Best Web Hosting Companies for Small, Medium, Large Businesses

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Mid-Level Hosting Companies

bluehost logoSmall CompaniesProvo, UtahNoJump to Bluehost SummaryRead Our Bluehost Review
hostgator logoSmall CompaniesProvo, Utah and Houston, TexasNoJump to Hostgator SummaryRead Our Hostgator Review
dreamhost logoSmall CompaniesAshburn, Virginia and Hillsboro, OregonNoJump to Dreamhost SummaryRead Our Hostgator Review
network solutions logo

Small CompaniesThey won't say!NoJump to Network Solutions SummaryRead Our Network Solutions Review
inmotion hosting logoSmall CompaniesLos Angeles, CA and Ashburn, VANoJump to InMotion SummaryRead Our InMotion Hosting Review
inmotion hosting logoSmall CompaniesVirginia and New JerseyNoJump to Ionos SummaryRead Our Ionos Review
GoDaddy hosting logoBroke CompaniesPhoenix, AZ; Scottsdale, AZ; Mesa, AZ; Los Angeles, Chicago, Ashburn, Virginia, Amsterdam, SingaporeNoJump to GoDaddy SummaryRead Our GoDaddy Review
iPage hosting logoPoor CompaniesIt's a network of web hosting servicesNoJump to iPage SummaryRead Our iPage Review
InterServer hosting logoSmall CompaniesSecaucus, NJ and one in Los Angeles, CANoJump to InterServer SummaryRead Our InterServer Review

High-Level Web Hosting Companies.
Planet Marketing uses Kinsta

Kinsta hosting logoSmall - Medium Sized CompaniesKinsta Uses Google Cloud Platform's 18 LocationsYes (KeyCDN)Jump to Kinsta SummaryRead Our Kinsta Review
WPEngine hosting logo
Small - Medium Sized CompaniesAWS & Google CloudYes (MaxCDN)Jump to WPEngine SummaryRead Our WPEngine Review

Hosting For Custom Web Applications & Websites

AWS logoMid-Large Sized Companies61 LocationsYes. CloudfrontJump to AWS SummaryRead Our AWS Review
Rackspace logoMid-Large Sized CompaniesChicago, Northern Virginia, Dallas, London, Sydney, or Hong Kong.Yes. AkamaiJump to Rackspace SummaryRead Our Rackspace Review
Rackspace logoMid-Large Sized Companies19 RegionsYes. Google Cloud CDN.Jump to Google Cloud Platform SummaryRead "Why Google Cloud?"

Web Hosting Plan Details

Quick Summary of Bluehost

Bluehost is a company that we recommend to our readers. We have been using them for a long time, and they have so far turned out to be great. The only thing to remember is that you should make sure that the type of web host that you are choosing is the ideal one for your needs.

If you are a big business whose site has lots of traffic, then Bluehost is probably not for you. You will be better off signing up with a company like Kinsta or AWS. If, on the other hand, you are a small company whose site is not that complicated, then Bluehost will work wonders for you. Even if you run a small eCommerce site, Bluehost is a great option.

Quick Summary of HostGator

HostGator is a company that we recommend to those of our readers who are looking for an unsophisticated entry into the Digital world. If you are a small business or an individual who is on the hunt for an online presence, then you probably won’t go wrong with this company. So, don’t hesitate to sign up for the HostGator discount offer using the link below!

Quick Summary of DreamHost

We were a DreamHost customer for 4 years. So, why are we still recommending the company despite the fact that we are no longer with the company ourselves? The truth of the matter is that we moved because our needs had grown beyond the mid-level services that are offered by DreamHost. In the time that were were with them, DreamHost offered us one of the best services that we have ever gotten from a web host. You CANNOT go wrong with Dreamhost if you're own a small company.

Quick Summary of Network Solutions

If you are a small business that is looking for a simple online presence, then you are better off looking elsewhere for a web host. That’s because unlike some of the shrill web hosts that are out there, including HostGator, GoDaddy and iPage, Network Solutions does no attempt to mop up the bottom levels of the web hosting arena through cutthroat pricing. The entry level web hosting plan at Network Solutions is priced at $9.96. Compare that with $1.99 at iPage, and you will understand what we are talking about. So, is Network Solutions affordable?

Quick Summary of InMotion Hosting

Before we close, we should reveal what others who have used InMotion’s for web hosting had to say about the company’s services. One of the biggest pluses for the company is that its support is located in the United States. A major complaint with other companies is that they have outsourced support to people whose level of the English language is barely understandable.

