Google Seller Ratings: The key for every online shop

Google Seller Ratings: The key for every online shop

Does your online shop advertise via Google Ads? Do you wish to maximize your ROI and get the most out of your advertising budget? Hi, my name is Francisco, and today, I am going to show you how your online shop can beat everyone else using Google Seller Ratings. I own a company called Planet Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency. I specialize in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Remarketing. Over the years I have helped hundreds of online shops reach the top using Google Seller Ratings. In this article, I will;

  1. Define Google Seller Ratings
  2. Show you why Google Seller ratings are key for every online shop

What are Google Seller Ratings?

I have written quite a lot about Google Seller Ratings on this blog. Check out my article on how to get star ratings in Google Ads if you wish to learn more. This section will be something of a summary. So, what are Google Seller Ratings? And how can you get them for your online store?

seller ratings and product ratings

As noted above, I have helped quite a number of eCommerce businesses get Google Seller Ratings over the past few years. I mainly refer people to a company called Shopper Approved, which is one of the few that are licensed by Google to syndicate data for use in Seller Ratings. But I get ahead of myself!

If you carry out a search on Google today, you may get ads as part of the search results. On some of these ads, you will notice a 5 star based rating system. Those are Google Seller Ratings. They appear not only on Google Ads, but also in Google Shopping.

Seller ratings are meant to show potential buyers how well a business is perceived by its customers. That’s important in today’s world. As an eCommerce business, you should know that people rely a lot on reviews before making a purchase. That’s something that we are going to discuss later in this article.

How different are Seller Ratings from Product Ratings? 

Seller Ratings, as their name suggests, are for a particular seller, such as your online shop. However, they are not the only kind of rating that’s out there. You will also come across Product Ratings. These are for specific products, such as an HP laptop or a Canon Camera. Product Ratings are also important. Some of the companies that get you Seller Ratings will also get you Product Ratings.

Where do Google Seller Ratings come from?

I have already given you a hint of the answer to this question. Seller Ratings are based on online reviews. But where does Google get this data? Well, there are 30 companies that are approved to push data from reviews to Google for use in Seller Ratings.Companies approved for Seller Ratings

Some of the companies approved by Google for Seller Ratings

You can also get Seller Ratings from Google Customer Reviews. The Google Approved review syndication companies charge monthly fees for their services. Google Customer Reviews is free. However, there is a caveat (isn’t there always one?). Google Customer Reviews is not easy to install on a site. You may need to hire somebody to do the installation and management on your behalf. So, therein lie the costs!

Which Online Review Syndication company works best? 

To be fair, any of the above-mentioned 30 Google Approved online review syndication companies will do for your business. Otherwise, Google would probably not have licensed them! However, a lot of them are in other languages, as you will notice. So, you may have to look for ones that are in English. Of these, I have worked with the following;

Shopper Approved

Google Seller Ratings: The key for every online shop

Shopper Approved is a good bet if you are looking for Seller Ratings for your online shop

In my view, Shopper Approved is one of the best online review companies that can be found out there. Over the years, I have referred over 300 eCommerce businesses to Shopper Approved. A lot of them have come back to say thank you for the advice.

And none of them have come back threatening to beat me up for a wrong referral. So, I know that this company is good. Some of the people who I have referred to Shopper Approved have been with the company for over 5 years. Some for even longer! Shopper Approved Offers the following;

  • Seller Ratings
  • Reviews on your eCommerce website
  • Product Ratings
  • Local Reviews
  • Tools to help you gather reviews both on and offline
  • Automated management of reviews
How much does Shopper Approved cost?

Shopper Approved is one of the cheapest companies for Seller Ratings. That’s important if you are a small business. Unfortunately, they have since hidden their pricing data. So, if you want to know how much you are going to pay, you will have to get in touch. But you can expect the least priced plan to cost you around $200 per month. That’s actually a pittance considering the benefits that you can get from Seller Ratings.

NB: I am a Shopper Approved affiliate. So, I may get paid should you sign up for this company using my link.



Trustpilot is another good bet for Seller Ratings

Trustpilot is another company that you can use to get Seller Ratings for you online store. Like Shopper Approved, Trustpilot is approved by Google for both Seller and Product ratings. It will also get you local ratings. In terms of cost, Trustpilot is almost at par with Shopper Approved.

But Trustpilot is one of the few companies in the industry that are still displaying pricing information. As you can see in the above screenshot, Trustpilot costs $199 per month for the lowest plan. So, this is another company that you may wish to check out.

If you are interested in TrustPilot, sign up here. They have a free trial. So, you can check them out before signing up.

How does the process of getting seller ratings for your online shop work? 

Your online shop needs Seller Ratings, but how does the process work? Well, first of all, you sign up with a company such as Shopper Approved. Once that is done, their software will be installed on your shop. Each time that somebody buys something, they will be asked to leave a review concerning their experience.

