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Core Web Vitals

🟢 1.7 s First Contentful Paint
🟢 1.9 s Speed Index
🟢 1.8 s Largest Contentful Paint

🟢 1.8 s Time to Interactive
🟢 10 ms Total Blocking Time
🟢 0 Cumulative Layout Shift

Pass the Google Core Web Vitals Assessment

We optimize websites for speed! Put us to the test. If you’re thinking of hiring us, you’ll have lots of confidence knowing that we get a score of 90+/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights. Click on this link and check for yourself!

Google PageSpeed Optimization is probably the biggest organic ranking factor. The benefits of having a lightning-fast website help you and your website visitors, especially on mobile phones.

Here at Planet Marketing, we don’t over-hype or oversell our services. We only work with companies that meet these criteria when it comes to Google PageSpeed Insights.

  • WordPress ONLY
  • Okay with 3-6 Week Delivery
  • No Custom Programming Included
  • Depending on the number of WordPress plugins, your site may need a sub-domain
  • Don’t ask for things outside the scope of the project, like creating new pages, so we can finish on time.
  • Complete access to Google Tag Manager (for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or other scripts)
  • Willing to move to a professional web hosting company on Google Cloud Platform or AWS (with a staging site). We do NOT work on GoDaddy junk servers!
  • Have someone on your staff willing to help with images, testing, input, etc.
  • Accept that this is a complete website overhaul
  • Set aside about $500 to buy a couple of plugins
  • If your programmer has an ego, we don’t want to hear his advice 🙂

This is our Google PageSpeed Insights score

Google PageSpeed Insights Optimization Pricing

Google PageSpeed Optimization
Lite Plan

$2500 USD

The Lite Plan is for a small WordPress website that has Pages and Posts. Basically, it’s for a small business that only has static pages and blog posts.

Google PageSpeed Optimization
Standard Plan

$6500 USD

The Standard Plan is for a site that uses opt-in forms, WooCommerce, an LMS (Learning Management System) like Learndash, AffiliateWP, etc. These programs greatly slow down a website.

Google PageSpeed Optimization
Advanced Plan

$9500 USD

The Advanced Plan is for companies that used a page builder like Elementor, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Divi, WPBakery, etc. We will need to remove the code left over by these programs.

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