How to Get Google Customer Reviews

Are you looking to get Google Customer Reviews? Have you been wondering whether or not it will work for your business? Do you wish to get Star Ratings in your Google Ads and in Google Shopping? Hi, my name is Francisco, and today I am going to answer your questions. I am the owner of Planet Marketing, a Digital Marketing company that specializes in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Remarketing. Over the years, I have advised hundreds of companies on how to setup and optimize Google Customer Reviews. In this article, I am going;

  1. Discuss what Google Customer Reviews is.
  2. Show you how to get Star Ratings in Google Ads and Google Shopping.
  3. Show you how to get Google Customer Reviews.
  4. Highlight some of the Google Customer Reviews cons.
  5. Give you some of the Google Customer Reviews alternatives.

What is Google Customer Reviews?

Google Customer Reviews is a free service that gives Google the ability to gather reviews from people who have bought something on your website. Google Customer Reviews is, therefore, for those that have eCommerce websites. 

What does this mean?

So, what does it all mean? Well, here are a few takeouts from the above definition of Google Customer Reviews;

  • You don’t have to pay for Google Customer Reviews. This is great, considering that all the other 3rd party online review companies offering the same service will charge you a monthly fee. That’s something that we will discuss later in this article.
  • You need to have an eCommerce website in order to use Google Customer Reviews.
  • Google Customer Reviews automates the process of getting feedback from your customers.

How does it work?

Google Customer Reviews’ Survey Opt in

Let’s assume that you have integrated Google Customer Reviews onto your eCommerce site. Now when a customer buys a product from you, the page will automatically display the Google Customer Reviews opt-in. Choosing to receive the Google Customer Reviews survey means that your customer will then get a questionnaire on which they can rate their experience buying from your website.

The Google Customer Reviews Badge

The Google Customer Reviews Badge gets displayed on your website

One of the advantages of integrating Google Customer Reviews onto your website is that you get to display the Google Customer Reviews badge. This adds credibility to your site, by showing people that your business is associated with Google. The badge also displays your overall star rating and can be displayed on any page on your website.

Star Ratings and Google Customer Ratings

One of the things that make Google Customer Reviews such a great tool in every marketing executive’s bag is that it enables you to get star ratings in Google Ads and in Google Shopping. If you are wondering, I am talking about those five golden stars that appear on some Google Ads and in Google Shopping. Star Ratings are divided into the following;

  • Seller Rating: These are ratings for a business as a whole. They are a reflection of the kind of feedback that your business has received from its customers.
  • Product Ratings: Where Store Ratings cover an entire business, Product Ratings cover individual products. An example would be a type of smartphone that’s in your catalogue.

How to Get Seller and Product Ratings

Star Ratings are a must for businesses that use Google Ads and Google Shopping

Other than Google Customer Reviews, Google has licensed 28 online review companies to syndicate data for Store Ratings. You can check them out by following the provided link.

Google has also licensed 23 companies to syndicate data for Product Ratings:. One thing you will notice is that there are some companies that appear on both lists. So, if you are looking for both Product and Store Ratings, then these are the companies that you need to go for.

Why are Star Ratings Important?

Star ratings form part of a system of extensions that Google has designed to give a boost to businesses that advertise using CPC text Ads. But how does it all work?

  • Not only do star ratings increase the visibility of your Ads, but they also serve as a beacon of trust, drawing your prospects to your business. By looking at your rating, people get to know that their peers have already done business with you and you are not just one of those websites that are set up by scammers to steal money from people.
  • The objective, at least from a business’ point of view, is to make more sales. These stars are going to help you get sales. People’s eyes gravitate more to these stars and when they click on the stars, they are going to be taken to your reviews page. And they are going to read those reviews.
  • Do you ever buy products that do not have reviews? I am rather hesitant to do so! According to Google, businesses that display Star Ratings in CPC text ads can expect a CTR boost of at least 17%. That, without doubt, should be motivation enough for businesses to get Star Ratings.

Google Reviews vs Google Customer Reviews

You Get Google Reviews Through Google My Business

Well, before going further, let me make one thing clear; in this article, I am not talking about Google Reviews. Google Reviews is what you see in Google Maps. You get Google Reviews after signing up for Google My Business. Google Reviews is something completely different.

Get Google Customer Reviews

Later in this article, I mention the fact that it’s not easy to integrate Google Customer Reviews onto a website. So, I am not going to go into too much detail about that in this article. All that I can say here is that you are probably not going to be able to do it without help from an experienced programmer or web developer. However, if you are feeling game enough, here are the instructions on how to get Google Customer Surveys.  Otherwise get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you make it happen.

Google Customer Reviews Cons

Google Customer Reviews is great. However, it does come with a number of cons.

Google Customer Reviews is not really free

Google definitely offers Google Customer Reviews free of charge. However, there is a caveat. In order to set it up on your website, you are going to have to hire a programmer for thousands and thousands of dollars. You could also hire an experienced web developer to do the work on your behalf. However, it’s not easy. I am an experienced web developer, by the way, and can vouch to the fact that setting it up is an uphill struggle.

No one-click install feature

Google Customer Reviews does not come with a one click install. What this means is that you are going to struggle to have everything integrated onto your website. In fact, I can safely say that there is no way that an ordinary business owner is going to be able to go through the setup requirements on their own. The entire thing can be frustrating. To be frank, the entire thing sometimes appears to be a cobbled together great idea. If only installing were simple, then there would be a scramble for Google Customer Reviews.

No Dashboard

If you were looking for a dashboard containing useful features for your Google Customer Reviews account, then you would be in for some disappointment. Google Customer Reviews does not offer a dashboard, which makes it somewhat unattractive when compared to the competition.

You can’t dispute or fight negative reviews

Negative feedback is an inevitable part of the online reviews process. At some point, you are going to have a customer who is not satisfied with your service. When that happens, it’s possible that they will go online to leave you a negative review. Another con, when it comes to Google Customer Reviews, is that It’s not possible for you to dispute negative feedback. Most of the other online review companies that are out there allow you to open a dispute when you receive adverse feedback.

Big companies appear to stay away

I really don’t see big companies like Seers or Overstock using Google Customer Reviews. I know that if I owned an eCommerce site, I would want more control over the reviews. I have also heard from one of the 3rd party companies that Google Customer Reviews may be going away. There is likely no truth to this claim, but there you have it!

Google Customer Reviews Alternatives

Considering all the cons that bedevil Google Customer Reviews, it may be better for businesses to look for alternatives. That’s particularly the case for those that are looking for a more refined online reviews experience. The following are some of the alternatives to Google Customer Reviews that businesses around the world can use to achieve growth;

Shopper Approved

Get the Shopper Approved discount by signing up using our link

This is the company that I recommend the most to my readers. I am a reseller for Shopper Approved and you can get a discount by signing up using my link. In fact, I have recommended over 300 companies to Shopper Approved in the past few years. The great thing is that you get 30 days free should you decide to sign up using my link.

Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews is another good alternative for Google Customer Reviews

Verified Reviews is another of the Google Customer Reviews alternatives that you can use for your business. The great thing about Verified Reviews is that you get a 30 day trial, during which you don’t need a credit card or anything. Verified Reviews also gives you both Product and Store Ratings on CPC Text Ads and on Google Shopping PLA Ads.


eKomi is a good company. However, it is more expensive than Shopper Approved and Verified Reviews. However, they are a much more rounded online reviews company. Not only will eKomi get your customers to leave reviews on your eCommerce website, but they will also dispute negative reviews. They will actually also reply to reviews. I think of eKomi as a fully managed feedback service.

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