5 Attributes that Separate a Beginner SEO from a Professional SEO

Technical SEO skills permit SEO consultants to make ideas come to life. Nevertheless, it’s only an analytical mind that sparks these ideas in the first place. Whereas a novice SEO consultant will at best copy existing ideas, a professional SEO consultant will come up with original ideas, always. While novice SEO consultants focus on swift, short-term gains, professionals ensure that they don’t need to work each time Google updates its numerous algorithms.

Discussed here are the finest attributes that separate a novice SEO consultant from a professional SEO consultant.

Attribute #1: Paid Tools

There are several top-notch SEO tools, and many of them offer free versions. Novice SEO consultants “might” use the free versions. Professionals use the paid version of these SEO tools because they apply the full functionality that comes in these versions. Only the paid versions permit data collection and in-depth analysis of headers, meta tags, redirects, outbound links, anchor text, inbound links, no-follow links, and follow links. Anchor text is one of the most important things to use when building your website. Read this article to understand what anchor text optimization is and how to use it.

Paid tools permit the generation of an XML sitemap and scrapers too. Professionals use the paid tools to research any domain. Normally the advanced design of premium subscriptions permits professionals to focus on the right data.

Attribute #2: Ability to Deliver

SEO is a service. Hence, it involves not only pre-sales but also after sales. Professional SEO consultants maintain superlative customer relations. They focus on customer satisfaction too. If you go through all the bad press about SEO enterprises, it’s mostly about mediocre customer service. Professional SEO consultants are extremely customer focused and service oriented. They evaluate competitors’ websites to get perfect key terms, understand the strong points and weaknesses of their business website, and capitalize on the aspects they aren’t doing so well on. Beginners lag behind in these areas.

In addition, professional SEOs know that every business is different and create marketing strategies tailored to the business objectives.

Attribute #3: Copy Writing Skills and the Ability to Say “No” to a Client

Search engines rank content. People search the “web.” They don’t always do image or video searches. Professional SEO consultants focus on optimizing a website for keywords people use. Optimizing for keywords involves including these keywords in the website. SEO experts write compelling copy.

Professional SEO consultants write copy for their websites. They have an impressive copywriting resume. Hence, they get links back to their pages and get respect from their peers. Professional SEO consultants know what results to promise their clients. They also deliver the promised results.

Attribute #4: A Professional SEO Consultant Knows the Cost of a Project Precisely Whereas a Novice Doesn’t

A professional SEO consultant knows how search engines function. They use premium tools to analyze competitors’ performance on the SERPs. They possess strong teamwork and communication skills. Hence, they know what it takes to execute the task of a client. Professionals are adept at modifying content, uploading files, configuring accessibility, changing settings, and more. They have a precise idea about calculating the costs of a complex project and bid for it correctly. A beginner SEO consultant isn’t aware of the actual cost of a project and just doesn’t possess the skills to execute the task. This leads to a bad experience for the customer.

Attribute #5: A Professional SEO Consultant Knows HTML Coding, Web Development, and Google Analytics

The best websites are built for superlative accessibility. They are perfectly organized and simple to follow. A professional SEO consultant knows how to create content and manage it optimally. They make certain that the content stays in perfect harmony with the environment for which it’s created. When structuring the HTML coding for your Web pages, a professional SEO consultant places your prime keywords in the headings, within heading tags, and makes your site mobile friendly.

A professional SEO consultant knows the code and understands the syntax when they see it. Moreover, a professional SEO consultant uses all the Google Analytics metrics optimally to monitor the effectiveness of your business website.

Professional SEO consultants are in the business of driving phones calls, emails, transactions, or signups for your business. They do much more for your business than novice SEO consultants because they possess superior technical knowledge. A professional is proficient in writing HTML code, familiar with the functioning of the server, and aware of programming languages. They ensure that your business makes optimal use of the tremendous opportunities the Internet offers to grow and thrive.

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