Facebook Ads for Vineyards and Wineries

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Businesses across the country have been finding that they can reach out to many more people by advertising on Facebook. That is hardly surprising, considering the fact that Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking site. As of the 1st quarter of the year 2018, the platform had a user base of over 2.1 billion people, a figure that is expected to grow going forward. So, how do you go about creating Facebook Ads for Vineyards and Wineries?

What kind of client do you wish to reach out to?

A Vineyard or a Winery is, of course, apart from its core business, going to have other side activities that it uses to generate income. This would include hosting parties, weddings and bachelor parties. For this example, we are going to assume that these are the activities that you wish to market for your place.

Creating Facebook Ads for Vineyards and Wineries

There are a number of things that you need to be cognizant of when creating Facebook Ads for your business. The first is that you may need to restrict delivery of your ads, depending on the legislation that’s in the state or country in which you live. In many states, restrictions are placed on the delivery of ads for alcoholic products to people who are over 21.

Having stated that, creating Facebook Ads for Vineyards and Wineries is a simple matter of getting your objectives and targeting right;

  1. Choosing the Objective for your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are created in Facebook Ads Manager. The important thing to note is that the first thing that you need to do as part of the process of creating Facebook Ads for Vineyards and Wineries is choose an objective.

In Ads Manager, you can only choose one objective for each of the ads that you are creating. The Facebook Ad Objective that you choose is going to define the nature of the ad that you are going to create.

That’s because there are subtle variations to the steps that you need to take when creating your ad, depending on the Objective that you have chosen. The following are the Objectives that are available when creating Facebook Ads for Vineyards and Wineries;

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Reach
  • Video view
  • App installs
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Store visits
  • Catalogue sales

Best Facebook Ad Objective for Vineyards and Wineries

We are not going to prescribe a single Facebook ad Objective for the ads that you are creating for your vineyard or winery. That’s because a number of the Objectives that we have given above could actually work when it comes to creating Facebook ads for your business.

You could, as an example, be concerned about creating brand awareness, which is the Objective that we are going to go with in this example. You could also be interested in getting traffic for your website, or in making direct sales.

You are, perhaps, interested in getting people to watch a video that details the wine-making processes at your company. This could be part of the process of boosting brand awareness. The objectives that are given above could, in any case, overlap.

  1. Targeting your Audience

In Facebook Ads manager, the Ad Set section is where you define your target audience. That is of extreme importance, because, as we have already stated, Facebook brings together multitudes of people. What you do not want to do is have your ads lost in the vastness that is the world’s biggest social media network.

Facebook gives you a number of settings that you can use to narrow down on the people that you wish to target with the ads that you creating for your vineyard of winery. It’s important for you to really think long and hard about your targeting when it comes to Facebook ads because this is the area that defines the success or failure of your entire campaign.

  • Location

Location is the first targeting step on the way to creating Facebook ads for your Vineyard or Winery. When it comes to attracting the right kind of clientele, this type of business fares better, in terms of reach, when compared to, as an example, a restaurant or a cafe. For this example, we are going to have our ads delivered to people who live 20 miles around the location of our vineyard.

  • Age

We have already noted that there are restrictions in the age ranges that you can target when it comes to advertisements for alcoholic products. For this example, we are going to go with 21 as the starting age for the group that we wish to target with our ads.

  • Gender

This is another of the settings that you can use to narrow down on the people who you are targeting with your Facebook ads. If you manufacture perfume for men, as an example, you may wish to make this gender your main target. For this example, we are going to target both men and women for the delivery of our Facebook ads.

  • Language

The language setting is useful if you would like to have the Facebook ads that you are creating delivered to people who speak a particular language or a particular set of languages.

Demographics, Interests and Behaviors

In Ad Set, this is, without doubt, the most important section when it comes to defining your target audience. The great (or bad) thing about Facebook is that it collects a wide range of data on the people who use the platform, which allows advertisers to precisely target the people to whom they wish to have their ads delivered. For this example, we are going to have our ads delivered to the following groups of people;

  • Engaged people
  • People who are in a relationship
  • Those who are interested in bachelor parties

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