How to Get Positive Reviews 2021

How challenging can it be to get positive reviews for your brand? Well, extremely challenging as it turns out! In fact, it’s way easier for businesses to generate negative reviews. Angry customers are much more likely to take the time to leave a scathing review on Yelp, Google, Facebook and elsewhere across the internet. But… Continue reading How to Get Positive Reviews 2021

Merchant vs Local vs Product Reviews

Types of Online Reviews Though they may appear the same, online reviews are not created equal. There is a difference between Merchant, Local and Product reviews that you need to be aware of as a business owner. Understanding this difference allows you to choose a company that offers the most appropriate tools that you can… Continue reading Merchant vs Local vs Product Reviews

Trustpilot vs ResellerRatings + Alternatives

Before we get down to the business of this Trustpilot vs ResellerRatings article, there are a number of things that we first need to get out of the way. The discussion will help you understand why Star Rating extensions are so important and why you should strive to get them for your business. All about Star… Continue reading Trustpilot vs ResellerRatings + Alternatives

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