Quick Summary of Ionos

To Summarize, IONOS is a great web host for those that are looking to create ordinary websites for their businesses. Let’s face it, this is what the majority of people out there are looking for. A number of our clients use IONOS and we run their websites. To be frank, our clients have so far been satisfied with the service that they have been getting from IONOS.

One other thing that we need to say is, whatever you do, you need to stay the hell away from IONOS’ basic website plan. That’s the one that gets you a page builder. Simply put, you are not going to create anything serious using a page builder.

Quick Summary of GoDaddy

The truth of the matter is that even though we are not big fans of Godaddy, it actually works, particularly for small players. If you are only concerned about getting an online presence, don’t hesitate to sign up using the link below. Otherwise, you can find many other solutions on this page. Any marketer will know that GoDaddy has slow servers and their dashboard is confusing.

Quick Summary of iPage

iPage can be classed as a low level web host. What this means is that it is well placed to offer a great service to those that simply need to have a website without having to worry about sophistication. If, as an example, you are a small town electrician who simply needs to put the word out about your business using a website, iPage would be a good solution.

Quick Summary of InterServer

InterServer is for small businesses who are looking for nothing more than static, uncomplicated websites and whose sites do not attract that much traffic. InterServer’s performance is okay. Though it’s really nothing to write home about, it’s good enough for those that run sites that do not attract too much traffic.

Quick Summary of Kinsta

Planet Marketing is hosted on Kinsta since October 2018! We have no problem recommending them. Our website is hosted on Google Cloud Platform in Los Angeles. You can choose from 20 data centers worldwide. Kinsta is the management company while the servers are on Google's data centers. Choose Kinsta if you're looking to increase your game! Kinsta is a FULLY managed WordPress solution.

Quick Summary of WPEngine

ALERT! Pricing is normally $35/mo, but if you use our partner link, it’s $28/mo. The other plans are also discounted! The cheapest plan on WPEngine won’t break the bank, but WPEngine is more for a growing or mature websites. For instance, if you own a restaurant and you need a website just because you put your domain on your business cards, WPEngine is not for you. HOWEVER, if you own a restaurant and you have an online menu where people can pre-order breakfast and coffee, then you should consider WPEngine.

Quick Summary of AWS

Bluehost is a company that we recommend to our readers. We have been using them for a long time, and they have so far turned out to be great. The only thing to remember is that you should make sure that the type of web host that you are choosing is the ideal one for your needs.

If you are a big business whose site has lots of traffic, then Bluehost is probably not for you. You will be better off signing up with a company like Kinsta or AWS. If, on the other hand, you are a small company whose site is not that complicated, then Bluehost will work wonders for you. Even if you run a small eCommerce site, Bluehost is a great option.

Quick Summary of Rackspace

To summarize, we have stated that Rackspace is a great web host for businesses that are looking to up their game as far as their online presence is concerned. It is definitely not for the small time player who is only looking to create a static website.It’s a great company for those that are looking for high performance, cloud based solutions for their businesses. It offers scalability and flexibility.

Quick Summary of Google Cloud

Our website is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, but via Kinsta (one of the companies mentioned above. Kinsta is only for WordPress. If you decide to use Google Cloud Platform, you will need a programmer. It's an amazing program if you're building applications and even has AI.

Top Web Hosting Companies for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

All web hosting companies will say their service is better than the competition. Take it from us at Planet Marketing, our clients have used good and bad web hosting companies. This list is designed to save you time and money. Choosing a web hosting company comes down to reliability and price. With any of these you'll be able to create WordPress sites, eCommerce sites, community forums, image galleries, and more. Also, the highly discounted pricing you see (with exception of Rackspace and AWS) applies if you pay upfront for the year or years. There is also monthly pricing, but it costs more. If you need help narrowing down the selection, contact us on live chat or via email. Thanks.

Because web hosting is a dynamic undertaking, we have decided to up the ante by updating our list twice daily! This way, you can be sure that the companies that appear in our list are really the day’s best web hosts in the world! What’s more, because we understand that data from a single day can be misleading, we also offer you a comprehensive table at the bottom that shows you our Monthly index of reliability! Click here to find out how the biggest web hosting companies in the world stake up against each other during the course of a whole month.

What Are Web Hosting Companies

A web Hosting Company (web hosting services provider), is a company that operates the infrastructure that is needed to enable people to publish websites and blogs on the World Wide Web. The main components of this infrastructure are servers.

Shared vs. Dedicated vs. VPS Servers. What's Best For You?

A server can be thought of as being a computer program that has been designed to receive, process and fulfill requests from other computers over a network. The word is also used to refer to the computers in which the server programs run. Web Hosting Companies rely on massive servers to provide hosting services to millions of websites across the globe. Server resources can either be shared or dedicated.

