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What Your Company Gets

What Paid Channels Are Used?
Google Ads (Formerly Adwords) - We have been using Google Adwords for over 1 decade. We know it well.
BingAds - This is Bing's version of Adwords. Typically it's much cheaper. These ads also appear in Yahoo.
What is your typical PPC conversion rate?
This always depends on the business. While some of our clients have a 20% conversion rate, others have about a 5% conversion rate (ecommerce).
What Separates Us From the Competition?
First off, we aren't based in India. We talk to the business owner to CLEARLY define the target audiences and objectives. From there we create a custom strategy based off our meeting. All data is tracked whether the client needs online sales, appointments, incoming calls, emails, newsletter signup, etc.

Fully Managed Google Ads Services

Pricing is Based Off The Scope of the Project

Google Ads | Bing Ads – We are experts, so we continuously measure the amount of revenue that is generated by the most important keywords. Planet Marketing focuses its effort on these keywords to carry out the marketing strategy based on the information we collect. We extract information from platforms such as the Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, keywordtool.io (our biggest secret), SEMRUSH (to know what the competitors are doing). By doing this, we increase conversions and get your keywords to generate sales for your business.
We are committed to the success of your business, which is why we devote many hours of studying your analytics, understanding your target market, and base decisions off data.

Our paid search advertising strategy continuously evolves because the behavior and outcomes of customers who convert change. What we do is study the conversion funnel spectrum from acquisition to behavior to outcomes. We study what leads visitors to convert into buyers.

A Short List of What We Will Do

Keyword Research
Conversion Rate Tracking
Increasing Number of Conversions
Google Analytics/Adwords Integration
Negative Keywords (Campaign/Adgroup/Lists)
Spy on Your Competitors Google Ads Campaigns
Remarketing - Banner Ads and YouTube Video Remarketing
Google Shopping (PLAs) for Retail Websites
Automated Reports
Increased Quality Score

Planet Marketing is a San Diego PPC Company


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