Is BBB worth it?

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Over the years I have been asked many times if spending money on BBB is worth it. Our company has managed many websites and marketing campaigns. I can definitely say that having an A+ BBB rating helps in proving credibility. But is BBB worth it? Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. This will all depend on your situation and your current web presence.

Here are some times that I recommend getting BBB. If your site is brand new and it has absolutely no credibility, get BBB. Only get it if you have a budget you don’t absolutely need because its going to cost you at least around $400. It will provide an incoming link to your website which Google will see as an authoritative link. And if you do decide to get it, reconsider renewing the following year. You will get two things out of this subscription if you have a new website. You will receive an incoming link and you will receive some credibility for your prospective customers.

I don’t really like the guidelines of the BBB because I feel they are really strict. If you get a negative feedback, you will get booted from an A plus down to a B depending on the size of your company. So, only get this if you already have an A rating, not a B or C rating. Also, one of our clients got taken to BBB arbitration and lost. They needed to refund 100% of the money to the customer.

There are much cheaper ways to get credibility vs having the BBB. I like to use them both in combination. You can use a third-party review website like Shopper Approved together with the BBB. Disclaimer – We are a Shopper Approved partner and have no problem referring them since we use it for our clients (and you won’t be going to arbitration like BBB). If you decide to get Shopper Approved, click on the image to get a 60-day free trial instead of the regular 30-day free trial. The pricing is normally $99/mo, but using our link it’s $79/mo. In addition to bring up even more credibility to your website, you can show the number of Facebook Likes per page. But that can take a long time to build up.

So is BBB worth it?

It will all depend on your budget if you are willing to put out money to get that BBB badge on your website. I would probably lean toward getting reviews from Shopper Approved. Here’s why. You could get a lot more reviews from Shopper Approved from your customers. In fact, you can send a URL with the feedback for to ALL your past customers and jump start the number of reviews you start with. Nobody goes to the BBB to leave positive reviews. Only pissed off customers go to the BBB to complain & I think that’s a really big problem with the BBB.

Oh and one last thing. While BBB may help convert a prospect into a customer, it will rarely, if ever, bring you a customer.


Add up your costs. BBB will cost you at least $400/yr, bring credibility, increase conversions, but won’t draw any traffic.

3rd party review sites like Shopper Approved will cost you $1,188/yr, bring credibility, increase conversions, and will draw traffic from Adwords, Bing Ads, and Google Shopping.

If you can afford both, get them. Also know your target market. If they care about BBB, get BBB. If your audience cares about reviews, get Shopper Approved.

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