10 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales in 7 Days

Are you desperately trying to increase sales for your eCommerce business? If yes, then you need to read this article. Hi, my name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency. My company specializes in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Remarketing. I have been doing this for over a decade, and in that time, I have helped quite a number of eCommerce businesses reach their growth projections. In this article, I will look at;

Challenges ​Facing eCommerce ​Businesses

how to increase eCommerce sales

​In this section, I am going to briefly take a look at some of ​the challenges facing eCommerce businesses in the current operating environment. ​Doing so is important because it ​helps us understand​ how ​these ​issues can be tackled to increase sales; 

The struggle to turn traffic into sales

To begin with, a large chunk of the people who visit eCommerce stores leave without buying anything. So your challenges as a business owner​ are multipronged. Not only do need to struggle to get the kind of organic traffic that’s needed to break even, but it’s also a struggle just getting people to buy something.

But how bad is it? Well, the global conversion rate for eCommerce sites stands​ around 2%. So, after working hard on SEO and other tricks to attract customers, only ​2% of them convert? That’s rather disappointing, but all is not lost. Continue reading this article to find out how you can vastly improve your conversion rate.  


Getting it right in terms of Search Engine Optimization is another major challenge for eCommerce businesses out there. That’s particularly the case for small businesses. The struggle is to have your pages appear on the first page on Google.

But how do you do that? Well, to get there, you need to do SEO. However, fact of the matter is, SEO is a rather long term strategy. You can expect results to come after a year or so. ​So, what do you do in the interim? That’s another question that we will try to answer in this article!

It can be difficult to build customer loyalty

It’s also a bit difficult trying to develop customer loyalty in an eCommerce environment. To be fair, it’s probably easy for big concerns like Amazon and eBay to reach this dream. However, for small players, building customer loyalty tends to be a major challenge. ​Simply put, people out there are spoiled for choice. If you don’t give them what they are looking for, they will ​go elsewhere. It’s difficult to be loyal when there are so many things going on online!


10 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales in 7 Days

Competition is a major challenge for eCommerce businesses. Seemingly everybody is setting up an eCommerce store and businesses need to be creative to stand out. So, that original idea that you thought was going to change the world quickly gets picked up by people in Nigeria, Bangladesh, India and all over the place. And because anyone can ship anywhere, there are no longer boundaries to protect businesses.

How to Increase Ecommerce Sales in 7 Days

Okay, now we come to the subject of this article. Most people look at articles with headlines like this one; “10 tips to increase Ecommerce Sales in 7 Days,” and they get all skeptical. They think it’s one of those internet Voodoos that’s always floating around. They think somebody is trying to pull their legs and to scam them of their money. But that’s not what I am trying to do in this article. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind getting your money, but who wouldn’t. However, my primary aim in this post is to tell you that you that there are real things that you can do to immediately boost your ecommerce business. But what are these steps?

1. You should have a high quality eCommerce site

ecommerce sites must be optimized for mobile

Perceptions are everything in the world of eCommerce. If somebody lands on your site from Google and they find that it’s not professionally made, they will immediately leave. They will think that you are one of those scammers who have been known to set up mirror websites. So, one way of immediately boosting your eCommerce sales is by overhauling your site to make it more appealing.

Fortunately, this is not very difficult to do. If you run any of the major eCommerce platforms that are out there, you should already have everything that you need to create a top notch website. Another thing that you need to do is to make sure that your site is geared for mobile searches. The majority of eCommerce searches today come from mobile devices. What’s more, these searches are much more likely to convert

2. Advertise on Facebook

Facebook can boost ecommerce

This, in my view, is ​one of the best ways to increase Ecommerce sales within a short span of time. I admit I am ​biased because ​Facebook Ads are my specialty. But I have seen the results from running a number of campaigns for clients and it’s clear that Facebook Ads ​are the way to go for eCommerce business that wish to reach out to both new and existing customers. Feel free to check out my Facebook Ads for eCommerce ​to learn more. But just to summarize that article, the following is what you should do to get the most out of Facebook Ads;

  • Ecommerce businesses first need to install Pixel on their sites. Pixel is Facebook’s tracking code. Remember we said the challenge is that conversion rates are rather low for eCommerce ventures. Most people come from Google and they look around on your site but they leave without buying anything. Pixel allows you to follow these people to Facebook, where you can then make another pitch to these people to turn their interest into a conversion.
  • With Pixel, you can create Custom ​Audiences for your Facebook Ads. These are preferable since they are composed of people who have already expressed an interest in your business by visiting your site. They are much more likely to convert than new audiences. You can also create custom audiences based on email lists and on interactions with people on your Facebook Page.
  • You can integrate your eCommerce platform, such as BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify with your Facebook Ads account. That way, you will be able to run ads that target items that are in your Catalog. If you go to Facebook, you will see that there is a Campaign Objective call Catalog Sales. Once you have integrated Facebook with your eCommerce platform, and if you are running Pixel, people will be shown items that they are interested in. Let’s assume that you are selling Sports equipment on your site and someone comes via Google and looks up Baseball bats. If they leave without buying, they will be shown your ad featuring baseball bats when they go to Facebook. Someone who is interested in another item will be shown that other item from your Catalog. This is a great way of boosting sales within a very short span of time. If you would like to learn more, get in touch with me and I will be able to help you get set up with Facebook Ads, for a reasonable fee, of course! Remarketing or re-targeting is not just a gimmick. It actually has the potential to increase your conversion rate up to 10%. That’s a jump of around 400%!

