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Disclaimer: We are affiliates of some of the companies that are mentioned in this article and may get paid should you sign up using our links. Also, this post is intended for informational purposes only. Getting fake business reviews can land you in TROUBLE! It can get your site banned from Google, Yelp, Amazon etc. Also, it’s illegal to get fake business reviews in the U.S. and the Federal Trade Commission can press charges. So don’t blame me should that ever happen!

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Wondering how to get fake business reviews? Will getting fake reviews really impact your business? Hi, I’m Francisco and I’m the owner of Planet Marketing, a digital marketing company. We specialize in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and remarketing. Today’s topic “How to get fake business reviews” is one that we always get through our Live Chat. Honestly speaking, this is a question that I hate! Yet as a marketing guru, it’s my job to know even the shady parts of the game! So, today I am going to show you how to get fake reviews reviews for your business. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Show you how to get fake business reviews
  2. Tell you why Fake reviews typically do not work
  3. Show you how to get real reviews for your business
  4. Give you a quick recap of this article

How to get Fake Business Reviews

So, how do you get fake business reviews? Most people get fake business reviews using VPNs that help them cover their tracks. Next, they create a multitude of email addresses. They then write fake reviews on their own, and, etc listings. Alternatively, you can get fake business reviews by hiring people on, and There are thousands of people on these platforms who specialize in creating fake reviews for businesses!

  1. Cover your tracks using a VPN
how to create fake business reviews
Use a VPN when creating fake business reviews

This is an important part of the process of getting fake business reviews. As already mentioned, getting fake business reviews is illegal and can get you banned by Google, Yelp and other online review platforms. However, if you are really determined, it’s easy enough for you to cover your tracks when creating false online reviews for your business. To do so, all that you need to is the following;

  • Use the HideMyAss VPN to create false IP addresses. In reality, you can use any good VPN for the purpose of creating fake business reviews.
  • Try to have the I.P that you get from your VPN in the same city as the business for which you wish to create false reviews.
  1. Create multiple email accounts
You need multiple email accounts to create Fake reviews
You need multiple email accounts to create Fake reviews

Having multiple email address is the next step in the process of creating fake reviews for your business. Creating an email address is not really that difficult. Yet you need to be really dedicated to create enough of them to make an impact. Anyway, you can save your email addresses and passwords on your desktop for easy reference.

  1. Go to,, etc
    to leave fake reviews for your business

Now that you have hidden yourself behind a VPN and have created multiple email accounts, you can now go to,, and other online reviews platforms to give yourself glowing reviews! Easy isn’t it?

  1. Hire freelancers to do the dirty work for you
Looking for fake reviews on Upwork
Looking for fake reviews on Upwork

If you do not wish to get soiled by your own dirty work, there is an alternative that will enable you get fake reviews for your business. Across the globe, there are thousands of freelancers who will do the job on your behalf! All that you need to do is be willing to pay for their services.

These freelancers can be found on such platforms as,, and many other places. If, as an example, you go to today and type in “get fake business reviews,” you will get plenty of results, as you can see in the above screenshot.

Side Note: There’s a company called Yext that directly plugs into many directories. You update your profile on Yext and BAM, your info is updated across all the platforms they plug into. If you want to get Yext’s service, go to their site. For all other people, if you want to get into free directories and leave yourself a review, go here and filter by “Directory”. There are 70+ directories you can get reviews on.

Why Fake Reviews Typically Don’t Work

Okay, now that I have shown you how to get fake business reviews, I am going to tell you why it’s not such a good idea to do so! In truth, fake reviews typically do not work! And why is that the case? There are a number of reasons why it’s not such a good idea for you to go about creating fake reviews for your business;

Fake reviews can get you prosecuted

Fake online reviews can get you arrested
Fake online reviews can get you arrested

However you go about getting them, the truth of the matter is that Fake business reviews make you liable to prosecution by the authorities. In Italy, one man was sentenced to 9 months in prison in 2019 for posting fake TripAdvisor reviews. In the United States, the FTC recently began prosecuting companies that paid for fake reviews to be posted on Amazon.

Google can easily detect suspicious activity from Gmail accounts

If you wish to create fake reviews for your Google My Business listing, you are not going to be able to do it using hotmail, yahoo or any other email account. In reality, you need to create a new Gmail account FOR EACH review! So, why is that impractical?

