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Do you wish to generate leads for your business using Facebook Ads? That’s the goal for many businesses. Hi, my name is Francisco. I own a Digital Marketing company called Planet Marketing. We specialize mainly in Facebook Ads and Google Ads. On top of that, we also do retargeting. This article is for businesses that have been struggling to use Facebook as a tool for generating leads. The post has the following sections;

  1. Challenges when trying to generate leads using Facebook
  2. Why Facebook is great for marketing most types of business
  3. How to create Facebook ads for lead generation

Challenges when trying to generate leads using Facebook

Before we dig into our topic, we first need to identify some of the challenges that you are likely to face when trying to generate leads using Facebook. If anybody ever tells you that it’s smooth sailing, then they will be lying to you.

Facebook has a problem with intent

One major challenge there is the fact that people do not go Facebook to buy stuff. When they want something, it’s much more likely that they will head over to Google. So, Facebook has a problem with intent.

A person goes to Facebook to look up friends and family and to engage in the latest bit of gossip. If you don’t do things right, your arrival at this point will hardly register as a blip on a your target audience’s radar. It’s the classic banner blindness.

It won’t even register to some people that you are trying to sell them something. So, how do you get around this issue? You have a variety of solutions here. We will look at some of them as part of this article.

People mostly access Facebook on mobile phones

That’s another challenge that you are likely to face when creating Facebook ads for lead generation. Most people access Facebook via mobile devices. So, if you have forms to capture people’s information, it can be difficult to do so on these tiny devices.

The problem there is that the real estate on a mobile phone is not really conducive to filling out forms. People only have an average of 5 inches on which to work. If they are asked to fill out every bit of detail, they are very likely going to simply give up.

Businesses struggle to create engaging content

Most businesses have Facebook Pages. Check out our article on how to professionally run a Facebook Business Page. Your Page is your own canvas on the world’s largest social networking platform.

However, and this relates to what we have already said, Facebook is not really for business. At least people who go there do not do so to buy things.

In order to capture their attention, you need to create engaging content. That’s where most businesses falter. If you only create content glorifying your business without giving something of value to people, you will not generate many leads on Facebook.

You need to go down to the level of the people who you are trying to engage. If they are looking for funny video clips, then you will do well to provide these to them.

Why Market your Business on Facebook

Businesses have been marketing on Facebook for some time now. Opinions differ as to whether or not this platform is great. On one hand, there are those who like to compare Facebook advertising with Google search. Definitely Google appears to have an edge at face value.

A person uses Google when they are looking for a specific product or service. However, a person goes to Facebook to socialize. Buying is far from people’s minds. So, those in marketing need to come up with creative ways of imposing themselves on this rather relaxed state of mind .

So, does Facebook Advertising work? Well, forget the challenges! Facebook is definitely a good option for those looking to generate leads, and we are not just saying that because we specialize in the creation of Facebook ads. But why is that the case?

Facebook is a big platform

That’s the first reason why all businesses looking to generate leads should head over to Facebook. The platform is, to put it simply, huge. You, may have heard that people’s interest in Facebook has been waning. Well, that’s not really true.

Statistic: Number of daily active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2021 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

You can see the current Facebook statistics in the above graph from Statista. As of the time of writing this article, the platform had over 1.9 billion daily active users. In all likelihood, that number will continue to grow going forward.

That represents a lot of opportunities for you to find your target audience. In this case, we are focusing on lead generation, but your goal could be anything else.

Facebook makes it easy to run lead generation campaigns

Are you aware that up to 98.5% of the people who we have just been talking about access Facebook via a mobile device? That’s an astounding piece of news. In fact, around 81.5 percent of them only ever use mobile to use Facebook.

Facebook Ads for Lead Generation
98% of people access Facebook using their phones

But what does this mean in our particular situation? Well, if you are running lead generation campaigns, you will probably be using a lot of forms that people need to fill out. What you want to do is to get people’s contact details.

However, the fact that people access Facebook mostly via mobile devices makes this rather difficult when it comes to creating Facebook ads for lead generation. We have already talked about this.

The good thing is that Facebook has simplified life for your target audience. In fact, it’s much easier to gather leads on the platform, even for the majority of people who access the platform via mobile.

That’s because all their details come pre-populated on your form. So, a person that sees your ad will just hit your call to action button, and most of their details will already be there on the form. Remember, Facebook already has this information.

Facebook ads for lead generation are affordable

Most people cringe at the thought of running Facebook ads, simply because they imagine at the back of their heads that it’s going to cost them a lot of money. However, that is not actually the case.

Facebook ads are affordable. Just to put things into perspective, you can boost a Facebook post for as little as a $1. For that amount, you will be able to reach quite a number of people. Of course, a dollar probably isn’t going to bring you much in terms results, but you can get started from there.

And does boosting a Facebook post work? Here is an article in which we talk more about lead boosting Facebook ads. It’s a controversial subject. We, at Planet Marketing, prefer to run real ads, but hey, for a dollar, you are probably going to lose much.

