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Are you looking to get Google Store Ratings for your business? Have you been wondering whether or not Trusted Shops will do the trick for you? My name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing. We specialize in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Remarketing. Over the years, I have helped thousands of companies get Store Ratings in their Google CPC Text Ads and in Google Shopping. Many wish to know whether or not Trusted Shops is a good enough bet when it comes to getting Store Ratings. That is the reason why I have decided to write this article. In this post, I am going to;

  1. Introduce you to Google Store Ratings.
  2. Show you why every business needs to start getting Store Ratings.
  3. Discuss whether or not Trusted Shops is good for Google Store Ratings.
  4. Show you alternatives to Trusted Shops for Google Store Ratings.

What are Google Store Ratings?

An example of Store Ratings in Google Ads

Store Ratings are easy enough to identify. In fact, it is this visibility that makes them such an important tool in every marketer’s repertoire. Go to Google today and you will notice that some of the text ads that appear at the top have a five star rating system. These are Store Ratings.

Store Ratings are designed to showcase the performance of a specific seller. You can see an example of Store Ratings in the screenshot above. Just ask yourself this; on which ad would you most likely click; one that has a seller rating of 4.8, or ones that do not have Store Ratings at all? Clearly, Store Ratings are important, as you will see in the rest of this discussion.

A bit about Product Ratings

Where Store Ratings are mainly concerned with the seller, product ratings cover a particular product in your catalogue. Let’s assume that you sell GoPro cameras, as an example. A product rating would show the performance of a specific camera, such as the GoPro-Hero HD. The rating is based on feedback from people who have already purchase the camera from your store.

Where do Seller and Product Ratings come from?

Star ratings come from a number of sources. The most important of these are the are the 3rd party online review companies that Google has licensed to syndicate data for product and Store Ratings. There are 30 companies that are licensed for Store Ratings and 23 for product ratings (these figures could change).

One thing that you will notice is that there are some companies that are licensed to syndicate both product and Store Ratings. These should, obviously, be your choice if you are looking for both product and Store Ratings.

Why are Store Ratings Important?

If your business has not already been leveraging the power of Store Ratings, then it’s high time you got off your ass and started doing some work? And why is that the case? Well, here is the reason why;

People are much more likely to click on an ad that has Store Ratings than on one that does not. If you think I am exaggerating, you don’t have to take my word for it. But you definitely need to listen to what Google itself has to say. According to Google, people who make use of Store Ratings can expect a CTR boost of up to 17%! Now, that’s definitely something to get you going!

Google Store Ratings Trusted Shops

Is Trusted Shops good for Google Store Ratings?

Now that I have given you the above not so brief introduction to seller (and product) ratings, it’s time for me to get on with the object of this article. Every week I get an inquiry from someone who wants to know whether or not Trusted Shops is good enough when it comes to Store Ratings. The answer is a definite YES. But there are a number of things that you need to know in advance;

Trusted Shops Targets a European Audience

One of the things that you will notice is that Trusted Shops is targeted mainly at a European audience. In fact, if you go to their website today, you will notice that their slogan is; “The European trust brand in e-commerce.”

So, if you are in Europe, then great!  But, what if your business is not based in Europe? What if, as an example, your business is based in the United States? Could you still use Trusted Shop? The good news is that Trusted Shop will still work for people across the globe. So, don’t hesitate to sign up if you have your mind set on it.

Trusted Shops is on the list for both Product and Store Ratings

Trusted Shops will get your both product and Store Ratings, which is great!

Another thing to note is that Trusted Shops is on the list for companies that are licensed to syndicate data to Google for use in Store Ratings. You will also notice that they are also on the list for Product ratings. So, if you are looking for both Seller and Product ratings, then Trusted Shops will work great for your business.

Trusted Shops Store Ratings: Pricing

If you are wondering how much Trusted Shops is going to charge you to get product and Store Ratings, you can find the answer in the above screenshot.

As you can see, Trusted Shops has a plan that  starts and 79 Euros a month. This is equivalent to $89. However, if you are looking for product and Store Ratings, then this plan is not going to work for you. Instead, you will have to go for the pro version, which charges beginning from 159 Euros per month (which is equivalent to about $178 per month.)

Trusted Shops Store Ratings: The competition

Okay, now that I have given you a brief overview of Trusted Shops and how they can help you get both Seller and Product ratings in your Google CPC text ads and in Google Shopping, it’s time for me to take a brief look at the completion. So, who are Trusted Shops’ competitors?

Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved is a great alternative to Trusted Shops for Store Ratings

Shopper Approved is, without doubt, one of the best companies that can be found out there when it comes to getting seller and product ratings. In fact, I have recommended hundreds of businesses to Shopper Approved and most of them have come back to express their satisfaction. If you need to learn more about this company, then check out this Shopper Approved review. And here are a brief notes about Shopper Approved;

  • Shopper Approved operates worldwide. They have a huge presence in the United States. So, if you are worried about the fact that Trusted Shops has a mainly European focus, then Shopper Approved will work for you.
  • Like Trusted Shops, Shopper Approved is licensed to syndicate both Seller and Product Ratings. This makes it useful for eCommerce businesses.

Shopper Approved’s Pricing

In terms of pricing, you can take advantage of the Shopper Approved Offer when you sign up using our link. Shopper Approved is one of the cheapest for Google Store Ratings. And you can be sure that we know what we are talking about here. We have already referred over 300 people to Shopper Approved! Also get 30 days free when you sign up using the Planet Marketing link! What’s more, you also get an additional 30 days free.

Disclaimer: Planet Marketing is a Shopper Approved affiliate. So, we may get paid should you decide to sign up using our link! However, Shopper Approved is one company that we can safely vouch for!

Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews is another Trusted Shops alternative

This is another Trusted Shops alternative when it comes to getting Google Store Ratings. Like Trusted Shops, Verified Reviews has a stronger presence in Europe. Also, like Shopper approved and Trusted Shops, Verified Reviews is licensed for both Seller and Product ratings.


eKomi is another option when it comes to getting Store Ratings for your business. However, eKomi works best for those that do massive volumes on their eCommerce websites. That’s because they are a fully managed review system. Not only will they gather the reviews for you, but they will also answer the reviews on your behalf. They will even dispute negative reviews! However, all this makes them more expensive than all the other options that we have mentioned in this article.

Trusted Shops Store Ratings: Who is Trusted
Shops for?

Okay, so this is just a recap of what I have been talking about in the above article. So, who is Trusted  Shops for? Here is the answer;

  • Trusted
    Shops is for those that are looking for Store Ratings.
  • Trusted
    Shops is also for those that are looking for Product Ratings.
  • They
    operate from Europe and have a stronger presence there. This makes them ideal
    for European based businesses. However, Trusted Shops will work equally well
    for businesses that are located elsewhere across the globe.
  • Trusted
    Shops is for those that are looking for an affordable way of getting Seller
    Ratings. Though there may be cheaper options out there, Trusted Shops is
    clearly among the most affordable. This makes them ideal for small to medium
    sized businesses that operate on a constricted budget.
  • There
    are a number of great alternatives to Trusted Shops. The best include Shopper
    Approved, Verified Reviews and eKomi.

So, there you have it! Hope I have answered all you Google Store Ratings Trusted Shops queries. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I will be very glad to point you in the right direction as far as the best options for Store Ratings are for your business are concerned!

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