Facebook Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for eCommerce shops

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​Are you ​looking to do Facebook Marketing for an eCommerce Store? ​Do you know the ​Do’s and Don’ts of advertising on ​the platform? ​Hi, my name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing, a Digital Marketing agency. My company specializes in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Remarketing. This article aims to show you the do’s and don’ts of marketing your eCommerce business on Facebook. It is divided into the following sections;

Why do Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Stores

The reasons for doing Facebook Ads for eCommerce Stores are easy enough to understand. We have already noted that Facebook is the biggest social networking platform that can be found out there. So, if you want to meet your target audience at the place where they spend most of their days, then Facebook is where you should go. 

Facebook Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for eCommerce Shops

Facebook is the place to be if you want to meet your target audience

I have previously written a Facebook Ads for eCommerce article. Check it out and you will see a lot more information on why you need to start advertising on the platform. In that article, I also show you the best Campaign Objective when advertising eCommerce businesses on Facebook. This is something that I will talk about later in this post. 

Facebook Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for eCommerce

Facebook marketing works great for eCommerce businesses. But there are some things that you need to do to make it work. And there are other things that you should try to avoid at all costs. The following are some of the Facebook Marketing do’s and don’ts for eCommerce;

1. Do Remarketing


What’s the best way of advertising eCommerce businesses on Facebook? To get the best out of Facebook Ads, you need to do Remarketing. But what is remarketing and how does it work?

What is Remarketing

Have you ever noticed that there are some ads that seemingly follow your across the internet? That’s remarketing at work. Remarketing is, simply put, retargeting. You get a second chance at converting people. 

It a way of taking note of people’s interest when they visit your website. From there, they are then shown relevant ads as they move from one site to another. That increases the chances of conversion by as much as 400%. So, remarketing is a big deal.

Just to give an example, you may go to an auto dealer’s website. Perhaps you are interested in buying a new car. But that’s not something that you are going to do there and then. It’s more likely that you will flip through the cars on the dealers’ website before leaving.

Most of the time, when you leave a site, you forget all about your interest. But if that auto dealer is doing remarketing, your interest on their site will be noted. Then if they do Google Ads, your ads featuring the products that they were interested in on your site will be shown.

How does Facebook Remarketing work?

The scenario that we have been describing above shows remarketing done through Google. Remarketing on Facebook is pretty much the same. But there are some things that you are going to need to do to make it work for your eCommerce store;

You need to install Facebook Pixel

Remarketing on Facebook works through Pixel. Pixel is basically code that you install on a website. The purpose is to track visitor interest. So, let’s assume that you are an eCommerce store selling men’s clothing. What you will need to do if you wish to do remarketing through Facebook is to install Pixel on your site.

If you need help in this regard, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. This is what I do for a living. So, the next time that somebody visits your site, they may show an interest in a particular product in your catalog. For this example, we will assume that the person is interested in Nike shoes that are on sale on your site.

But, as is the case with most visits to eCommerce sites, the person leaves your site without buying anything. Remember that eCommerce conversion rates stand at about 2.86%. So, most people leave seemingly in a huff. Some of them even add things to their carts. But they abandon those carts without buying anything.

Pixel tracks people’s interest and shows them relevant ads on Facebook

The wonder of Facebook remarketing is that Pixel notes the above mentioned person’s interest. So, the next time that they visit Facebook, they are shown ads featuring those shoes that they were interested in on your site. So, you get another chance to convert them.

It’s essential for eCommerce sites to do Remarketing

Installing Pixel on your site is an absolute must for eCommerce sites. If you have not been doing this, then you have been losing out on a lot of potential sales. So, you need to get off your bottom and get going! Remarketing is the way for you to get a second chance at marketing. So, you need to do it to make sure that you don’t lose out.

2. Do Upload your Catalog to Facebook

This is another thing that you need to do if you wish to successfully market your eCommerce store on Facebook. When creating Facebook Ads, you need to choose what is referred to as a Campaign Objective. The Campaign Objective has a huge bearing on the trajectory of your ads.

A number of Campaign Objectives can do when it comes to creating Facebook Ads for eCommerce. However, one of the best is Catalog Sales. If you choose this particular Campaign Objective, people will be shown goods that are in your catalog.

When they click on the product, they will be taken to your website where they can complete the purchase. Catalog Sales works great with Remarketing through Pixel. Pixel determines the products in which people were interested on your site. When they visit Facebook, they are shown ads featuring those products. So, by uploading an entire catalog, that ensures that you don’t have to create multiple ads each featuring its own products.

3. Integrate your eCommerce store to Facebook

One great way of simplifying life for your business is by integrating your eCommerce store to Facebook.Remember I have just been talking about uploading your catalog for use in your Facebook Ads?

Integrate your shop with Facebook

Integrate your eCommerce store with Facebook

The best way of doing it is by integrating your eCommerce platform to Facebook. This is something that I can do for you if you need help. The great thing about doing this is that your ads get updated as you update products in your catalog. So, it’s a great way of automating your Facebook Ads campaigns.