Shared Servers

The vast majority of websites in the world are housed on Shared Servers. This is not really surprising, considering that Shared Hosting offers the cheapest way through which a person can get a website or blog online. Shared Hosting is referred to as such for the simple reason that each server is shared by between hundreds, or even thousands of websites. Under shared hosting, resources, such as server management, are shared, which accounts for the low prices.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are reserved for use by a single website or an organization. They offer more flexibility and are suitable for those who have high traffic websites. Dedicated Hosting is much more expensive than Shared Hosting.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers offer a middle ground between Shared and Dedicated servers. They offer the flexibility and private space that comes with dedicated servers, along with the price benefits that are typical of Shared Hosting. The reason for this is the fact that VPS are still shared between a number of clients, and the server that one gets is only “virtual.”

How We Choose the Best Web Hosts

Choosing the best host for your site is never easy, for the simple reason that there are so many companies out there. The cutthroat competition that exists within the industry makes it difficult for most people, particularly first timers, to pick out the best. That is why we have simplified the process on your behalf by putting out a list, which is updated twice daily, that ranks websites according to price, performance, products and services and support.

Price: For most people, price is the major determinant when choosing a web host. While such a stance is rather ill advised, the fact still remains that the majority of people choose a web host according to the amount that they are expected to pay for its services on a monthly basis. Hosting Companies across the globe understand this, which is why they are almost always running one cut price promotion or the other. What most people do not realize is that there are always hidden costs, even when hosting is offered for free, that may end up bloating their bills. That is why we have, in our list, sought to unravel each one of these hidden charges to give you the host that is truly the best in terms of price. At Planet Marketing, we are always looking to strike deals on your behalf. That is why we have negotiated several discounts for you from the companies. You can expect, in some instances, a price reduction of up to 50% by simply using our coupon code when signing up for a web hosting plan. Choose a host from our list above and you will be amazed at how low it will cost you to put get your website online.

Products and Services: Equally important when choosing a web hosting services provider are the available products and services. It would be a waste of both your time and money if you were to discover, well after signing up for a hosting plan, that your chosen web host does not offer the services that you were looking for. It has to be said, however, that most Web Hosting Companies offer pretty much the same products and services. Their least priced offerings are, usually, Shared Hosting plans. Differences might arise, however, around the fact that some companies are more oriented towards Cloud Hosting, as well as the fact that some hosts are better rounded than their counterparts, offering services that include Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Website Management.

Support: Support is, arguably, the most important consideration when coming up with a list of the best web hosting companies. Whatever company that you choose, it is inevitable that something will go wrong with your website at some point in the future. When that happens, you want to be able to talk to people who are not only knowledgeable enough to be able to help you, but who have also been taught to do so with a smile in their voices. If you browse across the internet today, you will discover that Support is the biggest complaint that most people have about their web host. Some companies have been accused of hiring Support staff who do not know anything about web hosting, or whose level of the English language is barely comprehensible. Customer Support is, therefore, an important consideration and plays an important role in determining where a website is ranked on our list.

Performance: Not surprisingly, we also consider performance when comparing web hosting companies. We look, in this regard, at a web host’s uptime, its speed, its reliability and a number of other performance indicators. Performance and reliability are of particular important today, considering that search engines penalize websites that do not provide visitors with the best browsing experience. Research has also shown that people are less likely to come back to a website if they have had a poor browsing experience. How, then, do we gauge a web hosting company’s performance? For your benefit, we have developed a unique set of algorithms that measure the various performance indicators of the world’s leading Web Hosting Companies.

Domain: The website that you plan on building will have to have a domain name. All of the web hosting companies that are featured here offer domain registration. Where they vary is on whether or not you will have to pay for the domain. Some companies offer free domains with their web hosting plans, while others ask you to pay a yearly amount for the service. It has to be mentioned, however, that after the first year, most Web Hosting companies demand that you pay for the domain, even if you initially got it for free.

Hidden Costs: The issue of domains exposes another of people’s complaints against web hosting companies; the fact that there are so many hidden costs that make a mockery of the advertised prices. Many people have complained about being billed by various companies for services that came pre-selected during the signing up process. We protect you from these kinds of ambushes by showing you the true cost of having your website hosted. Our “total” column adds up all the costs that you would initially have to pay in order to get your website up and running. We also make it simpler for you to choose the best web host for the year 2017 by revealing all the hidden costs, such as the money that you would have to pay in order to register a domain with a hosting company.

Is there a company you would like to see on this list? Do you have any experience with any of the companies we mentioned? Please let us know in the comments.

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