SE Ranking Review

2019 SE Ranking Review from a Customer

Planet Marketing Now Uses SE Ranking

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Disclaimer: We hope this blog post is valuable to you and that you don’t mind using our affiliate link as a reward for writing this. We use SE Ranking ourselves and have no problem recommending it.

As an internet marketing agency, Planet Marketing needs to use a keyword ranking software to track progress on SEO campaigns. My name is Francisco and my business has been using SE Ranking for a few years. We looked into 10 keyword ranking companies and SE Ranking came in 1st place for what we, and our clients, needed. This blog post doesn’t contain any fluff. We provide information that is important to us, our clients, and hopefully you. We hope that you enjoy this post and get a clear understanding of why we continue to use SE Ranking.

Below we the Top 5 Features we love about SE Ranking. The 1st three features alone make the software more valuable than just a simple keyword tracking software.

1) Keyword Rank Tracking

Obviously the most important feature is to track a list of keywords, so this needs to come in #1. I love that the keywords can be separated into folders. There are some keyword tracking tools that don’t allow you to use folders; therefore, keywords get all mixed up. I only check rankings once per week, but you can check them every day if needed. You can also see where your Paid Results rank by clicking the tab. When you’re setting up your ‘Projects’, you can choose what country and search engine you want results from. I use Google in USA, but there are options for Google in UK or AUS. The search engines you can choose from are Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, & Yandex.

Keywords can be grouped in folders
SE Ranking dashboard

2) Competitor SEO/PPC Research (SEMRUSH Alternative!)

This feature alone should make you want to sign up. Below are a few screenshots explaining the features. I’m only staying at a top-level overview instead of diving deep into all the features. Down the left-hand side, you can see “Organic Traffic Research”, “Paid Traffic Research”, “Keywords Research”, “Keyword Suggestions Tool”, .

competitor analysis with SE Ranking
SE Rankings allows you to spy on your competitors

Spy on your competitors! Under Organic Keywords, when you click on “View Detailed Report”, you’ll get a nice detailed breakdown of your competitor’s organic keywords, organic traffic estimate, and estimated traffic cost. In the Paid Keywords, when you click “View Detailed Report”, you’ll see a lot of Adwords information listed there. Want to see the keywords your competitor is bidding on? How about their ads? This is something Adwords won’t let you do, but you can with SE Ranking! Sneaky Sneaky! BTW, you can export all these reports to a spreadsheet.

Check out what common Organic keywords you and your competitors are ranking for. Also, in the “Paid search traffic” area, you can see what keywords you and your competitors share. Uncover hidden opportunity by finding out which keywords you’re not bidding on, but your competitor is bidding on. This should be an OMG moment. Your competitor will never give you access to their Google Ads nor Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) accounts, but with SE Ranking, you have the information! From here you can drill down into the specific competitor and spy on them. By the way, this is ALL included in your subscription.

Okay, still not convinced that SE Ranking isn’t just about tracking keywords? When you drill down into your competitor’s paid search area, you can see the keywords they are bidding on as well as their text ads. Why recreate the wheel or start from scratch when your competitors have probably spent $100,000+ in advertising over the years. Just copy what’s working for them.

If you believe these two features alone aren’t worth the low price SE Ranking subscription, the 3rd feature should.

3) Backlink Explorer (Ahrefs Alternative!)

Want to know why your competitors are ranking higher than you? Want to know exactly what URLs your competitors are getting links from? SE Ranking isn’t just about keyword rank tracking. They provide awesome tools to help you beat your competition.

For all you people starting a new business, the reason you definitely need SE Ranking is that your competitors have a 3-5 year head start.

The image above shows a competitor of mine who ranks for “san diego seo company”. By using the SE Ranking Backlinks Explorer tool I can see exactly where is getting their links from. All I need to do is repeat the process. I sorted the table by Domain Trust which means the strongest websites that Launch Source SEO is getting links from is at the top.

Still not convinced about signing up for SE Ranking? Next up….

4) Backlink Monitoring (A Alternative!)

As an SEO, you need to keep track of your backlinks to see which links dropped off the map. Ahrefs also has this feature available at their $99/mo subscription.

Want to track your backlinks? Here’s what you should do. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and export all your links into a spreadsheet. Upload them into SE Rankings.

SE Ranking allows you to monitor your backlinks
SE Ranking allows you to monitor your backlinks

Any person actively building links to increase SEO rankings would find this MUCH MORE USEFUL than using an excel spreadsheet to track links.

5) Keyword Suggestion Tool (An Alternative!)

Okay, if you’re still not convinced on paying the CHEAP price for the SE Ranking subscription, then I don’t know what else to do to convince you. But I’ll keep writing this damn blog post until you’re convinced that SE Ranking is the best keyword tracking software.

The SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool has a version that is included with your subscription and, for those that are really trying to beat the competitors, a paid version (in addition to your subscription). I’ll cover the paid version so you can see it’s only a few cents ($0.30 in this case, who cares!?).

If you notice the results go in alphabetical order. This information is from what people are physically typing into Google (powered by Google Suggest). Here’s the power of this tool (little secret for you). I wrote a blog post on “Facebook Marketing for restaurants” and many other topics because of this. AND I sell a DIY Facebook Ads Marketing course because of this strategy. FYI, the image below is Google Suggest.


SE Ranking is great for those that are looking for a well rounded SEO tool. Forget SEMrush. You get everything that you need to take your website to the top in one neat package! From keyword rank tracking to competitor analysis, backlink monitoring and keyword suggestion, SE Ranking has proven to be the best for Planet Marketing. As mentioned at the top, this post does not contain fluff. Planet Marketing has been using SE Ranking for years and we can safely say that it has helped shape the direction of this website!

… To Be Continued. (I’m tired of typing and will add 2 or 3 more money making features from SE Ranking. These guys should charge more for their subscription! Please share this post AND buy the damn subscription! Let me know in the comments what keyword tracking tools you have used.

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Disclaimer: We are an SE Ranking affiliate. However, this article is based on first hand information. Planet Marketing has been using SE Ranking for years! Indeed, it is one of the companies that have helped us achieve growth!

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