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Hi, my name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing, a Digital Marketing company. My company specializes in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and remarketing. Over the years, I have helped thousands of people do successful product launches. Therefore, I fully understand how you can use Facebook to make your upcoming event a resounding success. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Show you why there is a place on Facebook for those looking to do product launches
  2. Show you how to do Facebook Ads Marketing for product launches

Why Marketing on Facebook is Essential Before Product Launches?

Product launches can be both terrifying and exciting. Exciting, because the birth of a new product is like the birth of a child. It’s something to look forward to and if done right, a product launch can take a business to the next level. However, there are usually birth pains along the way. And if you do not do things right, the whole thing has the potential to turn into a veritable fiasco. But what does it mean to do things right when launching a new product?

I have been doing marketing for over 2 decades and I can tell that there is no easy answer to that. Product launches will always be fraught with uncertainty. However, there are things that you can do to improve the odds. One of these things is Facebook Marketing. But why is it important for businesses to market product launches on Facebook?

  • Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking platform. As of today, it has over 2.6 billion monthly active users. There can be no doubting, therefore, the fact that Facebook is the place to be for businesses that wish to spread the word about new products.
  • In terms of marketing, Facebook provides a number of ways through which businesses can promote upcoming offerings. Let’s assume, as an example, that your company makes pet food and will soon be launching a new line of organic food for cats. Not only can you advertise on Facebook, but you can also create a hype using Events. We talk about Facebook Events a bit below.
  • It’s easy to create precisely targeted Facebook Ads for product launches. I have already noted that I do both Facebook ads and Google Ads. I can say without doubt that Facebook is way better when it comes to audience targeting. The result is that Facebook Ads tend to have a higher CTR than Google Ads. So, you get better value for your money.
  • Most people worry that advertising their upcoming products on Facebook is going to cost them an arm and a leg. However that is hardly the case. In fact, Facebook costs way less than competing digital advertising platforms when it comes to advertising.
  • It’s not that difficult to create Facebook ads. Anybody can do it. In fact, the rest of this article is dedicated to showing you how to do it. But if you don’t have the time to learn everything, feel free to get in touch and I will set things up nicely for you. I know that getting set up is probably the most difficult part, so I have come up with a Facebook Ads setup plan that’s designed to make the way smooth for you.

How to create Facebook Ads for Product Launches?

It’s clear, from the above, that Facebook Ads Marketing is the way to go for businesses looking to do product launches. In fact, Facebook Ads are the way to go for almost any business that’s out there. I have previously written an article on how freelance writers can create Facebook ads to market their Kindle books. But how do you go about creating Facebook Ads for product launches? The thing to understand is that Facebook ads are created in Ads Manager. You can sign in using your personal credentials. The process of creating your first Facebook Ad is composed of 4 steps;

  • Create an Event
  • Choosing a Campaign Objective
  • Setting up your target audience
  • Creating the Ad itself

1. You need to first create an Event

This step is actually not part of the process of creating Facebook Ads. However, it’s essential in this particular instance where we are creating Facebook Ads for product launches. Facebook events are notifications about upcoming activities. They are particularly useful for businesses.

Facebook Events are a good way of creating hype about your upcoming product launches. This is something that every business should be aware of. The good thing is that creating an event is easy and free on Facebook. You can learn how to create Facebook events on the provided page.

2. Choose a Campaign Objective

Choose a Campaign Objective

In ads manager, this is actually the first thing that you need to do as part of the process of creating a Facebook Ad for your product launch. Facebook has 11 Campaign Objectives, from which you can only choose one for each Campaign. So, before you get here, you need to be very clear what you wish to achieve. That’s because the choice that you have has a bearing on how your Facebook Ad is set up. The following are the available Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives;

  • App Install
  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Conversions
  • Video views
  • Store traffic
  • Traffic
  • Catalog sales
  • Lead generation
  • Messages
  • Engagement

Which Campaign Objective should you choose for Facebook Ads for Product launches?

Most people struggle here. So, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. In most instances, there are 2 or more Campaign Objectives that would work very well when creating Facebook Ads for a particular business. For product launches, one could go for Reach. The aim here would be to get as many people as is possible aware of our upcoming product launch.

