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Moz Local vs. Yext vs. DIY – Local Directory Software

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of some of the companies that are mentioned in this article and cold get paid should you choose to sign up using our links. Just to let you know!

Do you plan to get your businesses listed on local directories? Have you been struggling to choose between Moz Local and Yext? Or maybe you have been wondering whether or not you can do it yourself? If you have answered “yes,” to any of these questions, then you need to read this article. Getting listed in local directories is a must and if you have not been doing it…well, you need to get off your ass, right now! In this article, I will;

  1. Tell you what we use for local listings at Planet Marketing.
  2. Give you a list of the requirements to get listed
  3. Give you a small Moz Local review.
  4. Give you another small Moz Local review.
  5. Talk about whether or not you can Do it Yourself as far as getting local listings is concerned.

What do we use at Planet Marketing?

At Planet Marketing, we have been using both Moz Local and Yext. It doesn’t really matter what you end up using as long as you get your business on local listings. There are a few other directory listing softwares out there you may want to check out before making your decision: Bright Local, WhiteSpark, Placesign, Localeze for small businesses, and UBL. The reason we aren’t going to write about these other companies is we think Moz Local and Yext are the top ones (Bright Local was close, but no cigar).

What do you need to get listed?

Regardless of what company you choose, basically you need your NAP (Name of company, Address, Phone Number) to be exactly the way you want it to be forever. Let me give you an example. These are 3 different variations of the same company: Planet Marketing, Planet Marketing Inc, Planet Marketing LLC. Your company must be consistent or you’ll have a difficult time showing up in SERPs because the search engines won’t know which one to pick.

Moz Local Review

Moz Local simplifies local listings for small businesses
Moz Local simplifies local listings for small businesses

Let’s start off our review with MozLocal. This program was developed by David Mihm out of Portland, Oregon. It was sold to Moz a couple years ago and is a fine complement to Moz’s tool set. Its free for any subscribers of Moz. However, for people who don’t have a subscription to Moz, Mozlocal costs $99 per year. It’s a recurring cost so you have to cancel it before it expires if you opt out.

Moz Local Dashboard

How does Moz Local Work?

Ok, so how does Moz Local work? This platform takes your NAP and submits your listings to all the major data aggregators. These data aggregators feed into smaller directories like Smartpages,, Bing Local, etc. It’s a great way to get your company info out there. These are also known as citations.

Your company gets blasted through these data aggregators and picked up by smaller directories. “Uhmmmm, how do I know which ones?”, you ask. You don’t. You’ll have a small idea, but you won’t really know how many directories you got onto since Moz Local doesn’t report back on very many directories. Hey, its only $84/year though. It’s cheap for any small business.

Yext Review

Okay, now to Yext. The reason we like Yext for our local clients is it gives us a CMS of all the directories that our NAP was submitted to. Here is the dashboard of Yext for Planet Marketing. We are in 58 local directories. You can see a small list of Yext local listings here.

Yext Dashboard for Planet Marketing

You can submit more information to Yext than to Moz Local

What else is great about Yext? You are able to submit much more information about your company vs Moz Local where you can only submit NAP. Here are some quick things you can add to Yext:

  • Product and Services,
  • Event Calendars,
  • Staff Bios,
  • Hours of Operation,
  • Menus (for Restaurants),
  • Business Descriptions,
  • Additional Photos,
  • Company Logo,
  • Payment Methods,
  • Map Marker

Yext Pricing

Yext discount
Yext pricing if you use our reseller link. Otherwise the price is double the above!

How much does Yext cost? This depends on if you’re going straight to Yext or you’re going through a reseller like us at Planet Marketing. Here are the 4 Yext pricing plans. The image of the Yext dashboard above shows the Premium Advanced Package (top of the line). If you go straight through Yext, it’s $1000 per location. As a reseller, our price is almost half of that. For clients, we include it into the monthly retainer.

Can you Do it Yourself?

Yes, you can definitely do all this yourself if you have no budget (we understand!) and have the time. To compare apples to apples, you will need to create a username and password for 50+ sites. Also you’ll need to upload the same image 50+ times and the same thing with all the attributes that are required by the local directory. What a pain! If you can’t do Moz Local nor Yext and you absolutely need to DIY, then make sure that, at a minimum, you use Google My Business (this controls Google Maps listings A – G), Yelp, & your Facebook Fan Page.


