7 Reasons why Online Reviews Matter

Importance of Online Reviews Online reviews are something that you will hear mentioned when people talk about marketing for businesses, large and small. The feedback that people leave across various internet based platforms, including Yelp, Google and Shopper Approved, plays an important role in purchasing decisions by their peers. Here, in any case, are 7… Continue reading 7 Reasons why Online Reviews Matter

Trustpilot vs Ekomi + Alternatives

Now, this article has been a long time coming. We have, over the past few months, received a number of requests from our readers for a comparison article covering Trustpilot and Ekomi. Things kept cropping up, but now, here we are. If you have been following this blog, you will know that online reviews are… Continue reading Trustpilot vs Ekomi + Alternatives

Trustpilot vs Bizrate +Alternatives

The first thing that you need to do, when it comes to choosing an online reviews aggregating company for your business is concerned, is understand what your requirements are. What is it that you are looking for and what do you understand about the companies whose solutions can be found out there? This Trustpilot vs… Continue reading Trustpilot vs Bizrate +Alternatives

Trustpilot vs Reviews.co.uk + Alternatives

Of the many things that can help grow your business in today’s tech savvy world, online reviews are, without down, one of the most useful. Yet, contrary to what people may think, reviews have always played a prominent part in decisions by people to buy one product or the other. This trustpilot vs reviews.co.uk write-up… Continue reading Trustpilot vs Reviews.co.uk + Alternatives

Yotpo vs TrustPilot – Pricing + 2 Alternatives

The importance of using Star Ratings to help grow your business can never be overemphasized. Online marketing and selling is all about creating a positive vibe, and nothing draws people better than the knowledge that their peers have already tried out a particularly product or service, and have found it to be desirable. Star Ratings… Continue reading Yotpo vs TrustPilot – Pricing + 2 Alternatives

Trustpilot vs Bazaarvoice + Alternatives

The thing that you may not realize is that, as far as getting Star Ratings in Google Shopping and in your AdWords Ads is concerned, your success is very much going to depend on the company that you choose to do business with. Trustpilot and Bazaarvoice are, without doubt, two of the biggest companies that… Continue reading Trustpilot vs Bazaarvoice + Alternatives

Trustpilot vs ResellerRatings + Alternatives

Before we get down to the business of this Trustpilot vs ResellerRatings article, there are a number of things that we first need to get out of the way. The discussion will help you understand why Star Rating extensions are so important and why you should strive to get them for your business. All about Star… Continue reading Trustpilot vs ResellerRatings + Alternatives

How to Get Reviews for Your Website

One of the things that most people are not aware of is the fact that online reviews have a significant impact on the way that people view brands and products. If you own an online store, getting reviews for your website is, therefore, of paramount importance. We have previously written an article in which we… Continue reading How to Get Reviews for Your Website

How to Get Local Reviews- Greater Local Visibility for Businesses

Why Local Reviews are Important Let’s face it; although we have long talked about the world becoming a global village, with companies having the ability to reach out to customers without regard for national boundaries, the fact still remains that a large part of the businesses that exist out there are localized in nature. Another… Continue reading How to Get Local Reviews- Greater Local Visibility for Businesses

Are Reviews a Ranking Factor?

Do Search Engines Use Online Reviews as a Ranking Factor? If you are like the majority of bloggers and website owners who are out there, you are probably seized with the process of giving your site greater Search Engine visibility. That is hardly surprising, considering the fact  that Search Engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing,… Continue reading Are Reviews a Ranking Factor?

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