Rank Ranger Review – We Use It a Few Times Per Week

How Rank Ranger Stacks up Against the Competition

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Rank Rangers offers a comprehensive suite of Keyword Tracking tools that put it on par with the best in the business. We have been using Rank Ranger for at least six months. Planet Marketing carried out research for two weeks before deciding to go with Rank Ranger. In total, we looked at five other Keyword Tracking software systems, but Rank Ranger proved to be the most valuable.

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Rank Ranger offers a wide range of useful SEO and marketing tools. Here are the ones that we thought were the most notable:

  • SEO Dashboard
  • Rank Tracker
  • Social Analytics
  • Link Manager
  • White Label SEO
  • Keyword Finder
  • Insight Graph
  • API
  • Resources
  • Rank Risk Index
  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • Google SERP Features
  • Mobile SERP Features
  • Visual SERP Feature Guide


1) Keyword Research

  • Rank Ranger’s keyword research metrics are some of the most comprehensive that we have come across throughout the industry. With Rank Ranger, we get the ability to group keywords using tags and display them in position 4-10. This allows us to focus on the path of least resistance. You can also do this for your competitors!
  • The company clearly focuses on quality, rather than quantity, when it comes to Keyword Research. Their tools allow you to get comprehensive organic search and paid AdWords intelligence that enables you to give priority to those keywords that best help you meet your marketing goals.

Rank Ranger Landing Page Performance

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2) Competition Analysis

Another notable thing about Rank Ranger is that it gives you the tools you need to take your competitors head on,  by enabling you to identify them. You also get the ability to check out the keywords that they are being ranked for and how well they are doing on organic search rankings. The data is presented to you in easy to understand reports that display your top 20 organic and paid competitors.

3) Social Analytics

With the ever increasing importance of Social Media in Digital Marketing, having your key performance indexes at your fingertips is definitely a welcome development. Rank Ranger provides comprehensive monitoring of your social media engagement on supported platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. It enables you to pick the social signals that  are important for you. You can even see what’s working for your competitors!

Rank Ranger Competitors Dashboard

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4) Search Volume per Keyword

Are you focusing on a keyword that has no search volumes or on one that has 100K? Maybe you could focus on a group of five keywords with search volume of 500 each, that’s 2,500 right there. No matter what keyword ranking software you look into, make sure they have this feature. Don’t waste time on keywords that have no search volumes.
rank ranger dashboard

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5) Local Rankings for Local Companies

Whatever keyword research software you choose, it must have the ability to show results for your local ranking, and Rank Ranger excels in this regard. One advantage of this is that it gives you the chance to identify your most effective Long Tail keywords. These are important since they are made by people who are right at the end of the buying cycle. MAKE SURE, however, that you check the accuracy of these rankings when you are not logged into your Google Account because Google will show results based off your search history and behavior.

Rank Ranger Local Keyword Ranking Results

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6) Monthly Snapshot

This is where you can prove if your marketing strategies are working. Your month by month progress report also allows you to focus on the key areas. Having historical keyword performance data at your fingertips is a key parameter that is supported by most Keyword Tracking companies.

Rank Ranger Monthly Snapshot Report

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Here are other good features that should be part of any keyword tracking software.

  • Easy display of progress overtime. Base rank and current rank.
  • Google Mobile SERP. Rank Ranger also has the ability to show Yahoo! and Bing SERPs.
  • Track SERP in other countries like google.com.au. Great for international SEO.
  • Integrate Google Analytics.
  • Integrate Google Webmasters.
  • Automated Reports with your logo or your client’s logo.
  • Ability for client to log into their own campaign without them using your username and pass.
  • Track Competitors – This should be standard in any keyword ranking software.
  • Tag Keywords into groups.

Rank Ranger has MANY other features that can be useful for your company, but the ones above are important for our clients. If your company needs help increasing keyword rankings, let us know. We are an online marketing company, after all.

Rank Ranger: The Cons

1) Rank Ranger is not mobile friendly. I want to check my rankings sometimes while I’m at lunch, but Rank Ranger is not optimized for mobile. Maybe they should come out with a mobile app or something. (Update: Rank Ranger does have a mobile app that you can use to check out your rankings on the go. Its available both in the Android and Apple App Store.)

2) While Rank Ranger’s keyword tracking is fairly accurate for Google SERPs, their Bing keyword tracking seems a little off. I think Rank Ranger’s ability to track Bing SERPs needs to be improved. Most likely this isn’t a deal killer since almost everyone is focused on Google SERPs.

And there you have it! Overall we choose to stay with Rank Ranger even though there are cheaper keyword ranking software systems out there. Hopefully this Rank Ranger review will help you decide if this software is important for your company. If you have any questions, ask below!

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3 thoughts on “Rank Ranger Review – We Use It a Few Times Per Week”

  1. Hi! We’ve launched a new SEO Tools https://Topvisor.com and we’d love if you tested it and shared your opinion in your blog. We’ll create a privileged and free test account for you and provide a worry-free support.

    A short summary of our key features:
    1) Rank Tracker Tool (on-demand and scheduled reports, all locations) https://topvisor.com/rank-tracker/
    2) Keyword Research Tool
    3) Keyword grouping Tool (Keyword clustering) https://topvisor.com/clustering/
    4) SEO Audit Tool https://topvisor.com/website-auditor/
    5) Website Watcher (tracks title and description changes)
    6) Index status checker

    I hope to hear from you and will be satisfied to answer any of your questions.

  2. Hi Francisco, thanks for the review of Rank Ranger. It’s a tool we’ve monitored since 2009/10 but we’ve never been entirely convinced because of the keyword limitations.

    Currently we are testing Advanced Web Ranking – https://www.advancedwebranking.com , this has flexible on keyword credits and allows for more profiles tracked depending on the frequency of reporting (i.e. daily, fortnightly, weekly, monthly etc.). Having said that we are noticing Rank Ranger going more and more into an online suite of tools which is of interest, particularly for clients who do both SEO and Social Media with us.

    Another tool we are also testing and we like is WordTail – https://www.wordtail.com. This tool is fast, from setup rankings are generated very quickly. There are also new ranking and auditing features being rolled-out almost monthly. One of the analytics features is also looking to provide a very good estimate on ‘not provided’ keywords too.

    How are you finding the Rank Ranger tool in 2016 – have they addressed the Bing tracking issues? Does it offer keyphrase research tools? Does it offer auditing/analysis tools now?

    1. Bing tracking within Rank Ranger SUCKED! It’s was way off. Rank Ranger is still an awesome company, but we moved over to SE Ranking. To tell you the truth, they are both neck-to-neck. SE Ranking is cheaper and their Bing results look more accurate.
      As for keyphrase research, yes Rank Ranger has that, but we use keywordtool.io.

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