Brand awareness is another option. Again, the aim would be to spread awareness about our upcoming product launch. You can also go with Messages if you wish to have people leave you messages. Another option is Engagement. You could also choose Traffic as your campaign objective if you wish to have people directed to a landing page. Perhaps you are taking preorders and you wish to have people delivered to the sign in page that you have created.

We will be looking for event responses

For this example, we are going to select Engagement as our campaign objective. That’s because we want to have ads promoting our product launch delivered in a way that garners the most reactions from our target audience. This includes page likes, shares and comments. That way, we can hype up our upcoming product launch. For our Engagement Type, we have chosen “Event responses.”

3. The Ad Set: Defining your Target Audience

This is step 2 on the way to creating Facebook Ads for your business. Most people gloss over this section, to their detriment. The Ad Set is a very important section because it determines how Facebook is going to handle delivery of your Ads. You want to have your ads only delivered to people who are most likely to respond positively. Otherwise your entire effort will fall flat.

In the Ad Set, you have a number of settings that you can use to create a target audience for your Facebook Ads. Here, the most important section is the Audience Section. Under Audience, you have a number of options that help you define who you wish to target;

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Demographics, Interests and Behavior (Detailed Targeting)
  • Language
  • Connections


Choose location(s) where you will be making your product launch

Where do you wish to have your Ads delivered? Every business has a Geographic location in which it operates. A few businesses have the luxury of operating Worldwide. The rest are localized in nature. So, when creating Facebook ads to market your product launches, you need to determine where your markets are.

If you operate Statewide, then choose that as your location. If you operate worldwide, then choose that. Location is important because you don’t want to have your ads delivered in countries or regions where you do not operate. For our example of a pet food manufacturer, operations can be across the United States. However, you can localize your targeting depending on the areas that you wish to reach with your ads.


Age is another useful setting when creating Facebook Ads for product launches. Most products on the market appeal to people who fall within a particular age bracket. For our example, the question to ask yourself would be; which age ranges are likely to own cats?


Facebook allows you to further define your target audience based on Gender. There are products out there that are gender specific. If you are launching one of them; you can choose the gender that you wish to target with your ads here. Of course, things are not always that easy.

When launching a new perfume for women, as an example, who would you target? Women or their husbands and boyfriends? The same applies when it comes to perfume for men. Who is likely to buy; men or their girlfriends and wives? It’s tricky but with a little forethought, you should be able to come up with a formula that works best for your business.


Facebook Ads can also be targeted based on language. This would be useful if you wish to appeal to a certain section of society that speaks a particular language. If you are launching an affordable money transfer service in Florida, as an example, you could target people who speak Spanish.

Your ads will then be delivered to immigrants from Cuba living around the are. That’s the right kind of audience because they are always on the hunt for cheaper ways through which to send money back home to their families in Cuba.

Detailed Targeting

Detailed targeting allows you to zoom in on your target audience

The definition of our target audience has so far been very broad. If you leave things as they are, you will get sales, but not as many as you would get with more refined audience targeting. But how do you achieve this?

Well, you can do this through the detailed targeting section. Here, you can zoom in on your target audience using Demographics, interest and behavior. For better or for worse, Facebook knows a lot about its users. This information is a goldmine for advertisers. So, which detailed targeting options have we chosen in this article?


Target your ads based on their connection to your page or event

This section is of particular importance when creating Facebook Ads for product launches. Most businesses out there already have Facebook Pages. These are great for interacting with current and potential customers. You may also have run previous Events on Facebook. Events are a good way of creating hype around your business

The Connections setting allows you to create Facebook Ads that are targeted at people who have previously interacted with your business’ presence on Facebook in one way or the other. Perhaps they have previously liked your Facebook Page. Or they followed your Events.

Whatever the case, this is actually the best type of audience that you can hope to have. Using our example of the pet food manufacturer, these would be people who have already purchased your products or those who have liked your Event. So, it will not be such a leap for you to make your pitch to these people.

In fact, they are likely to respond positively to your marketing efforts. It’s better than trying to sell something to people who have never even heard of you. When done, please save your audience. Chances are high that you are going to want to use it at a later date on other ads. This saves you lots of work.

