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Convert and Monetize Your Website Traffic

OptinMonster is used on 700,000+ websites. Almost every software we have reviewed has a couple cons or it may be missing some features. We can think of only one con! OptinMonster can be used by ecommerce sites, service-based businesses, bloggers/publishers, and of course anyone looking to build an email list. If you are SERIOUS about building an email list and monetizing it, you should start immediately. Anybody can afford $9/mo.

OptinMonster’s Only Con!

Let’s get the only possible con out of the way, then let’s focus on how OptinMonster can benefit your website.

The only con we can think of is that many people’s pricing is going to be determined by the email marketing automation system they are using. For instance, Planet Marketing uses Drip.com. Obviously, OptinMonster’s forms integrate with Drip so we are forced to use the PLUS plan, but we can easily pay it. For people in 3rd world countries, it may be too steep.

$9/mo BASIC Plan – Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Custom HTML, Feedblitz, iContact, Mad Mimi, MailChimp, Mailpoet, MailerLite, SendInBlue, TotalSend
$19/mo PLUS Plan – AWeber, Conversio, ConvertKit, Customer.io, Emma, GetResponse, Klaviyo, iPost, Drip, SendLoop, SendPulse, Email Octopus
$29/mo PRO Plan – Eloqua, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Marketo, Ontraport, Pardot, SharpSpring, Webhook
$49/mo GROWTH Plan – Includes all integrations

Okay, now onto the money making part!

OptinMonster is here to help you collect emails. Once the email is collected, it’s up to you to monetize them through your CRM or whatever email automation system you use.

Here’s the way OptinMonster works. There are 9 types of forms that collect information. Each of the forms (OptinMonster calls them ‘campaign types’) has its own triggers. Here at Planet Marketing, we use a combination of forms: Lightbox Popup and 2 Inline Forms (one as a text link in the footer and one as a full-fledged opt-in form at the bottom of all blog posts).

9 Types of Campaign Types (Forms)

  1. Lightbox Popup – Almost all websites use this type of popup form to collect emails.
  2. Fullscreen Welcome Mat – This is what’s called an interstitial whereby your screen gets blocked from being able to read the content. The Fullscreen Welcome Mat covers the content you’re reading.
  3. Slide-in Scroll Box – These normally slide in from the bottom right-hand side of the website. Here at Planet Marketing, we don’t use this one because our live chat would be covered up. Make sure this slide-in doesn’t cover anything by accident.
  4. Floating Bar – The floating bar can be at the top or bottom of the site. Make sure that it is not covering your menu or phone number. This floating bar scrolls as the user scrolls.
  5. Countdown Timer – Use this to give the ‘sense of urgency’. Your users will see a limited time offer.
  6. Sidebar Forms – This is great for your blog posts.

7) Inline Forms – You can use this in two areas. One can be within the blog post. Or, what we do, put it in the footer of the website so every page has the form.

8) Content Locker – Sometimes you write a kick arse article where you can ‘lock the content’ only if the site visitor submits his/her information.

9) Coupon Wheel Optins – Think of the show “Wheel of Fortune”, but with coupons instead of money. In order for people to get the coupon, they have to enter their email address, hit submit, then the wheel turns.

6 Types of Campaign Triggers

I think OptinMonster should call these “Action Triggers”. For instance, if a visitor takes ABC action, then XYZ triggers. Below are the 6 triggers.

  1. Exit-Intent® Technology – This feature is awesome! We combine this trigger with the Scroll Trigger.
  2. Scroll Trigger – We like to let people read about 40% of the way before our Lightbox pops up. If the visitor doesn’t reach 40% of the page and tries to leave the site, then the Exit-Intent® Technology will pop up.
  3. MonsterLinks™ 2-Step Optins – Use this in your footer as a text link.
  4. InactivitySensor™ – This is good for when someone hasn’t scrolled and is idle.
  5. Timed Display Control – We also use this on some of our pages, especially on the pages that I know people are thoroughly reading.
  6. Campaign Scheduling – This one is awesome for ecommerce websites. You can show a holiday offer for certain dates.

8 Types of Targeting Campaigns

While there are 8 types of targeted campaigns, we only use Page-Level Targeting (for now).

  1. Referrer Detection – Show an opt-in form based on where the person came from. For instance, if a site visitor came from Facebook, you can show your OptinMonster Facebook Form.
  2. Page-Level Targeting – This is a must. Here’s why ‘Page Level Targeting’ is important. I display the “Download Your Facebook Ads Marketing Guide” lightbox only on the blog category called ‘Facebook Marketing’. Likewise, I display the “Top Web Hosting Companies” lightbox on the blog category ‘Web Hosting’. My goal is to increase conversion rates (newsletter signups) by showing a highly relevant lightbox vs. a general form saying “Sign up for our Newsletter”.
  3. OnSite Follow Up Campaigns®- If your visitor didn’t opt-in the first time, you can automatically follow up by displaying a different form.
  4. OnSite Retargeting® – Have a returning visitor? You can show these people a special offer for return visitors.
  5. Geo-Location Targeting – Want to show a form for someone in USA and a different one for someone in Canada? Use this feature.
  6. Cookie Retargeting – Great for ecommerce sites that want to do upsells. You can retarget based off where the site visitor is in the buying cycle. Cookie Retargeting can also be used for service-based businesses.
  7. Device-Based Targeting – Show your opt-in form based on whether someone is using a desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  8. AdBlock Detection – This is great for publishers that rely on monetization.

Conclusion: There are many opt-in forms that can build your email list. But OptinMonster is by far the #1 in the industry. You have a 14 days to try it out. If you don’t like it, there’s a 100% money back guarantee.

What’s your favorite way to get people to opt into your email list?

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