How to Identify SEO Scammers?

SEO scammers have been around since the day search engines came into vogue. From making unwanted phone calls to sending unsolicited emails, unethical SEO scammers continue to look for business by preying on ignorant business owners. No profession or trade is devoid of scam artists, deceitful sales pitches, and rip-offs. SEO scammers promise swifter results, make you feel better, and believe you’ll live better. Detailed here are some tips to identify SEO scammers.

Scammer Identity #1: SEO Scammers Use a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Account

This is the first common point these scammers share. I have noted that all of them use a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo account. I have questioned several SEO scammers why they use a Gmail account and not their corporate email address (I am sure they don’t have one). A real SEO company never uses generic emails.

I also did a Google search of their phone numbers. I got a confirmation of what I suspected. These people have been sending out generic emails for some time. And the generic email is replete with inaccurate information.

Scammer Identity #2: SEO Scammers Offer Guaranteed Rankings

All SEO scammers offer you guaranteed rankings. They make claims like, “Guaranteed page 1 ranking on all search engines,” “First page ranking within one week,” or “Swift page 1 ranking guaranteed.” These claims are impossible to substantiate. This Google post clearly explains that no business or individual can guarantee a page 1 ranking.

Google clearly warns of such SEO scammers who guarantee rankings. Well, you have heard it straight from Google. Now, you know how to identify an SEO scammer, especially one who offers a guaranteed ranking.

Scammer Identity #3: SEO Scammers Place Lowest Bid

Scammers offer the lowest priced SEO services. Understand that SEO is hard work. It takes serious time to do SEO correctly. The SEO scammers don’t know the true value of desired rankings. They don’t understand the amount of effort the task demands. They merely make impossible promises and place the lowest bid on every project regardless of the industry and competition.

Seasoned professionals understand that obtaining the desired rankings demands lot of efforts and a specific budget. Therefore, they place their bid accordingly.

Scammer Identity #4: SEO Scammers Offer You a 1st Page Google Rank Within 48 Hours

This scam specifically preys on those individuals who are in a hurry. They have a business website, and the sales aren’t coming in. They’re anxious and looking to hire an “SEO professional” who’ll get them visible instantaneously.

This is an utter scam because any individual (yes, anyone) can get ranked on page 1 of Google almost instantaneously. You don’t need anyone’s services—especially a scammer’s—for accomplishing this. Simply do this:

  • Step 1: Open a Google AdWords account
  • Step 2: Select a keyword. Pick any.
  • Step 3: Pay

As simple as that!

Pay for top placements. Google will be overjoyed. But a qualified traffic stream that’s consistent is another story. So is a positive ROI!

Scammer Identity #5: SEO Scammers Make Bogus Claims

SEO scammers make absurd claims such as, “We’ve cracked Google’s algorithm” or “We have links with Google.” Although the first claim sounds extremely nerdy and scientific, it’s stupid. Never fall for it! Everyone likes to know top secret information, especially if it brings in cash.

The claim about cracking Google’s algorithm is absurd because even employees of Google are unaware of the search algorithms. A team of engineers handles Google’s algorithms and it’s kept secret just like Coca Cola’s recipe. Google updates its algorithm numerous times every week. So, even if someone cracks the algorithm, their information is worthless because it would be outdated.


SEO scammers typically use deceptive and unscrupulous marketing strategies to garner business. They sell ridiculous links packages (500 links for $4.99) or submissions services (submit your business website to 100 search engines, 1000 directories) to improve your website SEO. Another giveaway is their bid on your SEO project. If you know the real business value of your rankings, you’ll immediately find that the scammer has zero knowledge of your industry.

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