Audience targeting is easy with Facebook ads

You can target new or custom audiences
You can target new or custom audiences

One challenge when doing digital marketing emerges when defining your target audience. The online world is vast, and it can be difficult to find just the right people at the right time. Fortunately, with Facebook, it’s very easy to define and refine your target audience. You have 2 options here. You can use either a custom or a new audience;

Targeting a new Facebook Audience

Here you will be targeting completely new people. These people have not interacted with your business in any way. It’s great for expanding your horizons. Lead generation, after all, is about gathering information from new people. When defining a completely new audience for your Facebook ads lead generation campaigns, you can use the following tools;

Facebook Ads for Lead Generation
Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

First, you can define your target audience in terms of location. What’s the geographic area in which you wish to have your ads delivered? In what locations do you wish to gather your leads? How you approach this is going to depend on the nature of your business.

There are some businesses out there that operate globally. In that case, you could have your ads delivered worldwide. However, the majority of businesses are rather localized. You can think of restaurants, bars, wedding venues, gyms and so forth. All these businesses operation within a given range.

Let’s say you are a broadband company operating in South Africa. Your target audience will likely be only in that country. You can see in the above example that we are not targeting people who have been through South Africa. That’s actually another of the options that are available to you.

On the other hand, estimates put the maximum distance that most people are willing to drive to get to a gym at about 4 miles. So, you need to have this in mind when creating Facebook ads for lead generation. Let’s go back to our example of South Africa. You would then need to target people, not in the whole country, but in your small community.

It would be a waste to collect leads from people who live on the other side of the country or in a different country altogether. They are very unlikely to want to do business with you.


Age is another targeting parameter that you can make use of when creating Facebook ads for lead generation. Who do you wish to fill out your lead generation forms?

The answer will be different from one business to another. Some businesses target all age groups. Others sell their products to people within a particular age range.


You can also define your audience in terms of gender. That would be useful for those selling gender specific products and services. As an example, if you sell cosmetic products, you will want to have your lead generation ads delivered to a Facebook audience that is composed mainly of women.

Demographics, Interests and Behaviors
Detailed Targeting
Refine your target audience

These audience definition parameters fall under the Detailed Targeting section. One complaint about Facebook is that it has too much information about it’s users.

You can use this information to refine your audience targeting when creating Facebook ads. As an example, you can have your ads delivered to people who like a particular musician, or to those who have recently gotten engaged.

Targeting a Custom Audience

Another option that you have is to define a custom audience. Custom audiences target people who have interacted with your business in one way or the other. The following are possible points of interaction that you can use;

  • Your website
  • App activity
  • Customer list
  • Offline activity
  • Video
  • Lead form
  • Instant Experience
  • Shopping
  • Instagram account
  • Events
  • Facebook Page
  • On-Facebook Listings
Why are custom audiences useful?

Custom audiences are composed of people who already know about your business. Maybe they have been to your website. You would then have tracked their activity there via Facebook Pixel.

That makes is possible to target them on Facebook. You will show them relevant material, making it likely that they will take the necessary step to become a lead. So, custom audiences are a great way of boosting your conversion rate.

You can run your own Facebook lead generation campaigns

That’s another reason why Facebook is the go to place for those looking to generate leads. In this article, we only just touch the surface as far creating Facebook ads for your business is concerned. But you can learn more through our Facebook Ads Marketing Course. Once you have had that background, it shouldn’t be a problem managing your own campaigns.

Creating Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

In this section, we show you how to create Facebook ads for lead generation. That happens in Ads Manager. The process of creating any ad on Facebook roughly has the following steps;

  • Choosing your Campaign Objective
  • Setting up your audience
  • Creating the ad

Choosing a Campaign Objective

Facebook ads for lead generation
Facebook ads for lead generation

The Campaign Objective outlines the direction in which your ad is going to go. For this example, our task is simple, we wish to run a lead generation campaign. So, we are going to choose Lead Generation as our Campaign Objective. Facebook gives you 11 Campaign Objectives. Each Campaign can only have one. The following are the available Campaign Objectives;

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic
  • Messages
  • Traffic
  • Video views
  • App installs

Setting up your Audience

We have already covered this section in our previous discussion, so we wont dwell too much on it. We noted that you can use either a custom audience or you can create a new audience. In this example, we will go with the new audience. We want to gather as many leads as we can from people who have previously never heard about us.

Creating your Ad

This is the final step on the way to creating Facebook ads for lead generation. We wont get into the fine details of this process. Each ad will necessarily be unique.

Just remember what we said; people do not go to Facebook to work. They go there for fun. So, you need to create an ad that catches their eye. If you don’t do that, your message will likely fall flat.

With that in mind, don’t have too much text on your ad. Let the pictures or a video do the talking. Having said that, Facebook allows video, single image and carousel ads.


In this article we showed you how you can generate leads using Facebook ads. The platform is great for doing so. Yes, you face a few challenges, but non that cannot be overcome. If you need help, check out our DIY Facebook Ads marketing course.

We also have a Facebook Ads setup plan. If you sign up for that one, we will do all the hard work of setting up your account on your behalf. From there, you can take over the management of your campaigns.

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