Starting Your Own Online Business

Editor’s Note: Here’s an updated version of “How to Start an Online Store in 2019 (Step by Step)

This is going to be a quick start guide to how you can start an online business.  Many aspiring entrepreneurs focus on things that do not matter at first such as:

  • Legalities
  • Logo
  • Web Design
  • Extensive business planning
  • Investment capital (this is important, but there are things that come first)

Yes, all of things matter – eventually, but not when you are first getting started.  The very first thing that needs to be done is to validate an idea by speaking with people in the market.  If this idea is already validated, then the effort should be directed at getting the first customer.  When you are first starting a business, there needs to be a short, yet brief plan to start.  One of the best business plans online has been created by a man named Ash Maurya.  It is known as the Lean Canvas.   It’s a very brief business plan that can give you all the details to get started right away.

Starting an Online Business? Validate the Idea

This is the most important part when you are trying to start your own online business.  The reason is simple, this is going to be your entire business.  If it grows and evolves, it’s going to be based on this basic solution.  If you already have a proven service solution, then you must validate who your early adopters are going to be.

Many people create an online software or an info product without first seeing if it’s something that people actually need.

These are some ways in which you can validate the idea:

  • Are your customers having the problem that your solution is fixing?
  • Are your potential customers willing to pay for that solution?

By answering these simple two questions, you can save yourself years of headache!

Starting an Online Business? Find a Mentor

Despite the massive wealth of information online, there is no book, article, or video seminar that can replace the experience of working closely with someone who’s already made it.  In order to find a mentor, it is a wise idea to look at those who are already successful at what you want to do.  When you find these people – simply seek to reach out to them.  Wealthy people are intelligent with their time, so they know that they should charge for their consultation sessions – do not view it as a rip off if they offer their advice for a charge – their skill set is why they are wealthy.

For example, if you want to start a successful eBay business, then talk with the business owners on there and see what they are doing.  Usually, people who are the most successful have no problem sharing their business secrets with you because they believe in continuous growth and the law of abundance.

Starting an Online Business? Get Out of the House

A great deal of articles will simply offer you a wealth of ideas on different businesses that you can start.  Most of these ideas will seem legitimate, but will not always help you in the end.  If you truly want to start a successful online business, it is critical to get out of the house.  This may sound counter-intuitive, but it works.  It’s all about relationships, there is never a replacement for it.

A great idea is to find a co-working space where other ambitious entrepreneurs are working.  You’ll become more productive just being in an atmosphere with a lot of people.  Talk to potential customers.  Don’t be afraid to go to networking events to see how others are successful.  People are more inclined to share information with you in person as opposed to over the internet.

In conclusion, in order to start an online business, one must be looking to making the first steps to starting a regular business.  The basics of business success are still intact, it’s just a matter of applying it online!

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