list of google seller rating companeis

List of Google Seller Rating Companies

Editor's note: Check out the table below for the best Google Seller rating companies that can be found out there!

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of some of the companies that are mentioned in this article. We may, therefore, get paid should you sign up using our links. However, this article is based on real data from real customers.

Are you looking to get Google Seller ratings? Have you been wondering which online review company will do the job for you? My name is Francisco, and I am here to point you in the right direction. My company, Planet Marketing, has had over a decade's experience dealing with online reviews. In this article, I am going to;

  • Show you some of the best online review companies to get you Seller Ratings.
  • Tell you why it's important to get seller ratings
  • Give you a complete list of the companies that will get you Seller Ratings.
  • Give you a summary of the top 4 Google Seller Ratings companies.
  • Top Companies to Get Google Seller Ratings



    Seller Ratings

    Target Business Size


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    Small to Medium


    Small to Medium


    Small to Medium



    $​349/mo - Seller Reviews
    $5​99/mo for Product Reviews





    Small to Medium

    Why It's Important to get Seller Ratings

    People don't ask their neighbor or friends for recommendations anymore. Today people look at online reviews before making a purchase. Think about it. Do you buy products from Amazon that have no reviews? I don't! Why should you treat your site any different. Getting reviews to display on Google Ads will most likely increase your CTR, lower your CPC, and increase conversions.

    Over the years, I have helped many of my clients sign up with a number of 33 companies that appear in this post. I made a list of them below in a table. There are about 7 out of 33 that I work with (or send business to). All the others are in non-English languages.

    33 Google Seller Rating Companies

    Here is the full list of all 33 Seller Ratings companies that are licensed by Google to syndicate reviews into your Google Ads CPC text ads (Adwords).



    (The site is in German and the company is located in Hamburg, Germany. Use this if your target audience speaks German.)

    (This is a shopper network. If you don’t sell through retail channels, don’t bother).

    (Run by Connexity. This is a market place. Stars will be on Bizrate, Shopzilla, Pricegrabber, etc. Stars will not show on your own domain, it’ll show on your shop within Bizrate.)

    (Awesome company based out of UK and Los Angeles, California. If you want a demo, go here. Ask for a demo from Michael (the owner) and tell him Francisco from Planet Marketing sent you).

    (Site is in French. Use only if you’re targeting French speakers. Located in Lille, France.)

    (This site is in Japanese. Don’t bother with this one unless your site is in Japanese)

    (While the site is site is in English, it’s a Dutch company based out of Netherlands)

    Based in Boston, Massachusetts. We wrote a blog post here:

    (Another site in French. Use only if your site is targeting French speakers)

    (This is in Netherlands. There’s an English site, but it looks like a comparison shopping engine specializing in computer hardware. Don’t bother with this site if you’re marketing your own business)

    (Based in Liberec, Czech Republic. Looks like some Comparison Shopping Site)

    (NL, UK, Germany, Belgium. Consider them if your target audience is based in Western Europe.)

    (Site is in Dutch. Consider if you are targeting buyers in Netherlands)

    (Japanese site. Skip this site. It looks scary!)

    (Located in Tokyo, Japan)

    (Site is in French. Use only if your target audience are strictly French speakers.)

    (Based in Chicago, IL, USA. We wrote a blog post about these guys here:

    (Based out of Sydney, Australia. Consider them if you target AUS or New Zealand)

    (I don’t recommend these guys at all. They were the 1st on the scene years ago, but bad customer service and variable pricing. You don’t know your bill the next month)

    (Good company based in UK. Call Callum, the owner, or Kehan Vale who lives in Irvine)

    (Based in London, UK. These guys are new to the scene)

    (Based in USA! They have a location in Utah and Florida. Planet Marketing uses Shopper Approved. Check out what the system looks like:

    (German language)

    (Based in Germany. Use if your target market are German speakers)

    Google added Sitejabber Feb 2019. This company has been around since 2008! They have over 2.5 million unique visitors per month.

    (Uhg, Stella sometimes rates companies without their permission. Based out of New York, NY. This is a hit and miss with Stella.)

    (Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Use if your target audience is in Malaysia and the surrounding Asian countries.)

