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Pro Rank Tracker Review

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Of all the Rank Tracking companies that we have, so far, reviewed, Planet Marketing has to admit that Pro Rank Tracker has the most premium feel. If you are looking for Search Engine Optimization tools, then you probably won’t go wrong with Pro Rank Tracker (PRT). The company promises up to date, easy to understand SEO ranking (SERP) information that covers all your websites, thus enabling you to keep track and stay ahead of the competition. But, what is it exactly that Pro Rank Tracker has to offer?

Pro Rank tracker has the look and feel of a premium quality Keyword Tracking company, but does it deliver on this promise?


Planet Marketing has carried out reviews of a number of Keyword Tracking tools, including SE Ranking, Rank Ranger, Advanced Web Ranking, Rank Watch, Monitor Backlinks and SEO Rank Monitor. The motivation behind all these tools, lies in the fact that, as we have discovered, Search Engine Optimization comes with a number of caveats, the largest of which is the need for an ongoing analysis and management that refines the efforts that have already been put into place.

  • If, as an example, you have carried out link building as part of your SEO strategy, it is not enough to then sit back and relax, out of the belief that you now have all the pieces in one place. What happens if, for one reason or the other, some of those links get broken? And, how do you know when you have gotten new links? This is where a tool such as Monitor Backlinks comes into play, by enabling you to monitor and manage your links.
  • In the same way, keywords need to be constantly monitored, evaluated and refined as part of your ongoing Search Engine Optimization strategy. Search Rankings are not static and can vary depending on location, the type of device that is used when making a query, and many other factors.

After carrying out a thorough analysis of Pro Rank Tracker, Planet Marketing can safely say that the tools that the company offers are some of the best in the industry. Pro Rank Tracker offers the following features:

Pro Rank Trackers comes with a robust set of features.
  1. Worldwide Recognition

Pro Rank Tracker promises worldwide coverage for all its tools, with companies across the globe employing its services. This is extremely important, considering that the world has become unitary, with technology allowing for communication and commerce over distances that, not so long ago, would have been thought intractable. Having a tool that allows you to check out your standing on Search Engines for the various keywords that you are targeting is of importance if your business has a global reach.

  1. Highest Accuracy Algorithm

Accuracy is another important consideration if you are looking for a tool with which you can track your Search Engine Ranking. This, Planet Marketing has discovered, is a major concern for people who have used some of the Rank Tracking tools that are out there. A number of questions have been raised about the accuracy of Rank Tracking services.

  • Not only do results need to be accurate, but you also need a service that is updated frequently to account for the movements that are constantly taking place on Search Engine rankings.
  • Pro Rank Tracker stands out from the crowd in that it has the ability to produce highly accurate results.
  1. Daily Updates and Updates on Demand

Where other services only provide weekly updates, with Pro Rank Tracker, you can get daily updates on the keywords and phrases that you are tracking. Having this kind of information is of paramount importance, considering the ever shifting nature of the SEO field. You can also get your results on demand, depending on the plan that you have signed up for.

  1. Web Based Tracking

Pro Rank Tracker is cloud based, which means that you don’t actually need to be at your computer in order to check your rankings. Having this ability to check the results of your campaign over the Internet is definitely refreshing. It allows you to keep track of movements in your web pages’ Search Engine rankings from wherever you are in the world.

  1. Security

With Keyword Tracking websites, there is always the risk that Search Engines will block your software or IP. Pro Rank Tracker prevents this by managing the technical side of things on your behalf and guaranteeing your privacy.

  1. Multi-Lingual

As mentioned earlier, we, at Planet Marketing, have reviewed a number of Rank Tracking tools. However, not once have we encountered one that supports so many languages. PRT provides a professional interface and reporting in the following languages: English, French, Danish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish and Spanish. This makes Pro Rank Tracker one of the most far reaching Rank Tracking tools that can be found anywhere in the world.

