Top 4 Marketing Ideas for Self-Storage Facility Owners

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Are you looking to increase the occupancy for your Self-Storage Facility? Have you been wondering whether or not digital marketing will do the trick for your business? My name is Francisco and I am here to point you in the right direction. Over the years, I have helped countless companies that are similar to yours achieve their goals. In this article I am going to;

  1. Talk about the difficulties when marketing and self-storage facilities
  2. Give you a number of marketing ideas for Self-Storage Facilities.

Marketing difficulties for self-storage companies

As you know, self-storage units are becoming more and more popular, especially as people realize the benefit they offer. Who wouldn’t love to hang on to the things they want without actually taking up all of that room inside of their home?

The biggest problem that many self-storage facility owners have is that they do not know how to properly market their facility. The ultimate goal of marketing is to help drive foot traffic to the business and, ultimately, get more revenue.

There are a variety of marketing ideas that all self-storage facility owners can use in their businesses to help them gain more customers.

Marketing ideas for self-storage facilities

Here are a few marketing ideas for self-storage facilities;

  1. Advertise on Facebook and on other Social Media Platforms
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising can help you reach out to more customers

Are you on social media? If not, it is time to get on there. Millions of people use social media and you can reach additional customers through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

How Facebook Advertising Works

You can run Facebook campaigns that allow you to reach out to more customers than would be possible with only your brick and mortar store. Facebook Advertising is a topic on which we have extensively dwelt on this website. But how does it work?

The Facebook Ads Setup Plan
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Here is the thing; Facebook advertising can be difficult to master. That is why so many people prefer that we do the hard work on their behalf. If that is what you want, don’t hesitate to sign up for our Facebook Ads Setup Plan. The plan, which includes two ads, is designed to get you along the way as far as Facebook Advertising is concerned. If you would rather learn how to create your own Facebook Ads; all that you need to know is the following;

  • Facebook Ads are created in Ads Manager;
  • Here the first thing that you need to do is choose a campaign objective.
  • The Ad Set is where you define and narrow down on your target audience.
  • Facebook advertising can be cheaper than other platforms, such as Google Ads.
  1. Hold contests
Hold contests and discount offers to get customers for your self storage facility
Hold contests and discount offers to get customers for your self storage facility

This is another way through which you can market your self-storage facility. Who doesn’t love to win a contest or to buy something at a discount? We do! And so do your customers. While you do not have to hold a contest every week or even month, you should hold one now and again to allow your prospects and customers to win something.

The prize that you offer is determined by you and can be anything from a free t-shirt to a free month rental and so on.

You will find that you increase your viewership and customer base as you do hold contests.

How to hold contests

There are many ways through which you can market your contest/offers. This includes by marketing them on Facebook. One thing that you need to do right now is create a Facebook Page for your business.

Doing so is absolutely free of charge! There is really no reason why every business should not have a Facebook page. Having one allows you to freely interact with potential customers.

  1. Implement Upgrades

Okay, let’s face it, no one wants to rent a self-storage unit at a facility that is not upgraded. In today’s day and age, there is no reason why a facility should be old and outdated.

You do need to make sure that your unit doors are top of the line and that you have the best surveillance system. Once you have made the necessary updates, you should then let your customers know about them and share this information on social media with your prospects.

  1. Get Out in the Community

Digital Marketing is all very well, but you should never neglect tried and tested marketing methods. No one will know who you are unless you put on your shoes and get out into the community. You will find that you can get out into the community and volunteer at different events while still marketing your company.

If you are not one to get out and get involved, consider making a donation or sponsoring an event. This way, you still have a presence at the event without actually being there.

Advertise on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms

It is important to market your business as thoroughly as possible. You should start with social media and then start to involve yourself within the community. The harder you work to get customers through the door, the more that will eventually walk through. If you need any additional information about marketing your storage facility, visit

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