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Monthly Marketing Budget
Under $5,000$5,000-$10,000$10,000-$25,000$25,000-$50,000

What We Do

We specialize in displaying ads on Facebook that are specific to your target audience, the main Focus is to not spend more money and reach the right people who really care about your product or service.

There are two ways to do Facebook Marketing
1) Facebook Ads (the paid version)
2) Facebook Organic (like posting on your company wall). Marketers who do this are known as Community Managers or Social Media Managers

The goal is to make your phone ring, to receive emails, branding , to help you improve your position from the competitors and to have more sales. Facebook ads work for almost every type of business, since Facebook is a very popular social network, so you can find all kinds of things. In Planet Marketing we focus mainly on creating the right ads for your company or business.

Who is Facebook Ads Marketing Good For?

The Facebook "Ads" marketing service is ideal for your company and business if your intention is to create sales at a lower cost. Service-based companies generally need their phone to ring, while retail companies need people to come through the door. We will try to make a video demonstration of each of these industries so you can see what we are talking about.

Service Based Companies
CPAs & Accountants
Catering Companies
Real Estate Agents & Lenders
Insurance Brokers (Personal, Commercial, Medical)
Health & Wellness (Personal Trainers, Yoga, Chiropractors, Massage)
Transaction Based (Retail Based Companies)
Restaurants (both sit-down & fast food)
Auto Repair

Why Choose Us?

Here how we work:
1. We believe that having as much communication as possible is basic to being able to create a successful strategy, that is why we consider important to sit with you and define a strategy with the target audience you are trying to reach.
2. After talking with you about your needs and defining what and how to do it. We will go to Facebook and find out which public we can reach and which ones are not so convenient for your company.
3. We will send a video demonstrating the process to "see" how your Facebook ad marketing campaign will work
4. If it makes sense to you, I'll send you a proposal and we'll go to work.

What We Don't Do

What we do NOT do are Facebook posts to get Likes, Shares, Comments, Engagement. That stuff doesn't make your phone ring today. That's good for long term branding. This type of Facebook marketing should be done by someone in-house. Facebook has changed their algorithm this year and this strategy is not effective anymore. If a business wants to get in front of their fans, Facebook requires companies to "boost post". There is no more organic reach within Facebook. Those days are over.


1How Much Does Facebook Cost?
There are two types of bidding strategies in Facebook. CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). We only use CPC which means you only pay if someone clicks your ad. If someone doesn't interact with your ad, you don't pay.
How much is a click, you ask? Facebook determines the CPC based on many factors. I my experience and all my marketer friends, it ranges from 50¢ to $1.50
2How Do You Charge?
This depends on the scope of the project. While we can work with most budgets, sometimes too small is just... too small.
We charge a 'management fee' which is separate from what Facebook charges. From your point of view you will have your credit card on file with Facebook and you'll receive a monthly invoice from us.
3How Much Do You Think I Should Invest Into Facebook?
I get this question all the time! Let's say you want to spend $3000 per month in Facebook Advertising. Facebook is not going to charge you upfront for the $3000. They will charge in increments of whatever you spend per day. So if you spend $100/day, then you'll be billed accordingly. Facebook charges once you hit a certain threshold. They don't bang your credit card everyday (like Snapchat does).
4Are There Any Contracts
Hell NO!
We know we are good at what we do. We are confident in getting you business if your target audience is reachable on Facebook.
5Can I Do a Test Trial
If what you really mean is, "Can you do it for free and if it makes money, I'll sign up."
We understand that TOO many unscrupulous marketers oversell and under deliver. What we will do is sit together, owner with owner, and define your target audiences. From there I will see if I can reach your audiences in Facebook and I'll make you a video 'showing' you the results and make a demo ad. In other words, there will be no need to do a test trial. Besides, there no annual contract!
6Do You Guarantee Results?
No. We don't know if your salesperson is a good closer or doesn't answer the phone. We are responsible to get you leads, not close your deals.
7What Other Ways Can You Get Us Leads
Yelp Ads
YouTube Video Ads (the videos that show "Skip Ad")
Google Adwords
Bing Ads
Snapchat Ads
8Should I Start Facebook Advertising Today?
YES! Why? It's going to get more expensive over time just like Google Adwords has become. Out of 100 businesses, how many do you think know about Facebook Ads? Probably zero. And how many know about Google Adwords? Maybe 20 out 100, or more. There's barely any competition on Facebook. Adwords is not affordable for many small companies, but Facebook ads is.

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