    (Based in Europe. They started in Spain and now in UK)

    (Trustpilot is one of the recommended companies. Check out their info above)

    (Get a demo by a lady named Maud. She’s awesome. French company, but has offices in Florida, Massachusetts, Spain, France, Germany, and Brazil. Maud is in France and you’ll quickly notice her French accent.)

    (German site. Looks like a comparison shopping engine or market place)

    (Great company. Starts at $400+ per month. See the info above. We recommend this company! Heavily capitalized though through private funding. Israeli company with offices in London and USA. They are credible and expensive.)

    Based in Milan, Italy. Italian site.)

    Top 4 Google Seller Rating Companies

    Here are the top 4 companies we have sent business to. These are the companies that we recommend the most to our readers;

    Shopper Approved

    Shopper Approved
    Shopper Approved is our top recommended company for Google Seller Ratings.

    Planet Marketing has been sending business to Shopper Approved since 2014. Shopper Approved is great for small service based and ecommerce businesses. It’s even good for “Mom and Pop” companies. They are the cheapest one too. Since they are not backed by any venture capital, they do not have crazy pricing. Shopper Approved is a family owned company (Brandley family out of Utah) with no outside investment.

    Planet Marketing Deals

    ​Get​ the Shopper Approved discount by signing up using the Planet Marketing link today! What's more, you also get 30 days completely free when you sign up using our link. 
    Shopper Approved Dsiscount
    Get the amazing Planet Marketing offer! We, at Planet Marketing, have negotiated great deals for you from Shopper Approved. You are unlikely to come across these kinds of amazing deals anywhere else. Over the years, we have referred over 300 people to Shopper Approved. 

    Types of Reviews Offered by Shopper Approved

    There are three types of reviews out there, all of which are important for those who are looking to increase their businesses visibility;

    1. Seller Reviews: These are important for those who sell their goods and services online. Shopper Approved helps you display these in a number of strategic online places, including on Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Ad Networks.
    2. Product Reviews: Shopper Approved is also one of the few companies that are approved to push Product Reviews into Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and in Google Shopping. This gives your ads the kind of boost that they need in order to drive sales.
    3. Local Reviews: Local Reviews are important, particularly for businesses such as restaurants and hair salons. Shopper Approved offers the best way of collecting the reviews that you need in order to drive local traffic to your brick and mortar business.


    TrustPilot is another of the best known Review syndication companies that you are likely to come across out there. TrustPilot is one way through which you can help establish trust in your brand by collecting customer reviews and displaying them in a wide range of channels, including in Search, Social, Paid and offline Media. Trustpilot is great for large scale businesses.


    TrustPilot pricing plans start at $​349 per month, which is paid annually. The company is, therefore, much more expensive than Shopper Approved. If you wish to get the Enterprise package, you will have to contact the guys at TrustPilot to get a quote. The company does, however, have a free version that you can use to check out the services that are on offer.

    Verified Reviews

    Get a demo from Verified Reviews here!

    Verified Reviews is another of the companies that have been licensed to syndicate Seller Ratings into Google Ads. The company promises you greater visibility, and the possibility of boosting your Click-through-Rate (CTR) by up to 17%. The following are some of the benefits that you can expect should you decide to choose Verified Reviews;

    • Greater Visibility for your Products and Brand
    • Customer Loyalty
    • Trust
    • Conversion


    Get 10% OFF with our partner discount. And while you’re on the phone, ask for a 30 day free trial. There’s a cheesy video (with silly music) on their page, but it clearly explains what they do. LOL!

    Verified Reviews charges beginning at $99 per month, for which you get 400 reviews. This makes it one of the most competitive Review Syndication companies that you will be able to find out there at the moment. Talk to Maud (French girl out of France). She’s awesome.

    Feedback Company

    Feedback company is another of the names that you are likely to come across when looking for companies that have been approved to syndicate Seller Reviews in various places. The great thing about this company is that it is geared specifically towards giving your brand the kind of credibility and trust that all businesses can only dream of. The company offers the following;

    • Tailored Solutions
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Which is a measure of customer loyalty
    • Product Reviews
    • Secure storage for customer information


    Feedback Company’s pricing starts at 69 Pounds per month, which is about $89.49 at the prevailing rates.

    A Final Word

    As you can see, there are a number of companies that have been approved to syndicate seller ratings online. Choosing between them is a simple matter of deciding what it is that you are looking for and how much you are going to be willing to pay.

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