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We have been using Trust Guard on our own website for several months. Most companies think about using a trust seal to increase website conversions & building credibility. When you work with Trust Guard you have the option to choose from 3 seals: 1) Website Security Scanning 2) Privacy 3) Business Verified. You don’t need to get all 3 seals. The most important of the 3 is the website Security Seal which greatest features are malware scanning on websites and PCI compliant scanning. We will cover all three seals and how it help your own website.

This is the way all three seals look like. Go ahead and click on them so you can see what your own visitors would see.

Security Seals

Privacy Seals

Business Seals

Security Scanning

The most important scan is the malware scan. If you can prove to your website visitors that your site is malware free, shopping cart abandonment is nearly eliminated. No website owner wants to go through a security breach and end up with a law suit. Trust Guard’s security scan checks vulnerabilities on your server. If you do not pass, you’ll get an email with the things you need to repair. Normally you can email this to your web hosting company and they will take care of it.

Who is Trust Guard’s Security Scanning for? It’s definitely for eCommerce websites that take credit credit cards and for sites that take personal information like social security numbers. If you have a service based website, like Planet Marketing, it’s optional but you may get a boost in your organic rankings.

Here is a breakdown of the features and benefits:

Security ScanningFeaturesBenefits
External Security
Scan your website regularly for vulnerabilities and security holes.
Web App Scan
Keep your Ports, Networks & Website Application Running Smoothly by scanning them for weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
PCI Certification
Avoid monthly non compliance fees and gain peace of mind by scanning your system to PCI Standards.
Security Scanned Trust SealOnce your site has been found to be safe and secure you will be awarded our Security Scanned Trust seal.


Privacy Safe

I really like the Privacy Safe seal because the website owner must disclose what personal information is used for. If one of your website visitors click the Privacy Seal, there will be a link to your privacy policy. It will cover information like what information is collected and used for. Don’t you hate when you buy something and you automatically get put onto a newsletter? With the Privacy Safe seal, this information will be disclosed.

Privacy SafeFeaturesBenefits
Privacy Policy Verification ServicesGet more Opt-ins and Conversions = Convert More Browsers into Buyers & Decrease Cart Abandonment!
Intuitive Privacy Issue ResolutionEmbrace Confidentiality while building Trust with your Visitors
Privacy Safe Trust SealAddress Privacy Concerns and for best results place the Privacy Safe seal on or near your opt-in form.

Business Verified

Have you ever been on a website and you weren’t quite sure if they are in your country? Spammers have become really good at creating great looking websites. They can easily take your information and sell it or worse yet, use it for fraud. Trust Guard will verify your business is located where you say it is. For Planet Marketing, I had to submit a couple things to prove our location. One of the things was to show them a current bill.

Business VerifiedFeaturesBenefits
Business VerificationFirst, your business credentials are verified, Including: business address, support phone, support email and other important info.
Private Dispute ResolutionSecond, your customers are given a way to resolve problems through the private issue resolution system.
Business Verified Trust SealFinally, the Business Verified Seal helps you to build trust on your website by making this information easily available.

If you use Shopper Approved Reviews (owned by Trust Guard), it will show on the Business Verified Seal. You can see that on Planet Marketing’s badge.

Trust Guard Pricing

Disclaimer: Planet Marketing is partners with Trust Guard. You can go straight to Trust Guard’s website or you can save money using Planet Marketing’s partner pricing. See table below.



This Special Offer Includes:




  • Quarterly Security Scanning
  • Privacy Safe
  • Business Verified
  • Build Shopper Confidence and Trust

This Special Offer Includes:




  • Quarterly Security Scanning
  • Privacy Safe
  • Business Verified
  • Increase your sales over no seals.

Note: If all you need is Trust Guard's Security Seal, savings with Planet Marketing's Partner Link is $8/mo for Quarterly Scans
$48/mo for Daily Scanning. Same Company, Different Pricing!

Although having these trust seals on your website can increase organic rankings, most likely it will increase your conversions and pay for itself.

If you are interested in Trust Guard, especially if you're interested in increasing conversions, take a look at Trust Guard's other companies like Shopper Approved for Reviews, 4X Buyer Protection and Rhino Support Live Chat.

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