Shopper Approved vs. Trust Pilot vs. ReStore Ratings

Are you looking for a kickass online reviews platform, for your business? Have you been wondering which, between Shopper Approved, TrustPilot and ResellerRatings is the best for your business? At Planet Marketing, we have experience using these three companies. In fact, we have referred over 300 people to Shopper Approved and these other companies. So, you can be sure that we know what we are talking about here! In this article, we are going to;

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1) Biggest Benefits
2) Shopper Approved vs TrustPilot vs ResellerRatings Pricing
3) What to Look For
4) Conclusion

1) Biggest Benefits

Shopper Approved, TrustPilot, and ResellerRatings are all authorized by Google to display ratings into Google Ads and Google Shopping. These ratings are known as Store Ratings and Product Ratings.

Store Ratings – There are 30 companies authorized by Google to syndicate Store Ratings into Google CPC text ads and Google Shopping (organic). Store Ratings are aggregated ratings for a company as a whole, not ratings for a specific product. These types of ratings are used by service-based companies and ecommerce companies.Product Ratings – There are 21 companies authorized by Google to syndicate Product Ratings into Google Shopping Ads (PLA). Product Ratings are aggregated ratings for individual products. It’s only used for ecommerce companies.

If you run an ecommerce company and use Google Shopping, your Store Ratings can be displayed on Google Shopping, the organic part! Want free traffic coming from Google Shopping? Here’s and example.

2) Shopper Approved vs TrustPilot vs ResellerRatings Pricing

 Google Store RatingsGoogle Product RatingsPriceNotes
shopper approved logo  Built-in Planet Marketing Partner Pricing. Starts around $199/mo30 Day FREE Trial
For every 100 emails asking for a review, you can expect 27-33 reviews. 
  Starts at $199/moYou can only send 500 emails per month. That’s 40¢ per each email sent. Expect to get about 4-6% reviews. Out of 100 emails asking for a review, that’s 2-3 reviews for $199/mo. 
  Does not reveal its price.You have to call to get a quote.Careful! Pricing used to be based off traffic. If you get more traffic, you’ll get a higher bill. Ask ResellerRatings if that is still the case.

Store Ratings are for ecommerce and service-based companies. Product Ratings are for ecommerce companies only.

3) What to Look For

Find Out Your Expected Cost-Per-Review

When you talk to these companies, find out how many reviews you can expect per every 100 emails. Most people who are reading this post are mainly interested in Seller and/or Product Ratings to get more sales.

Shopper Approved touts the lowest Cost-per-review (CPR) of anyone. They might quote someone $7000/yr and TrustPilot might quote that same client $5000/yr. In the customer’s eyes, they might be thinking “Sweet! TrustPilot is cheaper! Score!” When in reality the customer will pay 5x – 10x more PER review with them because they’re only collecting 4-6 reviews for every 100 orders, where Shopper Approved collects 27-33 reviews for every 100 orders. 

4) Conclusion

We know Shopper Approved and TrustPilot fairly well. Our clients use both of them. ResellerRatings, that’s another story. Over the past 5 years, we heard less and less about them. 

You may have already guessed that we recommend Shopper Approved ahead of Trustpilot and ResellerRatings. Let me repeat that we have already recommended over 1,000 businesses to Shopper Approved. So, this is a company that we know very well. And we are not afraid to recommend them because they are good. 

Online reviews are something that we all need to take seriously. Managing your online reputation can be a matter of life and death for your business. At Planet Marketing our clients have tried out a number of the online review platforms that are out there. Based on our experience, Shopper Approved is the company that we recommend the most to our readers! But why is that the case?

  • Affordability: Shopper Approved is the most affordable of the review aggregators that are out there. What’s more, you can get an even bigger discount using the Planet Marketing “Built-In” Partner pricing. You can expect to pricing to start around $200/mo if you use our link.
  • Star Ratings: If you are concerned about getting Star Ratings, then Shopper Approved is the company that you should opt for. Of course, both Trust Pilot and ReStore Ratings will get you star ratings, but Shopper Approved is the best when it comes to “COLLECTING” Product and Store Ratings in Google.
  • Performance: Shopper Approved, based on our experience, leaves the competition in the dust when it comes to performance! If you are looking for a company that will expertly handle your online reviews, then Shopper Approved is for you. Sure, Trustpilot has more bells and whistles, but customers only care about collecting and displaying reviews.
  • Shopper Approved collects the widest range of reviews. These include product reviews, merchant reviews and local reviews (via their program Destination Surveys).

We recommend getting a demo from BOTH Shopper Approved and TrustPilot.

ResellerRatings, perhaps the biggest and oldest review site on Google list, has numerous negative reviews. Their business model is suspect because pricing was (and maybe still is) based off traffic using an algorithm. If a bot came by your site and ResellerRatings system couldn’t differentiate the bot from real traffic, you would pay more per month. 

Forget ResellerRatings for now. 🙂

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