  1. Wide Search Engine Coverage

No other Keyword Tracking company offers this wide a level of Search Engine coverage. The tool supports up to 187 local Google sites, 35 Yahoo! Sites and 32 Bing sites. Coverage also includes e-commerce sites such as Amazon. The following are just some of the Search Engines that are supported by Pro Rank Tracker:

. Google – Organic, Local, Maps & Mobile

.         Google Snack Pack (local 3pack listings)

·         Google Local Finder (top 100 map listings)

·         Google Mobile results







·         Yahoo! AR

·         Yahoo! AU

·         Yahoo! BR

·         Yahoo! CA

·         Yahoo! CL

·         Yahoo! CO

·         Yahoo! DE

·         Yahoo! DK

·         Yahoo! ES

·         Yahoo! FI


·             Amazon

·             Amazon CA

·             Amazon CN

·             Amazon DE

·             Amazon ES

·             Amazon FR

·             Amazon IT

·             Amazon JP

·             Amazon UK


·             Bing AR


  1. Mobile Rank Tracking

Mobile devices have, over the past few years, become an important part of our daily lives. The proliferation of cheap smartphones and tablets has, in particular, contributed to the fact that a large part of the world now has some degree of Internet connectivity. In recognition of the importance of mobile devices, Search Engines now use mobile friendliness as one of the parameters with which they assign ranks to web pages.

  • The result is that your page may be ranked differently for mobile search than it is for desktops. Pro Rank Tracker’s mobile rank tracking tool allows you to get an insight into how well you are doing on these all-important mobile searches.
  1. PRT Mobile APP

Not only does PRT have you covered in terms of mobile keyword tracking, but it also comes with iOs and Android apps, which gives you the ability to check your rankings on the go. This is particularly valuable, considering the high-speed nature of today’s society. Decisions often need to be made on the fly, and knowing that you will always have access to the data that you need in order to make informed choices should be a welcome addition.

  1. YouTube and Google Videos Tracking

As we have already mentioned, Pro Rank Tracker feels this is the most premium of all the Rank Tracking tools that we have, so far, reviewed. This extends to the number of features that are available, with PRT offering way more than the average Rank Tracking tool.

  • With Pro Rank Tracker, you get the ability to keep sight of the positions of your videos on the YouTube results page. This is a wonderful addition, considering the fact that video has, over the past few years, become more and more popular across the globe. Not being limited only to traditional Search Engine rankings allows you to broaden your horizons by effectively leveraging this ever-rising medium.


The average entry-level plan at Pro Rank Tracker has a price that is in sync with the rest of the industry.

Pro Rank Traker’s Bronze plan is priced at $19 per month, which, more or less, falls in line with the standard across the industry. The cheapest company that we have found so far is SE Ranking, with whom you can start Keyword Tracking at only $7 per month. However, that does have a cap on the number of websites that you can monitor. Pro Rank Tracker, on the other hand, offers an unlimited number of URLs, along with the following on every plan:

  • Daily Automatic Updates
  • Mobile Rank Tracking
  • Shared Reports
  • PRT Mobile App
  • 24/7 Ticket Support
  • Local Rank Tracking
  • White-label Reports
  • Exact Search Volume
  • Cloud Storage


As far as we have been able to find out, Pro Rank Tracker is one of the few Rank Tracking companies that offers 24/7 ticket support on all their services. This important addition ensures that, should something ever go wrong, there will always be someone who is knowledgeable enough to assist you on the other end of the line. With Pro Rank Tracker, you get:

  • Live Chat Support
  • Knowledgeable Support Staff
  • Video Tutorials
  • Accounts Managers


As important as information gathering is to Search Engine optimization, an equally crucial issue is that of reporting. It is very important for information to be presented in a clear manner that does not undermine the decision-making process.  Pro Rank Tracker offers you cutting-edge reporting options that include the following:

  • 100% White Label Reporting
  • Customized reports templates
  • Email reports that appear to your clients to have been sent from your Email Address.
  • Shared Reports that are hosted on your site
  • Branded Sub Accounts
  • A branded mobile app for your clients
  • A WordPress plugin
  • PDF, XLSX and CSV file formats
  • Dropbox and G Drive Integration
  • Multiple Language Support

The Verdict: We Highly Recommend Pro Rank Tracker

For those who are looking for a professional Keyword Tracking service, we highly recommend Pro Rank Tracker. Planet Marketing has reviewed a huge number of tools, but none were found to be on par with PRT. Should you decide to sign up for their services, you will get tools and features that are indispensable to your attempts to determine how well you are performing for the search phrases and keywords that you have chosen, across a huge number of Search Engines.

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