3. Target existing customers

This is another great way of quickly and effectively increasing your sales. The good thing about existing customers is that you already have their goodwill. You can make a sale ​quicker than when talking to somebody completely new. This works particularly well if you are launching a new product. So, customer retention is important.

4. ​Verify your business and display security seals

Security is a major challenge for eCommerce businesses. You are essentially handling a lot of information that has the potential to harm your customers. So, you need to reassure them that you are doing so in such a way that they have the maximum in terms of protection. If people’s credit cards get exposed online because your site had an issue, then you will be done. The following are some of the things that you can do to give the impression that transacting with you is secure;

  • Have trust seals on your site. This is something that I have previously written around. Check out my article on​ Businesses verified seals an conventions. Essentially, have these seals assures people that they will not lose their details while doing business with you. So, they are likely to be willing to buy from you. That’s a great way of boosting your sales.
  • If you eCommerce site is still unsecure, then you have a major challenge. A secure site uses https instead of http. You would think that that’s not an issue, save for the fact that most browsers now flag sites that do not have the right kind of encryption. So, if you want to increase the performance of your ecommerce business, this is something that you should do.

5. Use Social Media to build customer loyalty

We noted in the section about challenges facing eCommerce businesses that the fact that there is so much competition makes it rather difficult to build up customer loyalty. People often move from one shop to another because it’s ​easy to do so. And most of these shops operate in places where they can severely undercut you in terms of price.

The good news is that you can still build customer loyalty, if you know what you are doing. The trick lies in being able to effectively leverage the power of social media, not only to retain existing customers, but also to build up brand awareness and loyalty. This is something that you can do using Facebook, as an example. I am always saying every brand should build a Facebook Page.

 It’s free to do so, and the rewards are exponential. Having a page allows you to interact with people at a level that was previously impossible. You can engage them in conversation on the platform while sharing information about new and existing products. If you create interesting enough material, these people will become ambassadors for your brand by sharing your videos. And all this can be done free of charge.

6. Run promos

10 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Sales in 7 Days

Running promos is one surefire way to increase eCommerce sales within a short span of time. People love the perception of short supply, even when it is just a mirage. You can take advantage of this psychological trait to immediately boost your sales. If you say something has a “limited supply,” people will likely want to quickly buy before the supplies really get limited.

You can also have promos that run; “while stocks last.” How about offers that run “For a 7 days only,” or “for a limited time only?” It’s all in the terminology. Of course, your offers should also be real, and not just a marketing gimmick. Remember, ​price is probably the biggest point on which you are competing. So, you can use that to undercut the competition.

7. Customer testimonies

Still on the psychology of shoppers,  people are generally herd animals. If you have ever watched those videos of Zebra and other animals plunging to their deaths while trying to cross the Ma​ra River in Kenya, that’s what I am talking about here. People want to go where others have been. Never mind all that about us being pioneers!

So, one way of capitalizing on this trait is by making sure that you have testimonials on your site from ​REAL buyers. I must emphasize the fact that the testimonials need to be real. Most people make the mistake of putting up testimonials that are clearly fake. That’s not going to work because a person can see at first glance that this thing was made by an actor.

​8. Use online reviews to boost sales

Other than testimonials​, eCommerce businesses can also immediately boost sales by harnessing the power of online reviews. That’s another topic that I have covered a lot on this blog. Check out my article on how to get Seller Ratings in Google Ads. Seller ratings come from reviews that are left by people on select platforms across the internet. Reviews work because up to 90% of people will consult them before buying anything online. So, they are kind of a big deal.

There are many online review platforms out there. Most people will immediately think of Yelp or TripAdvisor. I personally recommend Shopper Approved for online reviews (Disclaimer: I am an affiliate). I have recommended quite a lot of businesses to them over the years and can safely say they are good. They are especially useful for getting Seller and Product ratings, which can help boost your Google Ads CTR by as much as 17%.

9. Display reviews on your own site

Still on reviews, the best online review company is one that allows you to also display product reviews on your site. This is vastly helpful in terms of boosting sales. As noted, people are rather hesitant about being pioneers. That’s particularly the case when it comes to buying. They are much more likely to want to buy if they can read reviews from other people who have already made purchases on your site.

So, reviews should be an integral part of your ecommerce store. Every product that you have should have a review underneath it! Think I am exaggerating? Well, a study by Spiegel Research Center indicated that displaying reviews on your can increase your conversion rate by up 270%! That’s staggering! And that’s an immediate boost to your bottom line!

10. Highlight your top selling items

This is another great way to increase Ecommerce sales within a short period of time. If you go to places like Amazon and eBay, you will notice that they display their bestselling items. They do that for a reason. Customers sometimes need direction.

That’s particularly the case for those that make intuitive purchases. You should give them this direction by showing them which products are popular with other shoppers. That way, you make it easy for them to come to the decision to follow the herd.


​Hope this article has been helpful to you. I tried to show you how ​​​​​to Increase Ecommerce Sales ​for your business. Many people ask me whether or not it’s possible to achieve this goal within 7 days. My answer is yes, it’s very possible. What I advise you to do is to take things one steps at a time. If you decide to do Facebook Ads, then start from there. When everything has been set up, you can move to the next steps. Check out my Facebook Ads Setup Plan to get started in this regard.  

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