achieving your goals. They have had hundreds of customers who can testify to the fact. And I am one of them! As an internet marketer, I am always looking for new ideas to help grow my business. The things that I have learnt through Project 24 have not been earth shattering. I have not become a millionaire through their ideas! Yet I can see my traffic beginning to grow as a result of their tips. I mean, success can only be achieved through hard work! Nobody is going to give a magic bullet that you can use to unlock the pot of gold! You need to learn new things and to work hard, and Income School sets you on the way there.

A Final Word

Hope you have learnt something through this review. You probably got here because you are looking for ways through which you can grow traffic to your site. If that is the case, you will find the Project 24 course vastly helpful. The course costs $449, as I have already mentioned. If you want to sign-up, feel free to do so using my link!

I am an affiliate, and I will get paid something should you do so. However, note that I would not have recommended Income School to my readers if their product sucked. Check out my website, and you will find a lot of articles in which I have blasted companies for which I am an affiliate. I want my readers to get the best and I am not just trying to make sales! If a company sucks, I will not be afraid to tell it as it is. Income School’s Project 24 is good for those that need ideas about growing traffic to their websites. Sign up and you will learn a lot about the complicated world of blogging.

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