Facebook Ads for Employment Companies: things you have to know

What makes Facebook an effective recruitment channel

Facebook remains a popular platform

Despite the credibility issues Facebook has been experiencing recently, this social media remains one of the most frequently visited worldwide. With about 1.9 billion users daily, this website has a diverse and quite active audience. People with different backgrounds, views, and interests use it not only as a networking tool but also for promoting certain goods, products, and companies. 

Facebook offers a lot of potential candidates

Among other functions, Facebook is also broadly used for job postings. Recruiters can publish jobs, either on the company pages or use Jobs on Facebook. Although this social media is not specifically targeted at job seekers, the number of users is tremendous. Therefore, specialists have a high chance to find someone who could be a good fit for the company. Unlike LinkedIn or specific hiring platforms, Facebook is effective when it comes to sourcing both, passive and active candidates. 

People use Facebook more often than hiring platforms

On top of that, it is a good instrument if you operate in a tough labor market. For example, blue-collar specialists actively use Facebook and don’t show much interest in other special hiring platforms or job search engines. They would sooner look for new vacancies via their friends or former colleagues. 

Recruitment campaign: factors to keep in mind

Define the ultimate goal of the Facebook ads

There is no secret that any advertisement has an ultimate goal. To run a successful recruitment campaign, specialists have to understand what exactly they are aimed at. Do they want to raise general brand awareness or fill particular positions? Is your company planning to find many employees for similar positions, or is it looking for one specialist? These questions might look obvious. However, it’s always good to answer them before launching a campaign.

Define people you are looking for

Another crucial factor is to understand who and when they are looking for. The answer to the first question determines what platforms are better to use. Facebook recruiting has become quite popular among specialists thanks to the average age of the users. They are younger than on LinkedIn. Thus, if you target potential employees for internships or entry-level jobs, Facebook could be a good choice. Another crucial point is using mobile phones. People log into Facebook from desktops less frequently. If future employees are expected to use mobile phones actively, try to reach out to them via the same communication channel. It also determines the way how the job ad should look like. 

Align your target audience with recruitment goals

Let’s not forget that LinkedIn is a platform for professionals who may already have a degree and certain job experience. They won’t be interested in junior positions. On top of that, many of the users are either not considering new job opportunities or actively looking for them and require detailed descriptions of the vacancies. In the latter case, specialists will have to prepare an in-depth job description. Thus, make sure you know your target audience well and align the recruitment process with its ultimate goal. 

Get to know all features of Facebook offers

Successful recruitment campaigns are not always paid

Before launching a recruitment campaign, make sure you know a lot about everything Facebook ads instruments can offer. For instance, don’t forget that you can run not only sponsored ones but also free advertisements. The platform lets you as an employer publish job openings on Facebook business pages. These vacancies get automatically posted on the job marketplace. It helps companies reach a broader audience for less money and supports the employer brand. However, to start doing that, a company should have a clear understanding of what they need to achieve. By the way, Facebook has recently shifted to a more UX based approach, so users can better and faster understand how to deal with numerous features this platform offers. Specialists, such as Facebook ads managers can help companies launch campaigns. However, recruiters can also figure out how to do that.

Consider interest-based targeting

Facebook has quite sophisticated targeting capabilities, so while running a recruitment campaign specialists can selectively interact with users who, according to them, will be the best fit. Let’s consider interest-based targeting. This feature works well on Facebook and helps recruiters find people who are more prone to share company values or missions. Facebook’s algorithms allow making conclusions based on the content users like and share. A profound understanding of the target audience is the key to a successful recruitment campaign. 

Learn more about the lookalike audiences

Another Facebook perk you might not have heard of is the ability to reach out to lookalike audiences. If you have elaborated a perfect candidate profile (based on the best-performing employees or candidates with the strongest skills) Facebook will help you find more similar candidates. Recruiters can keep refining the lookalike audiences until they find people who fit the positions the most. 

Creating successful Facebook ads

Make your company page attractive

If Facebook users are the perfect match for the vacancy, make sure you have prepared to interact with them. Any recruitment campaign on this social media has to be based on a robust Facebook presence. It means you can’t just start posting vacancies hoping people will immediately engage with them. 

First, introduce your company and explain why it is a desirable place to work. Do you have a well-organized company page? Is your career page regularly updated? Do you post enough texts, videos, pictures, reactions to events that shed the light on the company vision and mission?  Another crucial moment is communication between the company and potential job seekers. Can they reach out to the company representatives via messages or comments under the posts? All these details play a crucial role when it comes to building trust and healthy interaction with potential employees

Send clear messages

Increasing awareness of the employer brand in social media is a must and helps you maximize any of your future strategies, be it attracting new customers, promoting products or filling the vacancies. Another point worth our attention is that recruitment ads should have a good visual with a clear message. It has to be catchy for job seekers and clearly describe the position itself, main responsibilities, and requirements the candidate should meet. This piece of advice applies not solely to Facebook ads. However, users’ attention span in social media is low, so to get their attention, the campaign should be creative, catchy, and clear. 

Don’t limit yourself only to Facebook

Although Facebook ads prove their efficiency in the recruitment process, they can’t be the only method of attracting job seekers. Facebook is a good platform for strategic recruitment. It helps you build brand awareness, drives traffic to the websites, makes people interact with your service or product. So, if you are looking for a specialist with a certain education and work experience, Facebook is unlikely to help you find this person fast. It’s always a good idea to simply spread the job posting among the current employees. They could share information among their friends and former colleagues. Thus, you could organically find more people who have already heard about the company and would eagerly apply for the position. This tactic also proved its effectiveness. However, if the company needs many specialists, Facebook word of mouth won’t be efficient. 

Follow the instructions 

Define objects of Facebook ads campaign

Another moment you have to keep in mind is the mechanism of advertisements on Facebook. While creating the ad campaign, define its object. If you choose to ‘’reach’’, it will mean you are boosting the visibility of your advertisement, so as many people as possible can see your offer. The ‘’Conversions’’ option will prompt potential candidates to apply.

Facebook allows you to target users of a specific age, language, location, and gender. Detailed targeting also includes even interests and behaviour factors. 

Recruiters can also choose whether Facebook itself displays the ads (based on their analytics) or hiring specialists will do that on their own. Don’t forget that addressing different groups means having different messages to them. If you’re interested in young professionals, don’t be afraid of using less formal vocabulary. If your goal is to create a multinational team of people speaking different languages, let your ads be truly international and be translated into different languages.

Customize the layout of your ads

Create the ad customized for your needs, be it promoting all your openings or the particular one. Select the layout of your ads (it can be a carousel, video, image, slideshow, or video). Try different options and see what brings the most feedback. Running experiments will help you find the best way to engage with potential candidates. 

While describing the vacancy, prefer the clear and brief job titles over the buzzwords. Be clear concerning your expectations. Don’t forget about the call to action point in the ads. There should be links that bring users more detailed information on the vacancy. The “Apply Now” button will help users respond to the job opening faster. 

Measure your success

To make the Facebook ad campaign for recruitment more productive, measure the achieved results. Use metrics to estimate how these ads are performing across different social groups and people of different age. Track you many people visited the website after they saw the ad. Distribute the budget, so you could easily switch to new tactics if some of them show their capacity better. Therefore, there is no need to make ads of one type and show them for months. Be ready to optimize them according to users’ preferences. 

Taking into account the number of users and the speed at which Facebook is developing new features for the ads, we can say that this recruitment channel will keep gaining popularity. Recruiters have to pay close attention to it because Facebook is a good instrument for raising brand awareness and attracting potential candidates. It allows making data-driven decisions and helps reach out to the most interested job seekers.

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