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Disclaimer: We are an InterServer affiliate. However, we are not just trying to make a sale here. InterServer is a company that we have worked with before, and everything that we say here is based on first hand information.

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Are you on the hunt for an affordable and reliable web host? Did you come upon the name during your quest? If yes, then you are in luck. InterServer is a company that we have worked with before and in this article we are going to help you decide whether or not it’s for you. And don’t worry about the fact that we are an affiliate. In this article, we are not going to hold any punches. After reading this post, you will understand;

  1. The nature of’s hosting.
  2. Who InterServer is for.
  3. Who InterServer is not for.
  4. The InterServer pros
  5. The InterServer cons
  6. The InterServer Offer!

What type of web host is InterServer

The InterServer Dashboard

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of web host. There are the low level hosts that tend to be the loudest when it comes to marketing. Their aim, it appears, is to mop up everyone on the bottom end of the market. They do this by offering cutthroat prices, some of which start at below $2/m.

Then there are mid-tier companies that are designed to carter for small to medium sized businesses. A good example of such a company is Dreamhost.

Finally, there are top level hosts such as Amazon Web Services and Kinsta, whose services are much more specialized. These companies are designed for those that need kick-ass, enterprise level hosting. So, where does InterServer fall on this scale?

In our experience, InterServer falls somewhere between the low end and the middle of this scale.

Who is InterServer for?

Having said that, who is InterServer for? Well, based on our experience dealing with the company on behalf of our clients, we can safely say that InterServer is for the following people;

  • For small mom and pop operations.
  • For businesses that are only looking to create static websites.
  • Those that are not that concerned about performance.
  • People whose websites do not have too much traffic.

Who is InterServer not for?

Based on the experience that we have had running our client’s websites, InterServer is not for you if you fall under the following categories;

  • You are a big business that is looking for kickass web hosting options.
  • You run a thriving eCommerce website.
  • Your website attracts a lot of visitors.
  • You need to have full control over your web hosting environment.

The InterServer pros

Why InterServer is great for individuals and small businesses

We have already stated that InterServer works great for individuals and small businesses who are looking for nothing more than static, uncomplicated websites and whose sites do not attract that much traffic. But why is that the case?

  • Affordability: InterServer is one of the most affordable web hosts that you will be able to find anywhere out there. As you can see in the above screenshot, web hosting at InterServer costs $4/m if you are willing to pay for 3 years, and $5/m for those who are looking to make month on month payments. You may think that $1.99 web hosting deals at some other companies, such as IONOS, are better. However, the truth of the matter is that they revert to around $7 per month after the first year, whereas InterServer’s prices do not change, as you will see below.
  • Price lock guarantee: InterServer has a price lock guarantee, meaning what you pay today is what you will always pay for your chosen web hosting package.
  • Performance: InterServer’s performance is okay. Though it’s really nothing to write home about, it’s good enough for those that run sites that do not attract too much traffic.
  • Support: Like so many other web hosts, InterServer has outsourced support to India or some other place. Again, the support, based on our experience, is okayish. The sites that we run on behalf of our clients do okay and we never really need to contact Support that many times.
  • Security: The great thing about InterServer is that all plans come with free cleanups should your site be attacked by malware. You also get free backups. There is also a free SSL to keep your site protected.
  • No Upselling: We have had experience dealing with many of the web hosts that are out there, and we can safely say that InterServer is one of the few that will not try to upsell you on anything. Once you have chosen the best plan for your business, the price will be locked forever for you and you don’t get annoying messages telling you to buy this or that.’s cons

Though it is great in many ways, InterServer does have a number of shortfalls;

  • The company’s services are okay without being great.
  • InterServer is not really geared towards enterprise level hosting. Of course, the company has plans that purport to provide this, but in our experience, you will be better off signing up with a host such as Kinsta and AWS if your site has lots and lots of traffic. As already mentioned, InterServer is good enough for the small players.
  • From the experience that we have had running our client’s websites, we noticed that uptime is not 100%. Some sites sometimes go down for a few minutes. We suspect that this happens when updates are being installed by InterServer. We need to point out, however, that this happens far and in-between. Maybe once or twice a year.
  • The Indian (or wherever) based support is not the best that can be.

The InterServer offer

So, have you decided whether or not InterServer is for you? Are you ready to move your site to InterServer. As already mentioned, the company is a really good web host that we recommend to our readers. If you wish to sign up, don’t hesitate to join us using our link below.

Disclaimer: We are an InterServer affiliate and may get paid a small amount should you decide to sign up using our link. However, as already mentioned, we have had years’ experience using InterServer and have based this article on first hand information.

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