Thrive Themes Review – Pros and Cons, Pricing, How to Use

Editor’s Notes: Check out Thrive Themes latest pricing. If you sign up, let us know and we’ll send you a package. We may get paid by Thrive Themes if you purchase. 

Planet Marketing uses Thrive Themes on our own website. In fact, this blog post was created using the Thrive Architect plugin. By the end of this article, you’ll know if Thrive Themes is for you. This article will address the following:

1) What Thrive Themes Does
2) Thrive Themes Pricing
3) Our Conclusion

1) What Thrive Themes Does

Thrive Themes is a software development company that focuses on creating high quality WordPress plugins. Currently, Thrive Themes has a suite of 9 plugins for sale. You can buy them individually OR you can get a membership plan and get the full suite of plugins. Each plugin can function independently. Also, they are completely compatible with each other. Below is a quick description of all 10 Thrive Themes plugins and how it can help you get more sales. 

Thrive Leads – We started using Thrive Leads to collect emails for our Drip email marketing campaigns. In fact, if you see an optin form pop up on this page, it’s powered by Thrive Leads. We believe in Thrive Leads so much that we wrote a full article dedicated to it. In addition, we actually spent about two days reviewing what features we would have liked. The only competitor that we narrowed our selection to was OptinMonster.  Also, we created a Youtube video!

Thrive Architect can server as two things 1) A WordPress Editor 2) Landing Page Builder like LeadPages, ClickFunnels, and Instapage. At the top of the Thrive Architect page, you’ll see a great video.  We use Thrive Architect all the time to build landing pages for our Facebook Ads marketing campaign. In addition, occasionally we’ll use Thrive Architect to write a blog post. The blog post you’re reading right now was written using Thrive Architect. We wrote a blog post called Thrive Architect Review. Please check it out to see how we use it. 

Thrive Comments converts the default WordPress commenting system and ‘gamifies’ it. A specific comment can get thumbs up or down, shares, badges, up votes and down votes, and be a featured comment. The default WordPress commenting system doesn’t compare to this. There are a couple other features that Thrive Comments has that can be used on the backend. We also use this plugin. If you scroll to the bottom of this blog post, you’ll see how Thrive Comments works.

Thrive Quiz Builder is a great tool to increase engagement with your site visitors.  This is an advanced quiz builder where your visitor can answer questions in a particular order and at the end, the quiz builder can show an optin form to deliver the results. There are too many features to list here, so please visit the Thrive Quiz Builder page` and watch the main video at the top of the page. We also have this plugin installed in our WordPress.

Thrive Ultimatum is a countdown timer that creates scarcity. Want people to feel like they will miss out on your product? Get Thrive Ultimatum. We have this plugin installed in our WordPress.“If you can create a stronger sense of urgency on your landing page or websites, then you can successfully spur people to do what you want them to do on your page (i.e., convert).” – Neil Patel

Thrive Ovation allows you to add testimonials that are formatted to help you close more sales. While we have access to this plugin, we haven’t used it because our theme (BeTheme) also has this feature.

Thrive Optimize will help you A/B split test your landing pages. When you’re doing advertising, you should definitely split test your landing pages so you can lower your cost-per-conversions. I don’t really split test my normal landing pages or blog posts, but I do split test landing pages that are tied to paid marketing campaigns, like Facebook.

Thrive Clever Widgets is for your sidebars on your WordPress Pages and Posts. This plugin isn’t an ordinary sidebar widget. It’s advanced and is designed to help convert more sales by providing content that is relevant to the blog post the person is reading. 

Thrive Apprentice is a LMS (Learning Management System). We used to use as our LMS, then migrated our online school to Thrive Apprentice since we wanted to host our subscribers on our own site.

Thrive Themes Pricing

You have 2 choices when it comes to purchasing Thrive Themes WordPress plugins. You can buy the plugins individually OR you can buy all of them using the Thrive Membership, which cost $228/yr. You do NOT have to renew the membership. Your plugins will still work, but you’ll want the updated versions. Here at Planet Marketing, we have the annual membership for $19/mo ($228/yr).

Our Conclusion

You can buy plugins separately or in a bundle. For many people, paying $228 upfront may be expensive. You can always buy one plugin, then upgrade later. Here at Planet Marketing we have found that with the plugin Thrive Architect, we can cancel our account (which costs $25/mo). It does the same thing. Also, if you get the Membership package, you can use the plugins on 25 websites. We have used some of these plugins with our own clients. 

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