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Amigos de Planet Marketing

Note from Francisco, the owner of Planet Marketing: Oftentimes there are situations where we do not offer a particular service. For instance, Planet Marketing doesn’t do custom programming, but I (Francisco) do hang out with other business owners in related industries. Below are a few companies that will do excellent work. More importantly, I personally know the owners/CEOs/VPs and will vouch for them.

Jorge Arroyo

Custom SalesForce ProgrammingFounding

Jorge has 250+ employees. He does custom Salesforce integrations. His company is a Registered Salesforce Partner. If you need a system to help scale your company, he should be one of the guys you call. He has an office in San Diego, CA and a building with 250 employees in Tijuana, Mexico (minutes away from San Diego).

If you sell via an eCommerce site and you need to sell on Amazon, Facebook and Google Shopping PLAs, you need to get into contact with Nii. They have worked with big brands like Nike, Ray Ban and more. I have know Nii for many years. He grew a company called CPC Strategy, which was acquired by Tinuiti. Watching Nii and his partners grow CPC Strategy from 35 employees to 125 employees was awesome. Now at Tinuity, there’s about 600 people working there. 

Nii Ahene

Amazon, Google Shopping, FacebookFounding

Andy Kemal


Andy blows everyone out of the water. He helped grow Qualcomm to what it is today. If you need to scale your business, contact Andy. The best thing about Andy is that he keeps his clients accountable. At any given moment, he would manage teams between 400-600. He also opened Qualcomm’s operations overseas.

If you have an eCommerce site and you use Google Ads (CPC text ads or Google Shopping PLA), Leslie’s team at Shopper Approved can get you star ratings directly on Google. Also, your product reviews on your site will be like what you see on Amazon.  When you have great reviews, you create credibility and increase conversions. I have been working with Leslie since 2014.


Seller & Product Review Generation CEOShopper Approved

Eric Smith

Local Review GenerationVice

Reviews help with SEO rankings. Eric helps local businesses get Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews, etc. They actually help to automate the process so you don’t have to remember to ask your customers for reviews. Want more Google reviews? Eric is the guy you need to contact!

Jack served approximately 12 years as an audit senior manager at Deloitte & Touche, LLP and at Grant Thornton, LLP. After his public accounting career, Jack went on to become CFO of a few investment firms, including two which were public companies on the NASDAQ and AMEX.

I love having dinner with Jack because I can ask him all kinds of IRS red flag stuff.

Jack DeBruin

CPA (Certified Public Accountant)