How to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

Online newsletters and Ezines, the most cost-effective tools, enable you to market your business. When visitors to your website subscribe to the newsletter email list, they wish to establish a relationship with you. More the number of people who opt to sign up for your list, the more you’ll sell.

Once people opt-in for your newsletter in their inbox, you can develop that relationship by establishing trust. Nail down sales by sending your subscribers newsletters regularly. Detailed here are ways you can get more subscribers to your newsletter.

Encourage Existing Subscribers to Forward Your Newsletter

Motivating subscribers to forward your newsletter to their friends will help you reach more subscribers. Nevertheless, this isn’t as effective as including a Tell-a-friend button on your web page, or getting visitors to share your post via Twitter or Facebook. When you persuade people to forward an email, ensure they can click on a link to compose an online message, as all email programs don’t permit you to forward images and attachments. Moreover, by permitting people to send the message in this fashion, you can monitor how many of them have actually spread the word.

Include a Newsletter Signup Option to Your Comment Box

Most often, commenting sections require users to enter their email address to add a comment (primarily done to prevent spam). As they’re already including their email, you could add a “signup for newsletter” checkbox alongside as well. Any spot where visitors insert their email address presents a great opportunity to include a subscriber checkbox for opting in to your email list.

Include a Subscription Option on Each Page of Your Website

Usually, businesses restrict the number of entry options for the public. And most website owners treat their home page as that “front door” for the public. But it’s not! Rather than have one “door” on your website, you can have as many “doors” as the pages on your site.

Depending on what a random visitor searches, they may land on your credentials page or one of your product pages. They may also land on some other page of your website and never visit your home page at all. Hence, it’s beneficial to get your newsletter signup box on all pages.

Include Testimonials to Show What Other Newsletter Subscribers Think

Of course, you think your newsletter is priceless, but that’s not what the visitors to your website want to know. They’d be interested to know what other readers think about your newsletter. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to save all the glowing comments of your readers. Request their permission to post their testimonials. Include the finest among them on your newsletter subscription signup page.

Offer a Free Gift

Of course, your free gift must be downloadable because there’ll no delivery charges to the visitors who subscribe to your newsletter. Simplify the entire process by inserting a link to your freebie. Send a thank you token to your new subscribers as well.

Use QR Codes

Quick Response Codes, labeled QR Codes, are an effective method of engaging the Smartphone market online. They are barcode-like symbols that can be scanned. If the data in the symbol comprises a URL, the web page will open directly on the individual’s Smartphone.

The most interesting aspect of QR codes is that you can distribute them almost anywhere—on postcards, on business cards, on stickers, and on temporary tattoos.


Newsletter subscribers are invaluable soft leads for your business. With gentle cajoling, they could one day end up as your full-fledged, loyal customers or clients. Your goal should not be to simply grow your list. You must aim to grow the number of individuals in your online community who engage with you on a regular basis. Grow the number of your subscribers who routinely maintain a vibrant relationship with you. Grow the number of customers who give your business their time or money.

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