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What We Do

We specialize in displaying 'sponsored ads' on Facebook that are specific to your target audience. The main focus is to reach the right people who are likely to convert into a sale.

There are two ways to do Facebook Marketing
1) Facebook Ads (the paid version)
2) Facebook Organic (like posting on your company wall). Marketers who do this are known as Community Managers or Social Media Managers)

Our goal is to make your phone ring, get you leads (name, email. phone number), get you online sales, or get people walking into your door. Facebook Ads work for almost every type of business. Planet Marketing focuses on creating a target audience and then showing highly relevant ads to that target audience.

Who is Facebook Ads Marketing Good For?
The Facebook "Ads" marketing service is ideal for service-based companies, local retail-based companies, and some ecommerce companies.

Service Based Companies
CPAs & Accountants
Catering Companies
Real Estate Agents & Lenders
Insurance Brokers (Personal, Commercial, Medical)
Health & Wellness (Personal Trainers, Yoga, Chiropractors, Massage)

Transaction Based (Retail Based Companies)
Restaurants (both sit-down & fast food)
Auto Repair

Why Choose Us?

Here's how we work:
1. We will have a 15-20 minute conversation to define your ideal target audiences.
2. We'll go onto Facebook to see if we can reach those target audiences. Sometimes we can do it right on the phone or a screenshare
3. If it makes sense to you, we'll send an invoice and go to work.

What We Don't Do

What we do NOT do are Facebook posts to get Likes, Shares, Comments, Engagement. That stuff doesn't make your phone ring today. That's good for long term branding. This type of Facebook marketing should be done by someone in-house. Facebook changed its algorithm a 3 years ago and this strategy is not effective anymore. If a business wants to get in front of their fans, Facebook requires companies to "boost post". 


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