Rackspace Review- Who is it for?

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Are you on the hunt for a top class web host for your business? Have you been wondering whether Rackspace will work for you? Our top clients use Rackspace. We have been running their sites on the platform for years and are, therefore, well placed to give you the the information that you are looking for. In this article, we are going to;

  1. Show you who Rackspace is for.
  2. Tell you who Rackspace is not for.
  3. Talk about the things that set Rackspace apart.
  4. Talk about the Rackspace pros
  5. Talk about the Rackspace cons
  6. The Rackspace offer

Who should use Rackspace?

Rackspace provides scalable solutions for businesses

Let’s face it, most people stumble on the first try when it comes to choosing a web host. There are a number of reasons why that is the case. For many, the greatest failing is being lured by the cutthroat web hosting fees that are floating around out there. For others, it’s simply a lack of knowledge and understanding that does them in. That is why we have decided to write this article. So, who is Rackspace for?

  • If you have a lot of traffic coming to your site, go with Rackspace.
  • If you’re storing private information like Social Security numbers or medical records, go with Rackspace (healthcare companies can also look at HIPAA Compliance with Office 365).
  • Businesses that are looking for flexible and scalable hosting solutions.
  • Those that require an uptime of 100%.
  • Businesses that are looking for lightning fast, cloud based hosting solutions.
  • Those that have lots of traffic going to their sites.
  • If your business can afford a full time programmer to develop and run a system, Rackspace is for you.

The good news is that it’s simple enough to switch web hosts should you find that the one that you chose at the beginning is not working for you.

Who is Rackspace not for?

  • Rackspace is clearly not for those that are just looking to create static websites for their businesses. You go with Rackspace only if you mean serious business!
  • Businesses that are on a budget. Hosting with Rackspace is going to cost you. Rackspace is not one of those entry level web hosts that charge $1.99 per month. In fact, you won’t find a quote for web hosting on the company’s site. They will only provide you with a quote once they have heard all your requirements. Just to illustrate that Rackspace is only for serious players, a scalable WordPress hosting environment can be created beginning from $128 per month. Compare that with around $7 per month for WordPress hosting with other players, and you will see what we are talking about here.
  • People whose sites have very little traffic should stay away from Rackspace.
  • Mom & Pop operations most likely don’t need Rackspace.

What sets Rackspace apart?

Rackspace is unique in that it offers cloud based hosting

Rackspace, as we have already noted, is not for those that are looking for entry level web hosting services. If you just need a static website, you will be better off going with GoDaddy or Dreamhost.

The thing that sets Rackspace apart is that the company specializes in the provision of Cloud Based Solutions.

Speaking at HostCon in 2009, the company’s Cloud General Manager, Emil Sayegh, made the prediction that Shared Hosting was on the verge of of being replaced by cloud hosting.

Rackspace pros

Rackspace has servers dotted around the world, making it possible to deliver a 100% uptime.

If you fall into the right category, Rackspace clearly offers a number of advantages;

  • It’s a great company for those that are looking for high performance, cloud based solutions for their businesses.
  • It offers scalability and flexibility.
  • One of the things that we have discovered at Planet Marketing is that Rackspace is awesome if you have to contact Customer Support. Unlike many of the web hosts that are out there, they actually pick up the phone. That’s not really surprising, considering that the company has trademarked “Fanatical Support.”
  • The company has data centers dotted around the globe, which is why it can claim to be able to deliver a 100% uptime.

Rackspace cons

  • Rackspace is great. However, their system isn’t perfect. Once in a while our clients’ website goes down whether it’s an attack or overload of traffic. Like any system it can’t handle a massive hike in traffic unless you buy the bigger plans ahead of time.
  • This is something about which we have already alluded: Rackspace is not for everyone. If you are a small business, then you are better off looking elsewhere for web hosting.
  • Again, Rackspace is not the most affordable of web hosts. That’s hardly surprising considering that the company is specialized.

The Rackspace offer

Hope this Rackspace review has helped you ascertain whether or not the company is for you. To summarize, we have stated that Rackspace is a great web host for businesses that are looking to up their game as far as their online presence is concerned. It is definitely not for the small time player who is only looking to create a static website.

If you meet the categories that are outlined above, dont hesitate to sign up with Rackspace using our link below.

Disclaimer: We are a Rackspace affiliate and stand to get a financial reward should you decide to sign up for hosting with Rackspace. However, this article is objective. We have clients whose sites are hosted on Rackspace and we have been managing these sites for years! So, whatever we are saying here is based on first hand information.

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