Use Moz Local if you have a really small budget. It’s only $84/year. Once your business is doing good, cancel Moz Local and sign up for Yext the following year (remember Planet Marketing is a Yext reseller). You get a lot more control with Yext.

If you can afford Yext, go for it! It’s a great product. You can sign up for any of their plans. We’re super biased by saying get the Complete Standard Package or the Premium Advanced Package. We wouldn’t recommend the two smaller packages because you can probably get into many of the same directories using Moz Local.

We don’t recommend DIY. We understand if you have no budget, we’ve been there before!!! Just get started on making a few profitable sales and use the profits to get on Moz Local. At a minimum, get on G+, Yelp, and Facebook.

Neither Moz Local nor Yext submits your site into industry directories or places like Angie’s List. You have to do that manually.

Any questions or comments about Yext or Moz Local? Ask below.

18 thoughts on “Moz Local vs. Yext vs. DIY – Local Directory Software”

  1. Jonathan Jewett

    I used yext for the past year. I got very poor customer service, and rather than them fixing my existing, incorrect NAP’s, they just created new ones, adding to the problem. So, I’ve got a ton of duplicates, wasted a grand and looking for a way to get everything fixed.

    1. Thanks for your input. The community can watch out for this if it happens to them. I think Yext has a ‘suppress’ listing feature, but I think it costs more.

  2. Thanks very much for the info. I will also try the mid level plan offered by Moz. I made the mistake of signing up

    for Synup and think I made a mistake.

  3. Thanks for the comparison. I know that both Yext and Moz Local have changed a bit since this was written, but this was still very helpful. I will be testing out Moz Local’s Professional plan. This is the mid tier plan and should do nicely.

    1. Yes, I intend to update this post within a few weeks. Moz just announced their new plan. I’ll probably be getting it. Thanks Tom.

  4. “What else is great about Yext? You are able to submit much more information about your company vs Moz Local where you can only submit NAP. Here are some quick things you can add to Yext: Product and Services, Event Calendars, Staff Bios, Hours of Operation, Menus (for Restaurants), Business Descriptions, Additional Photos, Company Logo, Payment Methods, Map Marker, and more. You don’t have all that with Moz Local.”

    Actually, you get almost all of those with Moz Local and a few others as well. Moz supports business tagline, hours of operation, additional photos, payment types, alternate phone numbers, company logo, display URL, social media URLs, external media, promos, brands, certifications, neighborhoods, and containing locations.

    That said, Yext does provide pretty impressive reporting and analytics that no one else in the industry provides.

    1. Brent,
      you are right! I saw that Moz actually supports that now. I actually refer people to both 50-50. It is getting to be like comparing apples to apples now, except for the analytics and reviews dashboard.

  5. Yext is not just costly, it also create duplicate listings. If you don’t renew, you’ve to manually “reclaim” each & every listing.

    On the other side, moz local is new but a better product.

  6. Fransisco – thanks for the insight.

    What about the issue of renewals? As I understand it, with both Moz and Yext, if you don’t continue with them, they will revert your listings to their original format. Is that true?

    How could that be? I don’t understand how that is acceptable in any way.

    1. Yes, they will drop out of the software. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I imagine since there would be no information within Yext or MozLocal, there’s no info to push into the data aggregators or to Yext’s network of directories.

    2. Are for as I know, they listing will be removed especially with Yext since they have an API that feeds all the directories. Moz LOCAL doesn’t do that so it’s not “taking out” the listings.

  7. i want to ask a question
    our company is in middle east (Dubai)
    so how we can submit our company
    because i think these listing are for Europe


  8. Nice article. We have been using Yext and are still looking for the Silver Bullet. Did you say that you use both Yext and Moz Local? What is the thought behind that?

    1. yes, we actually use both. Originally we started with Moz since we were subscribers there for many years. A programmer friend of ours (not the one who works for Planet Marketing) recommended that we look into Yext. We bought into the idea because we couldroll that right into our propsals.

      We will continue using MOZ for small clients that have a tiny budget, but we are definitely biased more toward Yext now. MOZ is great if you don’t want to spend $500.

    2. We have various clients. Some with one location and some with 10+ locations. Looking at cost and “if” they need a local presence, we recommend one or the other. Sometimes we don’t use anything! We have a client whose international so they don’t care about local rankings.

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