This feedback is displayed on your shop. This helps motivate other buyers to buy from you. It’s the major reason why you will see reviews being displayed by big eCommerce businesses such as Amazon and eBay. The idea is to get people a glimpse into the experiences of their peers.

Not only are reviews displayed on your eCommerce store, but they are also syndicated to Google for use in Seller Ratings. Reviews are also syndicated to other platforms such as Bing and to Social Media. But we are focused on Google Ads in this article. 

Why Google Seller Ratings are Key for Online Shops

Hope you now have clarity on the definition of Google Seller Ratings. I also hope you can differentiate between Seller Ratings and Product Ratings. As noted several times in this article, Seller Ratings are important if you own an online shop. But why is that the case?

1. They can help boost your CTR by up to 17%

According to Google, eCommerce businesses that show Seller Ratings in their Google Ads can expect their CTR to increase by up to 17%. This translates into a potential 17% increase in sales. Clearly, Seller Ratings can have a huge impact on your business’ performance.

In fact, studies by independent researchers have shown even better results. One study achieved a CTR increase of 35% through the use of Seller Ratings. Those are amazing figures. It’s why every eCommerce business should sign up to get Seller Ratings on their Google Ads.

2. Seller Ratings increase visibility for your ads

There is a reason why people gravitate towards businesses that display Seller Ratings. Those five small stars may appear to be of minor significant. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. At a superficial level, Seller Ratings increase the visibility of your ads. Remember you are not the only one operating within the marketplace.

Seller Ratings

There is competition, and your competitors are probably also advertising though Google Ads. So, you will be gunning for the same keywords and your ads will appear on the same SERPs. The good news is that not every eCommerce business out there uses Seller Ratings. So, you can give your ads better visibility. People are naturally drawn towards those golden stars.

3. Seller Ratings help increase trust in your online shop

Much of today’s commerce takes place online. However, that platform has a number of challenges. For one thing, there are many people online whose sole occupation is simply to try and swindle people of their hard earned money all over the internet. As a result, the world has become rather wary.

The key to success in this environment is to foster trust. And one way of building that trust is through the use of Seller Ratings for your eCommerce shop. Displaying Seller Ratings on your Google Ads tells people that your business is trustworthy. It has already been tried by other people and they have found it satisfactory.

4. Up to 90% consult online reviews before making purchasing decisions

Are you aware that today, up to 90% of buyers will first consult online reviews before making a purchase. Not only that, but over 80% trust the feedback that is left online by complete strangers. Reviews are, therefore, quite important.

And Seller Ratings are an extension of reviews. You can think of them as a graphic illustration of reviews. Instead of going through tons of feedback, a person gets all the information that they need about a company by simply looking at the five stars.

One star says a company sucks. Two say it sucks less. Three says it also sucks, but by a better margin. In fact, most people will not bother doing business with a company that has one, two or three star ratings. And as an eCommerce business, you will have to be pretty atrocious to have that kind of rating.Enter your text here…

Four stars tell a potential buyer that a company is probably good enough. 4 and a half stars say the company is great. Five stars say there is probably something wrong with the rating system. Nobody is that good, right? So, this could be taken as a sign of gaming of the system. People expect negative reviews, as I am fond of saying on this blog. One of two will actually help your business! Not that you should actively seek them!

5. Seller Ratings help online shops achieve better advertising ROIs. 

Marketing tends to be one of the biggest expenses for eCommerce businesses. The marketplace is crowded, and you increasingly need to pay more to achieve the same results. Of course, there are cheaper options, such as Facebook Ads. However, the cost can still be an impediment, particularly for small players.

You could also talk about SEO. However, though SEO is great, it takes time. You probably won’t achieve results for a couple of years. It can sometimes appear as if you are pouring money into a bottomless pit. Advertising provides the bridge that you need. But, you need to do everything in your power to get better returns on your investment.

One way of doing this is through the use of Seller Ratings for your online shop. The increase in CTR that we noted earlier means you will be paying less for the same results. Or perhaps you will be getting better results for the same amount. It also means you don’t have to outbid your competitors to appear on number one on the advertising slot for your target keywords.

In fact, you can be placed third, but you will still perform better than the first and second-placed businesses. That’s assuming that you will be displaying Google Seller Ratings and they will not be doing the same. People naturally gravitate towards those 5 stars. It’s a simple but effective way of getting noticed.


Clearly, Google Seller Ratings are key for every online shop. That’s particularly the case if you advertise on Google. Seller ratings are a good way through which you can draw your target audience to your shop. That’s important if you wish to have an edge over your competitors.

In this article, I showed you how to get Seller Ratings. If you want to do it the right way, you should sign up with any of the Google Approved review syndication companies that are out there. Of these, my favorite is Shopper Approved. I have referred hundreds of eCommerce businesses to this company over the years. So, feel free to check Shopper Approved out today!

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