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Are you looking to get Store Ratings in your Google Ads and in Google Shopping? Have you been wondering whether or not Bazaarvoice is good enough for your business? My name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing. My company specialized in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Remarketing and Online Reviews. I am, therefore, well placed to give you all the information that you need about Bazaarvoice. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Introduce you to Store Ratings and why they are important
  2. Discuss whether or not Bazaarvoice is a good choice for businesses looking to get Store Ratings.
  3. Give you a couple of alternative to Bazaarvoice for Google Store Ratings.

What are Google Store Ratings?

Store Ratings in Google

Google Store Ratings are, at face value, pretty low key. After all, what could be important about a system that is composed of five little stars that appear underneath Google CPC textAds and in Google Shopping. However, Google Store Ratings have an out-sized degree of importance. But what are Store Ratings?

Store Ratings are a type of extension that is used by Google to reflect the kind of feedback that a particular business has received from its customers. They appear in CPC text Ads and in Google Shopping.

A bit about Product Ratings

A screenshot showing both Seller and Product Ratings

Product ratings are another type of rating that is used by Google on CPC text ads and in Google Shopping. Where Store Ratings are concerned with a particular Seller, such as eBay, Product ratings cover a particular product, such as camera or a mobile phone that may be in your catalog.

Why are Google Store Ratings Important?

The following are some of the reasons why businesses across the globe have been clamoring to get Store Ratings;

  • They reassure your prospects that your business is tried and tested. In this regard, Store Ratings are a reflection of trust. They show your prospects that others have already done business with you and have found the experience satisfactory enough to bother leaving a 4 or 5 star rating.  
  • They increase the visibility of your CPC Text Ads on Google. People are much more likely to notice an ad that’s displaying those little golden stars than one that is not.
  • Google Store Ratings are not just there for show. They are a great way through which you can significantly boost your business’ CTR. According to Google, companies that display Store Ratings in their CPC Text Ads can expect a CTR boost of up to 17%. What this goes to show is that Store Ratings are of utmost importance! Indeed, if you have not already been using them, you need to get off your bottom and start doing some real work!

How to Get Google Store Ratings

How to get Google Store Ratings is a topic that I have previously covered extensively in the article in the provided link! Feel free to check it out to learn more. Needless to say here that Google has licensed 28 companies for Store Ratings and 23 companies for Product Ratings. A few companies, as you will notice, are licensed for both Seller and Product ratings.

These companies charge various amounts. You can also get Store Ratings for your business through Google Customer Reviews. Google Customer Reviews is mostly free. If you are not technically minded, though, you may want to pay someone a once off amount to integrate Google Customer Reviews on your website.

Bazaarvoice: Google Store Ratings

Bazaarvoice will get you Google Store Ratings

Bazaarvoice is one of the companies that have been licensed to syndicated online review data to Google for use in Store Ratings. It is also licensed for Google Product Ratings.

How does Bazaarvoice work?

The example of Debenhams in the screenshot below shows how Bazaarvoice works. Debenhams is one of the thousands of companies that use Bazaarvoice.

Bazaarvoice manages ratings for Debenhams

For your business to also use Bazaarvoice, you first need to sign up for their services. What then happens is that, after you have integrated the Bazaarvoice software on your website, your customers will be able to leave a review after making a purchase. The above screenshot is an example of a product that has a 4.0 star rating on the Debenhams website.

Customers can leave reviews on your site

Customers that wish to leave a review can easily do so, as you can see in the above screenshot. Also see the reviews collection form on the Debenhams website in the screenshot below. A bit long, in my view. However, it clearly works. Otherwise Bazaarvoice wouldn’t be able to sign up such big brands as Debenhams.

The review collection form from Bazaarvoice

Below is how you can tell that Debenhams uses Bazaarvoice.

Evidence that Debenhams uses Bazaarvoice

The example above gives an example of a Product Rating. The rating appears on your website. Data from these ratings is also pushed to Google for use in Product and Store Ratings in Google PLA ads.


Lancôme is another big brand that uses Bazaarvoice

Lancôme is another example of a company that uses Bazaarvoice for Google Product and Store Ratings. The screenshot above is an example of one of the products from Lancôme. Note that the product currently has 461 reviews on the company’s website. Not only do these ratings appear on the Lancôme website, but they are also syndicated to Google. As you can see in the screenshot below, the same product has over a thousand reviews on Google. But how is that possible?

This product from Lancôme has more reviews on Google than on the Lancôme website

You can collect reviews from multiple sources

The answer to that is that you can collect reviews from multiple sources. As you can see in the above screenshot, the product in question gets reviews from;

  • Lancôme

Many different websites will also syndicate the reviews for specific products. Bazaarvoice is great at that. You can also get reviews using Google Customer Reviews, which is free. These will also appear in Google Shopping.

Bazaarvoice automates the process of getting Store Ratings

The great thing about Bazaarvoice is that it automates the process of getting Product and Store Ratings. This simplifies life on your behalf. Instead of going after each of your customers, Bazaarvoice collects reviews from your customers upon checkout and then syndicates the feedback to Google without you even noticing. So, Bazaarvoice is the place to go if you want Store Ratings and Product Ratings.


Should you be interested in signing up, you will have to get a quote. Bazaarvoice does not just give you the quote right there on the spot. They do have other programs, but this article is specifically about getting Google Store Ratings using Bazaarvoice.

Bazaarvoice Google Store Ratings: The Competition

Okay, let’s talk about the competitors. If you go to the list of companies that are approved to syndicate data for Seller and Product ratings to Google, you will notice that most are Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Italian. So, there are only a handful that are in English. If you are looking for both Seller and Product ratings, then you need to select companies that are on both Google lists. Three examples of such companies are;

  • Shopper
  • Verified
  • eKomi

Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved will get you both Seller and Product Ratings on Google CPC text ads

Shopper Approved is one of the companies that are licensed to syndicate online review data to Google for use in Seller and Product ratings. This makes it a viable alternative to Bazaarvoice.

Disclaimer: I work with almost every company on the Google lists that’s in English. But, I am just here to help you save money and make the best choice. A lot of these companies will try and upsell you on things that you will never use.

Shopper Approved Pricing

Click to get Shopper Approved

So, how much does Shopper Approved cost. Shopper Approved no longer displays pricing on their website. However, we can safely say they are one of the cheapest companies when it comes to Product Ratings and Store Ratings. We know what we are talking about here. Over the years, we have referred over 300 people to Shopper Approved! Sign up using the Planet Marketing link and you also get 30 days free!

Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews is great for Store Ratings

Verified Reviews also appears on Google’s lists for Seller and Product Ratings. It’s a great company that does almost the same thing as Bazaarvoice and Shopper Approved. Verified Reviews is good for small to medium sized businesses.


eKomi is good for large businesses looking for Store Ratings

The third company that we recommend to those that are looking for Bazaarvoice alternatives is eKomi. eKomi is a little different. They will handle a lot of the stuff for you. This includes responding to online reviews and disputing negative reviews.

Should you sign up, eKomi will send out a review survey to your customers and they reply reviews, so you don’t have to hire someone inhouse to manage the reviews. Then they will also syndicate your Seller and Product reviews into Google. So, you should think of eKomi as a fully managed feedback service. It does cost more (around $300 per month).


So, that’s it! I have given you 4 companies that will get you Google Store Ratings. Take a look at Bazaarvoice which, after all, is the reason why you are here. Then get a quote from them. Alternatives to Bazaarvoice are Shopper Approved, Verified Reviews and eKomi. My favorite is Shopper Approved. eKomi is great if you are a large company.

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