Facebook Ads Marketing for Accounting Companies

Does advertising on Facebook work for accounting businesses? My name is Francisco, and I am here to answer all your questions. Sign up for the Facebook Ads Setup Plan if you would like to have us handle your campaigns. Those that wish to learn how to create their own Facebook Ads should continue reading this post. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Show you whether or not Facebook Advertising works for Accounting companies.
  2. Teach you how to create your own Facebook Ads for your business.
  3. Give you a brief background into my DIY Facebook Ads Marketing course.

Should Accounting companies advertise on Facebook?

Should Accounting companies advertise on Facebook?

Most people that I interact with want to know whether or not their type of business has a place on Facebook as far as advertising is concerned. Accounting firms are no exception. One of the most common questions that I get when talking to people is; “Should I try Facebook advertising for my accounting business?” And my answer to this question is always the same; “YES, accounting businesses CAN BENEFIT A LOT FROM ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK!” The following are the reasons for this;

  • Facebook represents one of the biggest marketing opportunities that the world has ever seen. With a user base of over 2 billion, the company is a prime example of how internet based technologies have transformed the world in which we live today.
  • For Accounting Companies, Facebook offer the chance to reach out to a seemingly endless pool of potential customers.
  • It’s not that difficult to create your own Facebook Ads for your business. All that you need is a little patience and you should be good to go. Check out our DIY Facebook Ads Marketing course for more on how to create your very own Facebook Ads.
  • Running Ads on Facebook is way cheaper than on other platforms. If you are wondering whether or not Facebook is cheaper than AdSense, then the answer is; yes. Indeed, you can launch your very own Facebook Ads for your business for as little as $10!

How to create your own Facebook Ads for your Accounting Business

If you have the time, and if you would rather not have our agency handle Facebook Advertising on your behalf, then here is how to create your very own Facebook ads for your business;

Everything happens in Ads Manager

To begin creating Facebook Ads for your Accounting business, you first need to log into Facebook Ads Manager. You can do this using your personal Facebook account details.

  • You begin by creating a campaign
  • Next, you create an Ads Account
  • You then Create an Ad Set
  • The last step involves the creation of the Ad itself.

What are your Campaign Objectives?

Available Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives

Facebook provides you with a number of campaign objectives, from which you can only choose one. For this example, we are going to assume that we wish to create an ad in which we offer to do tax returns for immigrants to the United States. We are also going to assume that we have created a landing page to which people who click on our ads are going to be directed. “Traffic” is, therefore, going to be the most appropriate campaign objective. Other Facebook Ads objectives are;

  • Brand Awareness
  • Store visits
  • Product catalog sales
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Video views
  • App installs

Best Facebook Ads campaign objectives for accounting companies

Possible campaign objectives for accounting companies

So, what’s the best Facebook Ads campaign objective for accounting companies? The answer to this is; it all depends;

  • If you wish to direct people to a landing page, then “Traffic” would be your best campaign objective.
  • You could also choose “Brand awareness” if that is what you wish to achieve.
  • One of the most popular campaign objectives these days is “Video views,” and you could use this in your campaign.

The Ad Set: Creating your target audience

The next major section on which you need to work is the Ad Set section. An Ad Set can have more than one ad. This section is where you define your target audience. Facebook provides you with a number of tools that help ensure that your ads only reach the most relevant audience;


Choosing the location(s) for delivery of your ads

Laying out the location(s) to which you wish to have your Facebook Ads delivered is the first step in the proper definition of a target audience. For this example, we are going to restrict delivery of our ad to Chula Vista in California.

Remember what we said at the top about creating a Facebook ad targeting immigrants that need help filling out tax returns? Our chosen location is on the border with Mexico, making our targeting options appropriate.

Note that our targeting is set at 25 miles around Chula Vista. You can increase and decrease it as needed. Also note that we have excluded Mexico using the available location targeting options.

Age and Gender

Age, gender and language settings

This Age setting allows you to further narrow down on your target audience by giving an age range that you wish to target with your Facebook Ads. For this example, we have targeted people who are between the ages of 30 and 50, who are likely to be most in need of our services.

You can also set the gender that you wish to target for your Facebook Ads. For our example, we are going to go with both men and women.


Our ad is only targeted at Spanish speakers

You can  use language to further define your target audience, by having your Facebook Ads delivered only to people who speak a particular language. We have already mentioned that this ad will be targeted at immigrants from Mexico who need help filing their tax returns. We are, therefore, going to have our ad delivered only to people who speak Spanish.

Detailed Targeting

The detailed targeting section allows you to really narrow down on the target audience for your Facebook Ads. This is done using demographics, interests and behaviors.

As you can see in the above screenshot, we are going to target people who have shown an interest in the following;

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • IRS e-file
  • IRS tax forms
  • Tax Accounting in the United States
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax return (United States)

Budget and Schedule

For Kindle Books, the audience can be worldwide

This is the last of the Ad Set sections on which you need to work while creating a Facebook Ad for your Accounting Company. You will note that your estimated daily results improve as you increase your budget.

You do need to, however, strike a balance between what you spend and what you get at the end of the day. You can also schedule the start and end dates for your Ads.

Creating your Ad

This is the final step on your path to creating Facebook Ads for your Accounting firm. It is also one of the most important, for the simple reason that the work that you put into creating an appealing Ad largely determines the success or failure of your campaign. This section has a number of important steps, not all of which are going to be covered in this article.

Choosing an Ad Format

Facebook Ads can be created in the following formats;

  • Carousel
  • Single Image
  • Single Video
  • Slideshow
  • Collection

Determining what is best for your business may be a matter of carrying out some degree of split testing.

Destination URL

The destination URL is where you want people who click on your Facebook Ads to be taken. Most of the time, it pays to create a landing page that is dedicated to your ad. This way your ad will be specifically geared to turn your leads into conversions.

The Planet Marketing DIY Facebook Ads Marketing course

Creating a Facebook Ad can be a really involved process. I cannot possibly exhaust all the steps in this one article. That is why I have come up with video tutorials that are designed to get you going on your own!

The Planet Marketing DIY Facebook Ads Marketing course is designed for people that wish to get down and dirty creating their own Facebook Ads.

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