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Yotpo Review and Pricing + 6 Alternatives



Disclaimer: We have sent 100s of companies to Yotpo over the past couple years. If you sign up using our partner link, they might pay us a small commission.

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Are you wondering if Yotpo is worth it? Do you even know how much it costs? As a marketing agency and blog, we always refer companies to 3rd party review aggregators like Yotpo to help increase credibility, which then turns into sales.

This article will address the following:

1) What does Yotpo do and who is it for?
2) How much does it cost?
3) Can I get it cheaper?
4) Our Conclusion

1) What does Yotpo do and who is it for?

Yotpo is approved by Google to syndicate your Seller and Product ratings into Google Ads. These reviews are collected by Yotpo on your behalf and are shown directly on Google search engine results. “Seller Ratings” are for your company as a whole. “Product Ratings” are ratings for a specific product. While Yotpo has many features, we are only going to share the money making ones. Yotpo is primarily for ecommerce websites using Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Volusion, and WooCommerce.
Yotpo most likely is not a good fit for a small local-based mom & pop shop.

Seller Ratings – Yotpo will get stars on your Google Ads

Within your Yotpo dashboard, this is where you activate your Seller Ratings.

Product Ratings – Yotpo will get stars for your Product Listing Ads

Within your Yotpo dashboard, you would activate your Google Product Listing Ads here.

Again, Yotpo is approved by Google to syndicate your reviews into your Google Ads account. Below are other features that Yotpo offers, but none of them are as important as the Google Seller & Product Ratings integration.

Review Request Emails
On-Site Widgets
Basic Customization
Content Management & Moderation
Custom Monthly Orders
Multi-Channel Content Generation
On-Site Widgets & Galleries
Google & Facebook Integration
Advanced Content Management
Widgets & Emails Customization
Multiple Domains Support
Dedicated Success Manager

Yotpo will get you BEAUTIFUL reviews on your product pages.

To see a real example of an ecommerce site using Yotpo’s review software, visit Medelita. Look at the image below! These reviews are from ‘Verified Customers’ and will definitely help close sales for you! In other words, your own customers will help you close more sales. That’s what Yotpo brings to the table.

Yotpo will get stars on your category pages.

To see a live demo of stars on category pages, go to Vanity Planet (not associated with Planet Marketing).

2) How much does it cost?

While the competitors (we’ll share them below) are transparent about their pricing, Yotpo chooses to hide their pricing. They will say things like, “Every company has different needs so we don’t have a set price.” Here at Planet Marketing, we get a lot of small companies contacting us via live chat telling us they feel Yotpo is too expensive. Most say it’s $499/mo or more, but to us ‘if ‘ Yotpo is converting sales for you, then there should be no problem paying that price. Pricing is based off many factors like # of customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals, but the main pricing factor is “# of reviews e-mails sent”.

If you don’t need the “Loyalty & Referrals” solution, that will be considered into your pricing. Most likely you will need the “Reviews & Ratings” solution which we believe is your best bet on closing more deals.

Expect to pay around $499/mo or more depending on the scope of work.

3) Can I get it cheaper?

Yotpo is a great company, no doubt about it. I believe their pricing is on the higher end compared to the competitors, but they bring in more value for the price point. Yotpo isn’t for the startup website. This table contains a list of competitors who can also help out “IF” Yotpo’s pricing is too much for you. Yes, there are cheaper companies, but the other features that Yotpo brings to the table are what separates them from every other Google approved company. Remember, there are only 19 companies that Google has approved to syndicate your product ratings into Google Shopping PLAs. No other companies are allowed by Google to syndicate your your reviews.



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The app is free for Shopify users.

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Yotpo is a good fit for ecommerce companies that have a lot of sales coming in. It’s for the mature ecommerce site. While we believe it may be too expensive for small companies, you can start on their FREE plan and then grow into their paid plan once it makes financial sense. If you’re on the fence about signing up with Yotpo’s paid version, we recommend to sign up anyway because you can always cancel it later! Let Yotpo’s system do what it does best; getting reviews.​​​​

Disclaimer: We have sent 100s of companies to Yotpo over the past couple years. If you sign up using our partner link, they might pay us a small commission.

Have any questions before signing up with Yotpo? Have any comments?

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