Budget and Schedule

Set a budget and schedule for your Ads

How much should you spend on Facebook Ads for product launches? Well, how much are you willing to spend? The great thing is that you can start advertising on Facebook for little amounts of money. So, there is nothing to fear here. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a better platform, where cost is concerned.

I do advise that you set a limit for your spending. That way, you wont overshoot your budget. If you do not set a limit, Facebook will keep on deducting money from your credit card. You can set a limit to be spent on a campaign. Or you can limit your spending by scheduling your ads to run for a specific duration.

4. Creating the ad

Click to create your ad

When done with the Ad Set, don’t hit Publish just yet. First, you need to create your ad. So, close that section and go back to your Ads Manager dashboard. Creating the ad is the final step when doing Facebook Ads Marketing for Product Launches. All the steps that we have gone through till now have been leading up to this.

The importance of creating a kickass ad can never be overemphasized. People on Facebook are always in a hurry. They do not have the time to waste trying to decode your ad. They would rather read fake news or watch the latest meme. So, you need to make your ad as eye-catching as is possible. Otherwise, they will ignore you.

Ad Formats

The following are the available formats when creating Facebook Ads in preparation for the launch of a new product;

  • Video
  • Single image
  • Carousel
  • Collection

Important settings when creating your ad

Ad preview

Above is a preview of the ad that we have been creating. It’s still work in progress. We have already noted that your ad is what people will see. Everything else is background work. So, the ad needs to be good. If you cannot do it on your own, it’s better to hire professionals to do the work on your behalf. When creating your are, the following are some of the areas that you are going to need to bill up;

  • You can get stock photos for use in your ad. The one in the screenshot above is from Shutterstock. You get them directly by choosing the appropriate section under Ad Creative.
  • You need to add Primary Text to your ad. Make sure that this is appealing to your target audience.
  • You also need to add a headline to your ad.
  • There is also the option to add a Call to Action. Choose one that’s appropriate for the ad that you are creating.


Hopefully, I have given you the basics of creating Facebook Ads for your product launches. I noted that you first need to create an event. From there, choose Engagement as your Campaign Objective. That way you will be able to promote your event. If you need help setting up your Facebook Ads campaigns, get in touch with me and I will do it for you at an affordable rate. Facebook is always changing things in Ads Manager, so getting started can be confusing for beginners.

Facebook Lite Plan

Great for service-based businesses* that want ‘leads’ from Facebook. Each lead will have a Name, Email, & Phone Number.

$750 One-time Setup

  • Define Your Ideal Target Audiences
  • 1 Facebook Ads Lead Generation Campaign
  • 1 Facebook Ad Set That Will Target a Desired Audience
  • 2 HIGHLY Relevant Ads For Your Ad Set. We Will Write Your Ad Copy.
  • 1 Zapier Integration.** Each Facebook lead will automatically be emailed to you.

Facebook Standard Plan

Get people to a landing page to collect leads, or increase engagement, or get messages on Facebook Messenger, or promote an event, etc.

$999 One-time setup

  • 1 Facebook Ads Traffic, Brand Awareness, Reach, Video Views, Post Engagement, Page Likes, Event Responses, or Messages Campaign
  • 1 Facebook Ad Set That Will Target Your Desired Audience
  • 2 HIGHLY Relevant Ads For Your Ad Set. We Will Write Your Ad Copy.
  • 1 Landing Page (if needed)
  • 1 Pixel Installation to Track cost-per-lead

Facebook Advanced Plan

Great for companies that already have traffic coming to their site. Includes a remarketing campaign using Facebook Pixel.

$1250 One-time Setup

  • 1 Remarketing Campaign
  • 1 Custom Audience (People who visited specific web pages)
  • 1 Ad Set
  • 2 HIGHLY Relevant Ads For Your Ad Set. We Will Write Your Ad Copy.
  • 1 Pixel Installation to Track cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale
  • We’ll use one of the following Campaign Objectives: Brand awareness, Reach, Traffic, Video views, Lead Generation, Post engagement, Page likes, Event response, Messages, Conversions.

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