4. Do Create Dynamic Facebook Ads

This tip works along with the 2 that we have already given above. The way to go for eCommerce businesses that wish to get the most out of Facebook Ads is to create dynamic ads. Dynamic ads work as we have been describing; they feature multiple products from your Catalog.

So, each person is shown a different product depending on their interest on your site. That’s great in that you don’t end up showing a general ad to people. Each individual is show an ad that corresponds exactly to what they are interested in. That way, they are much more likely to buy.

5. Do Create a Facebook Page

The Planet Marketing Facebook Page

The Planet Marketing Facebook Page

Facebook Ads are one way though which eCommerce stores can do marketing on Facebook. However, there is another way of reaching out to people free of charge. Every eCommerce store that’s out there needs to create a Facebook Page.

The beauty of Facebook Pages is that they are free of charge. So, you don’t have an excuse for not having one. However, don’t think that they don’t work simply because they are free. In fact, Facebook pages work great as far as marketing your brand is concerned.  A Facebook Page allows you to do the following;

  • You can use your page to create brand loyalty by promoting engagement between your business and its customers.
  • A Facebook page can be used as a place for answering questions from prospective buyers. Buyers always have that extra bit of doubt that prevents them from making a purchase. Use the Page to reassure them, and you will see your bottom line increasing.
  • You can promote new product launches on your Facebook page. This helps create the hype that you need to make your launches a success.

6. Do Promote Events

Facebook Events are another way of marketing your business on the platform. Event’s are something that you should always do. Let’s say you have a new line of product that you wish to launch. Talk about it on Facebook and create an event for the launch day. generally, you want to get people talking about your upcoming launch. That significantly simplifies things for you going forward.

7. Don’t engage your customers in public arguments

This is one major pitfall that comes when doing marketing on Facebook. Remember we said that you should have a Facebook Page? Well, what do you do if you start getting negative reviews on the Page? One thing to note is that negative reviews are an inevitable fact of life for almost all businesses.

Don't engage in fights with your customers on Facebook

Don’t engage in fights with your customers on Facebook

But the last thing that you need to do is to engage in public slugging matches with your customers. The major problem that comes from doing this is that the digital sphere is not that forgiving. A review that’s written today will still be around ten, twenty years from now. And people will still be able to read that review.

So, what you need to do if you come across some irate customer is to make sure that you talk to them behind the scenes. Try to understand what their problem is and do everything in your power to resolve it. That way, you will be able to convince them to review their negative comment.

8. Do provide people with useful content

Marketing in general is all about visibility. If you can become more visible than your competitors, you will have won the battle. One way of gaining visibility is by providing people with useful content. Try to avoid making your ads and your posts all about you.

Rather, make your posts all about your customers. What is it that they can benefit by engaging in business with you? For eCommerce websites, this can be challenging. What kind of content can a shop selling men’s shirts offer?

You may think that you have nothing, but that’s not actually the case. How about producing a short clip showing how to take care of men’s shirts? Or how to choose the right colors? There is no end to the stories that you can produce in this regard.  

9. Don’t make your Facebook posts all text

Still need some more Facebook Marketing do’s and don’ts? Facebook is mostly visual. Nobody is going to want to read whole paragraphs of text. So, as you market you eCommerce store on Facebook, this is something that you need to keep in mind. Use as many good quality images as is possible.

Visual has appeal on Facebook

But why do photos? Well, photos are much more likely to get likes and shares than text. So, that’s the way that you may want to go. Try to make your photos as good as possible but don’t stress too much over it. Facebook, after all, is all about being informal. So, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer. 

10. Don’t ignore questions from your customers

 I know this can be difficult, particularly for very large businesses. Nevertheless, you should try to respond to all the engagements that you get from Facebook. Otherwise you are going to miss out on people who are genuinely interested in doing business with your brand.

Some brands make the mistake of doing Facebook seriously for a few weeks and then disappearing from the scene. This is something that you should never do. Otherwise people will look elsewhere for answers to their queries. Where possible, have a team dedicated to this. 

11. Do ask questions to promote engagement

Asking questions is one way of promoting engagement with your prospects on Facebook. A simple question like; “What’s your boyfriend/husband’s favorite color?” will attract a lot of attention. Remember that we are still using the example of a brand that sells man’s clothing.

What you should avoid doing is to simply dictate what you think to your followers. Remember it’s not about you. It’s about the customer and what they think. So, asking questions is a great way of making sure that you understand how people feel. You can then use this data in product development.

12. Do get in touch with me for the best eCommerce marketing campaigns on Facebook

Those are the do’s and don’ts of Marketing eCommerce businesses on Facebook. ​My final tips is a bit personal. Facebook Ads are my bread and butter. They are what I wake up to do every day. Over the years, I have worked with countless eCommerce businesses to develop kickass marketing campaigns on Facebook.

If you want to start getting sales today, get in touch with me. I have a Facebook Ads Setup Plan that you can sign up for. Once you have done this, I will set up everything for you. I will even give you 2 live ads. Going forward, you will have everything that you need to run your own Facebook Ads Marketing Campaigns for your eCommerce business. 

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