Well, fact of the matter is that Google has ways of spotting fake business reviews that are created this way! For one thing, Google can tell if you get reviews from new Gmail accounts. Maybe you won’t have a problem if you get only one such review? But 10 at once? That’s bound to raise suspicion.

Also, Google has ways of identifying email addresses that are created using VPN created proxy servers.  Should they suspect that you are spinning your IP address, you will be asked to verify your account using your phone number! So for 10 fake reviews, you will need 10 Gmail accounts and 10 different phone numbers. A whole lot of trouble for something that you can get the conventional way!

For Yelp reviews, you I.P addresses need to be in the same location as your business

Yelp is very good at detecting fake reviews
Yelp has ways of detecting fake reviews.

This is another thing that makes getting fake business reviews rather impractical. For some platforms, including Yelp, your I.P address needs to be located in the same city as your business in order for the whole thing to work.

If Yelp sees a business review coming from an IP address in India and the business is located in Denver, Colorado, it’s going to be blocked. This makes it rather impractical for you to try to get fake online reviews via Upwork, Frelancer and other platforms that we mentioned at the top!

If your ‘new’ Yelp profile has never left a review, then it’s most likely going to get filtered. In reality, fake reviews probably won’t work well on Yelp or Google because these two companies have algorithms in place to detect fake reviews.

How to get real business reviews

The reason why people resort to fake online reviews is that they are either too lazy to do things the right way or they are simply ignorant about the procedures. In fact, most people are not aware of the power of online reviews.

Online reviews contribute towards SEO rank
Online reviews are an important SEO factor

Truth of the matter is; Google factors reviews into their algorithms. Bad reviews = poor rankings. Google looks at reviews across the internet. They will look at your Better Business Bureau reviews, Google Reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews, etc. This data contributes to your SEO score. So, how do you get real business reviews?

Ask for reviews from past customers

When I have clients that need positive reviews, we send out a blast email to ALL past customers asking for a “Positive 5 Star Review”. In this email blast, we put links to their Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, BBB, etc pages. Yelpers will leave reviews on Yelp. People who have Android can leave reviews on Google. Facebook users will leave reviews on Facebook. In other words, we let the past customer choose which platform to leave a review on.

The trick, in any case, is to make it easy for your customers to give you feedback. Most people are not going to do it without being asked first! Of course, some platforms, such as Yelp, frown of the solicitation for reviews, but Google actively encourages it!

Automate the process using an online review aggregator

I understand if you’re just starting a new company and you’re looking for fake reviews, but any company that has already had customers does NOT need to risk getting their site penalized or removed from Google, Yelp, BBB, etc.

Shopper Approved Dsiscount
Automate the process of getting online reviews at a discount with Shopper Approved

If you want to automate the review process, I recommend using a Google Approved 3rd Party Review Aggregator like Shopper Approved. This is a paid service and the ratings can show on your Google Ads, Google Organic, and Product Pages (if you have an ecommerce site).

A quick recap

Here is a summary of how to get fake business reviews; You’ll need to change your IP address to the city where the business is located. You’ll need new email addresses. Most likely fake reviews won’t work on Yelp or Google. They will most likely work on sites like, but nobody goes to those sites anyway.

It’s illegal to leave fake reviews. You can get banned from Google, Yelp, Bing, etc. If you have past customers, reach out to them with a blast email asking for positive reviews. If you want to automate the review process and get REAL reviews, go to Shopper Approved. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below!

Disclaimer: Planet Marketing is a Shopper Approved affiliate. However, we have recommended hundreds of companies to Shopper Approved and most of them are happy! So don’t hesitate to sign up using our link!

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  2. I am a wholesaler and my customers would not like their competitors to know where the goods are procured from. if I get real reviews from my past customers, other competitors ( of my customer ) will come to know where the goods are procured from ? But I need reviews to acquire new customers….what do I do in that case…..?

    1. You are in a unique situation. Maybe if you can get only the first name to display instead of the name of the company who is leaving the review. Call Shopper Approved. They’ll let you know.

  3. I agree that companies publish fake reviews often but few legitimate companies get genuine reviews of their customers by email. Use of VPN is quite common in getting reviews from multiple locations of the world .

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    1. You’re welcome. Starting off a business is the hardest part. You should get reviews from all your past customers if you can.

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